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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teaching Reflection

My hope is that I am developing as a master teacher, although not quite there yet, I have made great strides in that direction. The last two weeks have been interesting, and as a matter of fact did include a couple of things that greatly boosted my confidence. The first was an unexpected visit to my classroom from some Dekalb county officials regarding my move to cross keys. After a short discussion related to the move, one of the gentleman commended me on the fact that my students were on task and that it was one of the few classes he had visited that day where he felt learning was taking place as it should. He apparently also made comments to the principal about my classroom which she shared with me the following day. The second was a project set up by the work based learning coordinator to market our programs. Students from the surrounding area were invited to attend our classes and be given presentations by our students. In the midst of preparing for clinical rotations, HOSA competitions and Nursing Assistant certification, I was to prepare my students to teach the students attending our classroom. I discussed this with my students and we agreed collectively that they would continue learning their skills for clinical but would allow the visiting students opportunity to perform skills after they were demonstrated. We were told that we would have approximately 10 students at a time and the students would rotate to other classes every 90 minutes: However, at one point there were 45 students (including my students) in my class at one time and somehow it worked out. My students were on point, one partnership kept a group of 6 students busy at the sink demonstrating techniques for cleaning dentures, while others demonstrated oral care on each other and shaving on mannequins. It was amazing to watch my students do this so efficiently. To be able to adapt to this unexpected situation in this manner was surely a milestone for me.


Survey was completed. I emailed you several days ago with that question. Thank you. My school email is now working, but I am calling Tech Support and they are working with me on the GSU student email.

Master of All Trades

Several things have gone very wrong toward my being a "Master Teacher". First of all is the technology block. The school and home computer systems have been giving me fits. I have learned a lot about computers this past year, especially using it for NTI. My room is getting a new computer projection system like the one we have at GSU ! I am learning a lot of new tricks, but would really just like my email to work correctly. To reach the level of "Master" will require me to master the latest technology. I don't think that I am too old to really "get with it" because my father is doing well with his computers. I have also learned that the cell phone is almost like having a weapon in your class room. Students will do anything to be able to embarrass a teacher by putting something on U-Tube. I have gotten tighter with my cell phone policy.

I have seen signs of what has gone right. Last year I had a senior that was not doing well in his other classes. He loved being in my auto tech class and excelled in all areas and I selected him to be a class leader and mentor toward the end of the term last year. I selected him to be one of the CTAE Star Students. Other teachers came to me in amazement asking me why I had made this unusual choice. I stuck by him and his selection, his mentoring, his leadership, and his graduation. I saw him him this past week when he came back to Callaway High School in his proud Army uniform. The first place he visited was my room and I was so proud of him. The next room he visited was the ROTC room to speak as a mentor for their program. Now my boss wants me to start a school wide mentoring program. He thinks I sometimes work a few miracles in other areas beside teaching. I think my reward comes back to me when my former students take their time to thank me later, and I see their successes in life and work beyond high school.

Mastering Your Environment

In mid-January, our CTAE department launched a massive recruiting campaign. Second semester always brings uncertainty when the numbers game begins for the following school year. I have always taught on the extended day schedule -- meaning no planning period and six classes each day. With the economy spiraling downward, it was even more important to recruit enough students to justify having and extended day schedule.

The recruiting campaign was a success. I increased my numbers enough to have six full classes and then some. So I'm assuming that I should not lose my extended day and not have to make less dollars next year. What a blessing!

Well.. this week, my AP comes into my room to tell me that regardless of numbers there is no more extended day across the board for any teacher at the school. So all that hard work preparing marketing throughout the school, a thousand flyers to be handed out at parent/student events, and a recruiting video played on the closed circuit TV, did not produce the desired result. Bummer....

So how does all that tell me that I am progressing as a master teacher? Well numbers tell a great deal about how your students feel inside the environment you create each day. If the students are having a good time, they tell their friends, and those friends tell their friends... and the cycle begins. When I arrived, this program was only three classes of maybe 40 students at Etowah High, and then only 3 classes of maybe 40 students at Woodstock High. Having turned this program around a full 180 to a six period day at only one school tells me I am doing something right.

I know without a doubt that I am not a teacher who is lazy. My students are required to to produce much more work than with the previous instructor. However, I feel that I produce a positive, fun, relaxing environment where the students produce this work. This philosophy has changed the game...

Funny story here if you need a laugh.


“Jack of all Trades Master of None” thats how I see my teaching skills at this point. I have progressed and learned the ways of a new school this year. I can only hope that next year will be smoother, wow I said next year. I have been my own worst critic when it comes to this science we call teaching. I don’t know if I will ever place the master teacher label on myself, because we are always learning. Then again maybe thats a trait of a master teaching, to never stop learning. 

Over the past two weeks we have been preparing for the county media festival. I am so exciting because my students have come so far. Some of the entrees are from students who had no idea what steps it took to production projects. Now I sit back and watch them come up with ideas that amaze me, I wish I thought of them. We brainstorm together and decide what approach they will take. Our next project is a nation wide contest through a website, Bridges is asking ‘R U Rede?”, basically are students ready for the working world, they must demonstrate their skills and knowledge creatively through a 3 minute video. The students are excited about thinking outside of the box, not to mention first prize is $2,500. Its open to all student 13 and up, its a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent.

To sum it up they never cease to amaze me. When you think they have no drive they turn around and project such a calming energy and devotion to school projects. I think when they have a say in their projects basically ownership they take pride in the final delivery of the project.

Teaching Mastery

First off, I LOVE teaching. My subject matter, Cosmetology, is my passion, my hobby and my job. I feel so very fortunate to be teaching something that I feel this strongly about. I strive to get this point accross to my students even through the boring mundane tasks of theory work. I feel that I will be working towards this mastery of teaching until the day I retire. I don't think you can truly master something that is constantly changing. For me, the challenge is one that I welcome and enjoy. One of the big changes I have noticed this year after being in NTI, is that I can knock out a lesson plan like nobodys business! I feel that these lessons are much more interesting and appropriate for the differing needs of my students. In looking back on my first year teaching (last year) I find lessons that I wrote and kind of chuckle to myself. They were definately not up to my standards now. So I have been rewriting and tweeking them. I am sure that I will do this every year but that it will get less and less involved with each passing year.
Another area that I have made great strides in is my classroom management. This one area alone has made a huge difference in how my school day goes. I feel that my students like coming to my class and enjoy most of the lessons, but they seem to respect me also. I didn't feel this level of respect last year. I had ongoing battles with the same students. Oh to have them again, I know just what I would do! To wrap this up, I feel very fortunate to have a job at all, and blessed to have one that I love so much.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Teaching and developing as a master teacher

The last couple of weeks have been stressful yet rewarding. I report to work everyday to do the very best that I can do within the time frame for which I have been allotted and to hopefully make a difference in the lives of the students I have been assigned to teach. A male student was placed in my class about 4 weeks ago. He is in the Program for Exceptional Children and his long term goal is to be a basketball player as identified during a career and lifestyle research project. Although I have been asking, I have yet to see an IEP on this student. He has been a trouble maker, as some would say, and does not show any interest in his class work. I am told he can be disruptive and have sudden out bursts of anger.

I have used some of Rick Lavoie strategies to help this student adjust to being in my classroom and to help him keep all his poker chips on a daily basis. My strategies appear to be effective because I have not witnessed any disruptive behavior or out bursts. In fact, this student has had problems in other classes and referred for discipline issues which resulted in in-school suspensions and sometimes out of school suspensions. Each time he returns to my class and ask for make-up work, which validates that he has bought into the idea that I constantly remind them of, and that is all students can learn and be successful. Four days ago he came in to my classroom during an interview with another student and asked if he could speak with me privately. We walked to a distance area of my large classroom and then he stated I won't be here for the next couple of days and gently unfolded a letter for me to read. It was a discipline letter of suspension. This morning he returned and asked for his make-up work.

Becoming a master teacher is certainly a goal I have set for myself, however I am not there yet.
I will continue to teach and meet each child where they are mentally, physically and socially.
In my classes I will continue to help students make the connection with the real world whether they have an interest in health care or aspirations of being a basketball player.

Teacher Development

My reflection on the past two weeks was prompted by the sudden death of a paraprofessional at our school. He was middle aged and looked healthy. He passed suddenly with a stroke. My memories of him include his joyous service to the special needs students of our school. He always greeted me with a smile in the cafeteria when I was on my way to drink coffee. This event has prompted me to dig deeper into my heart as to the purpose of my teaching intentions. I want to give more to the students of my school than a lesson on how to use a tripod. I want them to know that I care about their interests, their needs, their future and mostly, their being. I have been at the high school for three years and it has flown by quickly. I will complete four years with the upcoming seniors. I have had them for so long, yet for so little. My impact as a teacher, could break or build them as individuals. It may directly effect their lives and encourage or discourage their successes. I want to choose my words carefully and be positive with them in whatever way that I can. Just as NTI and my belated coworker have promoted a positive spirit, I desire to promote this encouragement. As I continue to better myself with teaching methods, tools and ideas, I will strive to improve my attitude towards a generation of students that need encouragement, guidance, love and a positive spirit. The last two weeks have not altered my teaching methods, but rather my teaching outlook overall. My reflections have helped me in my philosophy of teaching. Now that I am reflecting on the core of my teaching philosophy, I can take strides into developing into being a Master teacher.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I really don't think at any point I will consider myself a master teacher. I have made many strides and jumped many hurdles to keep my students involved, learning and applying their knowledge. I think that through trail and error sometimes that the students don't know about I have improved as a teacher from my first year to now. NTI has helped me in many areas I have adapted somethings to fit the culture of my school and students. Teaching is an art and science in which you must balance in order to get what you need out of your students.

My students are some of the most creative in the world and I believe they can do anything they put their minds to. I feel that my teaching level has increased and it shows to be evident when my students display the things I have taught them not through testing but hands on application. For example we are on a chapter of studio production, but some parts of the chapter were taught at the very start of the school year and to my amazement they remembered the camera movements without me drilling them. The answers flowed out that made me feel great.

That made me feel that what I am doing is working to some affect. 

Mamane on Developing as a Teacher

The last two weeks have been a major roller coaster ride for me. Our county is finally feeling the effects of this dismal economy. We are opening 5 brand new schools in Fall '09, but they didn't hire any new teachers. I applied for the Broadcast job at the new high school, and spoke to the principal briefly at a job fair. He said he had "done his homework" on me, and he wants ME to take the Broadcast program at the new school "out of the box... something this county has never seen before." WOW! I was so syked. But he said nothing was confirmed because he wasn't sure enrollment would be enough to hire a full-time BVP teacher. So no big deal, right? I would have my current job... Or would I? I found out that the BVP program at my school would be cancelled for next year. But I didn't have that confirmation yet. Alas... the sweat starts to bead on my brow. But lo and behold, I finally got it... I'll be starting the BVP program at a brand new school next year. YAY!

So what, you ask yourself, does this have to do with my teaching mastery? I have continued to teach and teach, and increase my awareness of what I'm teaching, and really, what is coming across to my students. Once they found out I wouldn't be returning to Central next year, they asked me "Why bother teaching us, you'll be gone -- the whole program will be gone next year." Because I... DON'T... QUIT. I especially don't give up on students. If anything, I have upped the ante. I am assigning more complex projects, and sticking with it. I am on them everyday about their progress. I want to see them SUCCEED! And I'm doing everything I can to make that happen.

Nothing makes me happier -- or prouder -- than watching my students' final products... unless it totally reeks. But for the most part, I can see in their work the expertise I have taught them. And that, my friend, is my road to mastery.

Oh yeah, and I was asked to co-author the "common curriculum" for Broadcast Video Production for all of Forsyth County. Pretty cool, huh?

Developing as a teacher

The last two weeks have been very rewarding. I have been working in several areas with students in county and state competitions. Our students have won several first places,and in robotics they won the county, state, and region, and two of the robotics groups will be going to the world competition. I am the first teacher arriving at school, so I keep the cafeteria at which time I am able to tutor students every morning. It is very rewarding when the students wrote in the school annual that Mr. Cagle does everything for us. I look on teaching not as a profession, but a calling. I had a long and good career, and being able to teach to me is being able to give something back. It is wonderful every morning to have something to go to that you thourghly enjoy and to have students that mean so much to you. When going on field trips and introducing students to a world that they didn't know existed is so rewarding. We have just finished field trips to Sea Island and to Georgia Tech's nanotechnology lab. The nanotechnology lab at Georgia Tech just blew the students away.

Grasshopper, you are not the master... yet.

My past few weeks teaching have been very overwhelming. I am being continually bombarded by requests for video production by administrators and other teachers. I am really trying to say no, but it's not the easiest thing to do. I have had a problem with this because it is taking away from my planning time. The beginning of this semester was very good for me as I had a planning period and the chance to prepare for my classes. Now, with so many projects in the works, I am unable to devote the amount of time I need to, to planning. I have made the decision, though, to only use students for projects and if that doesn't work for the person requesting the video, then they can figure out how to take care of it themselves.

You may be asking yourself, how this relates to my development as a master teacher. I believe that my resolution to only have students doing projects, shows a maturity on my part. By understanding that my planning time is beneficial to my students and being willing to say "No", despite how other people feel about me, I believe I am moving in the right direction. Who knows? Maybe one day... I'll get to mastery level.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Developing as a Teacher

Last Friday, I gave a written test to my fourth period students. After the test, one of my students came up to my podium and asked to speak with me. Thinking it was something personal, the student and I went into my office for privacy. Since this is not a well behaved student, I was surprised that the student started apologizing for his bad class behavior especially during the first several weeks. He further told me that he has changed his whole outlook and attitude about the class. I questioned the student on why he had a problem with the class from the beginning. The student replied that he had heard the class was very strict and had a lot of rules. Since I do have many rules and restrictions, I asked him what had changed his mind about the class. Surprisingly, the student told me he had developed a desire to learn the course because of my ability in making the class enjoyable and interesting. The student further told me he would be taking the next two levels of the course.

Teaching Mastery

Well the title sounds good but I'm not there yet! However, I've come a long way to be sure. I have had several great moments in the last few weeks but one in particular came when another teacher commented on how well a lab activity went in my class and she wanted to know my secret. This particular lab can be quite confusing and the students must follow instructions very closely or the entire activity will not work. An added element is that students are getting to wear gloves, goggles,and masks for the first time - exciting! I was glad to share with her how I gave very specific instructions to my students and did not continue until they could relay to me what their task was. I was also very deliberate in how I asked students to participate and move to stations during the lab. All went very well, the students had a great time, I closed the lesson with a fun review and the bell rang. The teacher said to me, "when I do this lab it only takes about 20 minutes of class time." Thank you NTI for helping me with lesson planning, time management and classroom rules.


Although I am not a classroom teacher at present time, I am teaching in my current job as well as in my church youth ministry. I can't believe how much NTI has helped me in these areas. As we all have heard many of the nursing positions are being deleted in Cobb County. A friend of mine has an interview today for a FT teaching position at Chattahoochee Tech in their nursing program. I was able to help her implement some instructional strategies into her teaching interview. She has not taught previously and so came to me for advice. We started with her objectives, developed a capitvating set induction, and put together a great 10 minute demo. I would hire her. I felt very comfortable giving her tips (so to speak) about how to present herself to her audience as well as what they may be looking for in a teacher.

I will be taking 40+ middle schoolers on a retreat next week. I have 2 90 minute sessions to teach. Knowing what I have learned in NTI has helped me teach my team how to set up their sessions. I am much more confident now and don't worry so much about the time frame. In this I mean if we go over by 10-15 minutes in 1 area I shuffle the rest of the lesson around so it fits. Dr. Burns says I have great "in-flight thinking". Maybe my years as a ER nurse helped me develop this trait.

Teaching Technique

I am seeing a huge difference in my classes. I am using most of the techniques gained through NTI. I feel that the consistancy of format has calmed the classes. The students know what to expect and appreciate that. I have mastered keeping a rythm in my classes. The rythm changes on a daily basis, some days may be at a faster pace than others. However, I believe that is what keeps the students enthusiastic.
I am now handling disruption and chaos with an ease. I realize I can not change the school's schedule of events. For example, a fire drill at the end of a class period. I can only do my best to close up the lab and proceed to designated spot. I have learned to roll with the puches a little more gracefully.
I can only hope with each passing year that I am able to master a little more. I can see a huge difference from the first semester teaching till now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Progress and Development

There are several areas that allow me to feel that my teaching skills are progressing and developing. I have had several of my students come back after graduation to visit my class and give testimonials to my classes this school year. They have expressed how being in my class last year has had a positive effect and affect on them. On a few occasions it was almost like they are witnessing.

More recently I had one of my students from last year that is a senior and returned for my second year classes stand up in front of a group of business leaders and managers, my advisory board, and express what my class meant to him. The advisory board meeting was held in the Industry Academy classroom with twenty five participants. My advanced class, second year, welcomed the visitors and introduced themselves and spoke briefly about the class. Later in the program we had an open discussion when one of my students approached me to see if he could speak. My answer was “Certainly”, without knowing what he was about to share. He began by telling the attendees how I had brought positive changes about in his life and outlook. He went on to explain the many aspects of our program and what we covered. The discussion that followed was very productive and beneficial going through lunch and into the third block class. It was definitely a high point for me for the rest of my teaching career.


Progressing in Development as a Master Teacher

As the year progresses my classroom has been flowing better. The students are familiar with my routine, and rules. The lessons delivery is much better, requiring less effort. My classes are ending now without feeling drained. Lesson planning is easier also. I used to work for hours each night rethinking what was already planned. This rubric class will be my most helpful at this point. My rubrics were generic, and lacking. My students know this and sometimes take advantage. I cannot deduct points if not clearly stating my objectives, the fault is mine. However this will be corrected soon. My expectations for my classes are being met, and I have some time left for the family now. I am already looking foward to next year. My lab is all but set-up, and this summer I will be out in force straining my friendships for materials for the lab next year. Planning ahead is the key to a sucessful day in our work. I love leading up to a great lab the students will enjoy, these are very fulfilling.

Progressing in my Developpment as a Teacher

As a teacher I have noticed a difference in how effectively my class flows when my students feel comfortable with their performance. My first and third period classes are composed of upperclassmen that had me as their teacher in the past. Therefore they are familiar with rules, regulations and routines. My second period class is composed of all freshman students who are new to the field. Therefore, it takes careful planning of my lessons and a cautious approach. Unlike many of my freshman classes this particular class is different. Many of my students are in the class because they are looking for an easy A and the others are interested in the field. During a recent lesson we played a word game to prepare for a test. Most of the students were reluctant to participate because of uncertainty however; once the game continued others were more comfortable with participating. Many of my students are respectful and my classroom atmosphere is warm and inviting. In the past I was a little concerned about classroom management of the classes that had all grade levels however, I am experiencing the most joy out of those particular classes because it makes it easy to pair my experienced stylist with my beginner students. This is called buddy work and both students learn strength and weakness from one another. This also allows me as the instructor to become familiar with students strength and weaknesses.


Finally, I was able to complete the survey.

Proof of improvement or learning teaching skills

I have an overall feeling that I have improved because I feel more comfortable in the classroom in general. I have my routines down. my kids follow my routines for the most part, and I feel more at ease when dealing with a student who is not acting appropriately. I know I have alot to learn, but I feel like it is a continuous process and I learn something new every single day. One example of this learning process is allowing enough time for completion of a project, but not enough time to allow for getting off task. I wrote down notes on each project on how long each project should last realistically based on how long they lasted last semester. I have found this has really helped with my planning for this semester. I have also learned that unless it is an emergency, I don't take work home. This has helped alot with my motivation and energy levels in the classroom. I use my off time as off time and my planning and before school time as work time. I am much more efficient this way.


On my way there to complete the survey....there's nothing better than having sick kids in your classroom and then getting sick yourself over the weekend. Joy. Today's learning activity will be spraying lysol on the desks and keyboards. Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I completed the survey.

GSU email

I have been on the phone three times with the help folks. I cannot set up the inbox for some reason. I have receive emails on other emails that I set. I have an appointment with the school tech geeks Tuesday. I am real sick and tired of my work going no where and not receiving my emails in a timely manner. The only things that work is the Blog, Elluminate, and most of uLearn (not all)

Survey completion

I completed the survey some time ago!

Supervisor Evaluation

Survey is complete!


Survey completed!

Instructor Evaluation

Just finished the evaluation. Thanks. Hope all of you enjoy your springbreak.


Finally! I finally just sat down, took my time and got my campus email to work. I had 118 emails that I had to sort through! I also FINISHED the survey. Thank you for you help Dr. M.
Done... Have a great Spring Break Dr. Burns.


That was one of the most painless surveys I have ever completed...thanks Dr. Burns! I hope everyone has a good week!


Done! :) Thank you.
Thought I wasn't going to be able to! PHEW!!!
Anyone having issues with the windowslive/gsu email- Windows live support never responded, but, GSU has a Help line that links to a 24 Help. They helped me with my email in about 10 minutes! It was great.
Call 404-413-HELP They were very prompt! (The phone message says that you have to leave a message, but I got a human on the phone to help me.)


I completed this a while back. So it was already DONE!!!! Thanks.

Survey, I go to the web mail for students and it pops up to this address. But I didn't receive any mail from you about a survey. I don't know why there is a problem. I thought it had been fixed. Thanks, Jayna


Done! Thanks!

Supervisor Evaluation

Dr. Burns, I have yet to complete the evaluation on my supervisor. I am still having roblems with my email. I wish I had the oppurtunity to voice my opinion on the GSU email swith.

Saturday, February 21, 2009




I have completed the survey. Thanks.


I have completed the evaluation. Thanks for the opportunity.

Required Survey

I would like to complete this required survey. Where do I go to find it?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Supervisor Survey

Hello Everyone. I hope this post finds you well.

I have completed the supervisor survey online and appreciate the opportunity to have my voice heard. Thanks so much!

Supervisor Survey

I completed the survey.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Supervisor Evaluation

I completed the survey for GSU. I appreciate all of the NTI supervisors and all of their input into our teaching careers. The information we have gained is valuable and the supervision has been encouraging and forthcoming. Thanks.


I finished the survey.

100 People... and the Survey Says...

Hello my esteemed blog-mates.

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you all that I have completed the survey of my practicum observer for last semester. It was a wonderful opportunity to have my voice heard on the matter and I feel that we should all take a moment to be grateful for the guidance and direction that they offered. Amen... and may the force be with you.

Evaluation form

I completed the form at 12:00 pm today Feb. 19th.


I have completed the evaluation forms

Mamane Supervisor Evaluation Form

Has been completed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dallas, J Teacher Survey

Survey has been completed and sent.


I have completed and sent the survey.


I have completed and sent the Evaluations.


I did not attend NTI last semester.


This is a test.

NTI Field Evaluations

Evaluations are complete.


The NTI evaluation has been completed and sent.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Instructor Evaluation Form

The Instructor's Evaluation form from last semester has been completed and sent.

GSU e-mail/Survey

I converted over to the new GSU mail in November and have been using the new e-mail account. Also, I have completed the survey and had to in order to view and print my grades.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Dallas, E-Portfolio

I am really enjoying doing this portfolio. I think it is an excellent way to gather your personal information for yourself as well as for jobs or credentials. It allows you to almost know who you are. Alot of us have recieved so many things along the way. Certificates, awards, etc. and you almost forget about some of those things. With the portfolio you can display those things and keep a good record of all those things. I am really glad to be doing this project. It surely has reminded me of all the things I've gone throught to get to this point, and you can always continue to add as you go. I do think that next year I will set this up for my students. I think it would be a wonderful project to have them do and would be a better use of our computer lab time. It will also give the students something to take home so to speak and show parents as well as applying for employment. I will continue to use this long after NTI.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I believe that an e-portfolio is a wonderful tool and investment. With this, anyone can access your portfolio at any time on line. This is all very new to me, but I'm trying to put all together. I'm having no trouble finding the artifacts I need, just some of the other parts add some difficulties. when it is finished, or ready for updates, it will be a great way to show my qualifications. This could also be something I could introduce to my students. I don't know how many students this would reach, but I believe it is a great way for them to show their knowledge. This could even assist them entering college. This project is a easy way to parts of you some may never see any other way.

Teaching Portfolio

I have been so excited about my teaching portfolio.  Meeting every element gives evidence of my teaching experience.  It also allows me to add to it, which adds to my professional development.  The great thing about it is that it is electronic and will be easier to manage and add/delete information.  I think the students would love this type of portfolio.  Adding technology would probably be very exciting for them.   I love knowing that I have information for all of the standards.  I find that I want to include more than one artifact.  However, I do understand that it does not take several artifacts to prove the standard has been learned and reflected in our classroom.  In fact, you can prove it with just one artifact, but I find that I want to showcase the artifacts, just because I'm excited that I have them.

The Creation of a Portfolio

Although I am already behind on the creation of my portfolio, I really am excited about doing it. I look forward to the finished product. For me, it has been difficult to keep up with the weekly work being that I have been overwhelmed with coaching basketball. I took it to work with me a while back thinking I could work on it before or after school, especially on home game nights or late practice nights, put of course the website is blocked! However, yesterday was our final basketball game of the season, so I can now breath a sigh of relief and get caught up! I have spent a lot of time thinking about my portfolio, and I am more excited about doing this assignment than any other this semester. I think that is because in the end, it will leave me with a very useful finished product. Creating this portfolio will allow me to very nicely summarize my work as a professional in a way in which I probably would have never taken the time to do otherwise. It is a very "up to date" and impressive way to advertise ones professional experiences and achievements. By compiling an e-portfolio, I am learning how to do something innovative and new that can easily be kept up to date.

Actually completing a portfolio for myself will allow me to easily transfer this assignment in to my classroom. I can more easily teach students how to create a portfolio of their own to utilize in the business world. Also, I can use my portfolio as an example when trying to give students an idea of what the finished product might look like. This assignment will give our students advancements over others in the work force as it is a tool that many are not yet utilizing. It is a tool that can be used for years to come and can easily be updated as their education and work experiences advance. I think students will actually enjoy putting together their own e-portfolio together. It will give them the opportunity to use technology, which they love, and also lets them express their experiences and marketable traits in a fun and creative way. Did I mention what an important tool and useful tool this will be in the business world???? They will be sooooo thankful to have it! This is a teaching tool that I really look forward to taking back into my classroom and sharing with my students.

Portfolio Blog

Developing this portfolio is a great idea. It allows me to exhibit work I’ve done for potential job opportunities. I also have a place where others can see my level of expertise “in action.” Addressing each of the standards, gives us an organized manner to capture and present pertinent information/aspects of teaching. This format allows us to demonstrate not only our knowledge of teaching; we demonstrate knowledge of computer applications along with artistry and creativity. My goal is to place various format exhibits in my portfolio. These will include word documents, scanned items, pictures, and video clips.

The portfolio stimulates ideas to use with my students as we complete various lessons in class. They can develop their own portfolios given certain guidelines that I provide. The skills they learn can be incorporated along with various projects they complete. Since most documents are completed electronically or can be scanned in, this would be a great ongoing project. I will need to work on the guidelines of the portfolio.

Portfolios are like work in continual progress. Whether for my self or my students, it is a task that should be continually evolving. For this class, I will incorporate those items that best represent the work I’ve done so far. But as time goes on and I improve my teaching techniques/lessons, I will also update the exhibits that I select for the portfolio.


Working on my portfolio and website is a wonderful way for me to organize my experience into something that future employers could use to evaluate me. By me gathering and working the artifacts into my portfolio, I am constantly evaluating where I have been and where I am going as a teacher. Already, this is starting to impact my professional growth.

As far as using portfolios with my own students, I am trying to incorporate as many elements of my college experience into my teaching as possible. One of the major projects I had was assembling a demo reel. The demo reel is a quick look at what you are capable of and it gives potential employers a good idea of the kind of worker they are considering.

Portfolio Blog

Well, I never new how to do an E-Portfolio before, or even knew anything about using google for blogs or websites. This is pretty easy. I'm sure that there are more functions available for the e-portfolio that I haven't learned yet. I am actually making more of them, and using them for my classes at school. I am making a portfolio for each of my classes. I put documents on it for students to print off at home if they are absent. Weekly lesson plans are staying more organized. It's really a lot of fun, and totally beats paper copies and filing!
I am all about trying to find an easier way to stay organized. The students liked that I could post pictures of them in the shop on it. I think if I had a portfolio for every class, teaching next year will be a lot easier. I would be able to electronically map out my year. I think that the more organized I am, the more receptive students are to doing book work. They are able to see online, that there will be "shop" days and "book" days. For some reason this is more effective if I show it to them on a computer, verses me just writing it on the board.


I am looking forward to putting a lot more detail into my E-Portfolio. I am thinking that it is a super resume and experience record keepsake. I never have used a computer to do anything like this to compile things. I have had to learn how to scan and import items to the file. I got really frustrated last week because the school system computer was going through an overhaul of sorts. Things were lost but I have got most of it again. I think the e-portfolio is an excellent way to keep up with your career and professional development goals. My Professional Development Plan can be a part of this portfolio. I plan on adding all of my work and education history to this file and keep it updated with my transcripts and certificates.
I am going to encourage my junior and senior students to create their own electronic portfolio. It would be excellent for their future job hunting and applications for post-secondary schools. It is so hard when students apply for their first jobs because of the lack of work experience. The portfolio could show what they have learned or been exposed to in an orderly manner.

I do have a major concern with security using this format. If I have scanned original documents to this file are they secure? If you have the answer please comment.


It’s very ironic that I am working on two portfolios at the same time but I am getting a great understanding of putting this information together. This is vital information that students must understand how valuable it is to retain for their careers. I think sharing this information with students will have a tremendous effect that will ultimately shape many of their lives. To accurately see this through I have given my students an opportunity to build their own video resume tape.
I have discovered this is a great way to keep students engaged and on task. This has also been a rewarding experience for me as well. Since this is only my second full year of teaching I am hoping to continue adding to my portfolio alone with assisting the future journalist of tomorrow. This is a great way to showcase the students’ work and to help them gain an advantage in their career choice. This has certainly been an exciting project for me.

Portfolios for teachers/students

I see the development of a portfolio as a double blessing. As a teacher, it is professional to prepare and develop a portfolio for an initial job and as a reference for current employment. Students and prospective teachers can prepare a portfolio to have a leg up on the job market by preparing before they are asked for resume materials. When they apply for a job, they can submit materials on the spot. The NTI has put it in my mind, the importance of preparing a portfolio. It has also been brought to my attention, as recently, former broadcasting students have approached me for copies of their dvds. They would be all set for their job opportunities, had I had them prepare their senior year. Many prospective broadcasting students could have a ready made resume through their video work. They can include printed materials, dvds, pictures and newspaper articles in their portfolios. I am unsure yet as to all the items that they should include in their portfolios. This concept is new to me and it is one that I am personally developing presently. After my semester at NTI, I will be more aware as to how to advise them on the development of their materials. As for the current group of seniors, I will progress with them in this new venture of developing materials for a professional resume via a portfolio.

EPortfolio Usage

This is awesome. I wish I had known about this when I was in Culinary School. So many times going out looking for jobs you take this big bulky portfolio of your work, some employers may even ask you to leave them so they can look through them. When you do this you take the risk of getting them back. This tool would have been so much better to send out to any of the employers to look through, that way you could send to . Better late than never so now I am going to take this tool and run with it. I plan to keep it updated with more and more artifacts. This is one tool that I am planning to use for Industry Certification this year to showcase my students work along with my contributions as a teacher. Also out seniors have t do portfolios so I am sharing this information with other teachers to do this format with our seniors. The students love the computer so I think they would really do well using this format, I am also looking to add this to my curiculum for my culinary students to showcase there work, especially the ones looking to attend culinary school. Its very user friendly and I think the students will realy enjoy using this format.

Eportfolio connects to us to so many to other things in regard to the web. This tool will be very beneficial if you are looking to change jobs/schools to showcase your abilities as an educator. I am very excited about working with this program and looking forward to working with it much more.



The online portfolio will help me in several ways.  
1.  It has showed me two new technologies that I did not know before (LiveText and creating your own website using Google.)  
2.  It is required to obtain my certification!  So, it has a huge impact on my professional career.
The portfolio is an opportunity to apply what you have learned - beyond being in the classroom.  I think it is good to show that you are a knowledgeable and capable teacher - and that you are aware of certain standards and can exceed those.  It also is great to have in the event that you wanted to change jobs.  In times as these, it is important to have an up to date resume and portfolio.  Time is of the essence for many.  Also, to relate to my students, I stress portfolio development and require my seniors to have one upon "graduation" from my class.  Each year I have been at Kell I have had at least 3 students get scholarships for their portfolios.  It is a good way to relate to my students and say "see, I have to do it too!"  This has also become a good way to share ideas or publish them for others to see.  It also allows for us to think about why we do things, how it affects students, etc through the rationale statements.

What a day.


The Google sites is a great tool to use to keep all your work organized. I have found it to be easy to navigate and create a nice area to display work. Its great to have a record of all the things you have worked on or are going to do. It also seems like it will definitely benefit me in the future by allowing me to have items I have created at my finger tips. If a new opportunity presents itself I can have the potential employer look at my portfolio and resume all at the same time. Having that in itself will show the employer I have computer and technology skills that may benefit their company. It can also be used as a file of all the projects I do in class with my students to show what and how we have progressed as a class. Administrative teams would love to see that, I believe. 
My own students can benefit from portfolios by having a record of their work and how they have progressed as I stated above. In my TV Broadcast Class they leave with a video compilation of their projects. Now they can compile their video into the electronic portfolios and rubrics to show there work. They could also blog about each project. They can use this to show colleges their work. By having this tool they are more well rounded and ready for the challenges that they are about to face in college. 



The process seems to be conducive for thinking about my best practices and selecting artifacts that reflect a high standard of excellence. I have also found that in giving the rationale it brings into clearer focus my objectives for a particular lesson. Creating a portfolio is challenging me to look closer at what I am doing in the classroom and why. Currently I have 6 seniors in the internship program and part of the requirements of the course is to create a portfolio. My students from last year were very proud of their work and had plans to use them with potential employers’ right after graduation. These students were able to see what they had learned, their progress throughout the year, and how they could utilize what they had learned in the real world. Looking ahead to next year with a new curriculum pathway in medical services I was thinking that I might use portfolios with students selecting a particular healthcare career and having artifacts related to that career.

EPortfolio Reflection

Although I am far from being technoligically savvy (I own a blackberry but still own and use a "to do" notebook), I am very excited about using the eportfolio in class and in many areas of my professional life. I am truly greatful for all of the technology that I have been introduced to through this program. The introduction of the eportfolio has led to the introduction of an entire line of Google products that I did not know existed. What I enjoy most about this and other technologies that we learn is that I get to share them with my colleagues and students.
In addition to emailing and texting, eportfolio allows for the reduction of human error in handling paper products that could carry valuable information. This will be an added benefit for my students who find it hard to keep up with anything from their large textbooks to a jump drive; which is not necessary in this application. Just like My Space and Facebook, the eportfolio will allow you to introduce yourself to the world or to whomever you choose to invite but in a very clean, direct and professional manner. The students will be ale to adapt the portfolio to whatever discipline they choose to study further. I also believe that the eportfolio will allow those students who wouldn't normally be exposed to this type of technology an opportunity to be just as advanced as their counterparts.


This assignment is a wonderful learning opportunity for both the students and teachers. The E-Port can enhance my professional career not only by introducing me to a new technological skill, but if I make it applicable to my future, I can use this to assist in transfers to other schools or promotions for other future endeavors. It serves as evidence that I am working and learning to the Georgia PSC Standards of Excellence.

Google Sites is a great learning opportunity for the students as well. Obviously you could teach them the benefits of career advancement with this resource. You can also use it to create a working site to compile certain assignments. For example, if you assign a differentiated project such as a Tic-Tac-Toe Activity where the student can select any three assignments/projects to achieve Tic-Tac-Toe, they could use Google Sites as a place to compile and showcase their finished projects. Assessments for this would be simple for the teacher to peruse each site, a benefit for the student to access it and work on it outside of the classroom, and economical because it is a paperless activity that won’t collect space in the teachers classroom.

This truly is a versatile resource with multiple opportunities for higher level learning.


Some of the topics of the portfolio seem more appropriate and easier for me than others. I am still having a difficult time coming up with something for this week. I have been trying to get my information together for this topic and am still not sure what direction I will go in. The end results of this portfolio will be very beneficial I am sure. It will be great to have all of this information together in case I ever need to show it to someone. It also helps to go back over old lessons and see how they will fit into this portfolio and in doing so, I have found some revisions I would like to make. Our school is having us do benchmark exams every 6 weeks and this is stressing me out to have so much to do for class and school. I am having a hard time feeling like my brain is "fresh". Thus the difficulty in coming up with the direction I need to go in. I don't want to sound so negative because I definately see the merit to the portfolio. A mental break would be wonderful right now! (note that was break, not break down :)).

Portfolio Reflection

I believe that the portfolio assignment, like the blogging assignment will give us a deeper understanding into what we are trying to accomplish. It will also give us a tool to better utilize our thought process and as review into our creative side. We can then look back, and make changes as we see fit. One thing I have come to realize is that assignments don’t always go as planned. Therefore we can make changes as needed.
In the Architecture Drawing & Design curriculum the portfolio is a vital part of our course. We utilize a portfolio assignment for our students in the area of drawings and community service accomplishments. I am looking forward to experimenting with the electronic version as to the paper format we generally use. I think the students will like more as well.


Here is my dilemma; I have hard time thinking in abstract. These requirements are a difficult for me to decipher. Every time I read one of the requirements, I get stuck! It is so bad that getting started seems impossible. Though, when I read everyone’s response on this blog, no one seems to have a problem but me. I’m sure that the portfolio is to help us with our professional growth, but I have to read the standard items 3 to 4 times to make sense of them. I’ve never really been asked to prove what I am doing and I assume in this case the challenge is categorizing what I do. As far as using a portfolios for my students, I have done something in the past and am doing something similar now with the creating a notebook. But Google sites provide an alternative for my students to do this electronically, this may be something I can implement in the next school year.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Creating the portfolio using the Google site is much less complicated than the electronic method we are required to use at my school. The method used in my school is a power point layout with hyperlinks that may or may not open the links every time. Therefore, I can truly say that I am pleased with the Google site and the ability to showcase my professional growth as an Educator and as a health care professional. It is my future plan to seek a position on the post secondary level and I do feel that the e-portfolio can serve as a valuable assessment tool for future employers.

I will also use the Google sites to assist my fourth year students to develop an electronic portfolio. The students are always excited about learning new technology and this is just the right tool to teach the importance of developing employability skills and the value of working diligently to acquire and maintain quality evidence to validate who you are and your chosen profession.

Electronic portfolios are great! I am always in favor of reducing the paper work I have to handle on a day to day basis.

Mamane on E-Portfolio

I'm very excited about the e-portfolio. Every professional should have one readily available. Since I've switched careers, it's important to develop a cache of evidence of my new work. I plan on using my portfolio to show a potential new principal my work (of course, when I tried to view one of my artifacts at school, I discovered that the county has blocked it). But I love the idea of being able to share my work with others as needed. As far as video work, I have discovered that Google sites are limited to uploading files at 10 MB per upload - a challenge in the video production world. To accomplish this, I have to downgrade to video quality so it will "fit" online.

Since I have a fourth year class this semester (which is required to have a portfolio - coinsidence - I think not!), I had each of them set up a Google site like we did in class. Some of them already have a couple of sites established on Google, so they were ahead of the game. I had them created pages for group projects, individual projects and assessments. The rubrics that I use to grade their projects will be included in that last page. Of course, their final project of the year, a 10-minute documentary, will also be included. However, that 10 MB per upload just might get in the way.

E Portfolio

I am using Live Text to create my portfolio this semester and it has been a very rewarding experience. Live Text seems to be extremely easy, probably because Jessie has done all of the work. The standards and templates are accessible and ready for editing. I know that this can only provide a positive addition to my professional growth. I plan to use the portfolio to take a look at myself in addition to the evidence it may hold for others. I also plan to become familiar with and utilize Google so that I will be able to assist my students in the future to utilize an e portfolio. Since Google is free, it will become the chosen one for my students. I stress the importance of the ability to “sell yourself”, to my students all the time. And of course, one of the ways is through a portfolio that provides evidence of their accomplishments.


I am excited to participate in this portfolio project. I see the benefits of having an up to date professional portfolio. For example, if one day I would like to transfer schools, my prospective employer can see my professional qualifications before granting an interview. This is a great tool to possess.

For the past two years I have required my students to create a portfolio of their projects to satisfy their final exam/project. Now, since Jessie (and her awesome technological savvy) has introduced ePortfolios, I am converting to a digital portfolio this semester.

Etowah High School has a partnership with google, giving each student a professional email address ( Each student has access to the google platform and can use this technology to create an ePortfolio through Google Sites. I am anxious to see what these project will look like when complete. This semester is my learning curve. I hope to start next year with a clear idea of how to facilitate this activity/project to get a masterful final product.

We'll see how it goes...


Sharing the Portfolio

The e-portfolio is very useful for keeping records and presenting my professional career, especially teaching. It is easy to come back and modify and introduce changes and improvements as they occur. As a bonus, the e-portfolio is an excellent way to advertise the program I teach so that others will have an opportunity to view and evaluate when making education and career decisions. There are a lot of excellent and unparalleled benefits for using this option.

The students in reviewing will also be learning how to keep a record of their achievements and how to display their accomplishments for others to see. This will help to better prepare them for this electronic age we are living in. Also by maintaining the e-portfolio it could become an important site for the students that have completed the program and wish to reflect on their accomplishments while pursuing a career as well as provide a link for a reference. This provides a challenge helping to raise the bar for me and providing the opportunity to reflect and view those areas where improvement is needed in order to better benefit my students. There are a lot of great benefits to the e-Portfolio, Thank you NTI.



In the beginning it is always overwhelming to see all the requirements of a project and so it was with the portfolio. However, since I have now started the process and planned a few things out I am extremely glad I will have this finished portfolio by the end of the semester. Working on it in small chunks makes it very manageable and most of the artifacts are already made. It is just a matter of uploading and writing the descriptions out. It will be an invaluable tool to showcase yourself and help further your professional goals. One of my professional goals is to someday begin teaching at the post-secondary level and I think this portfolio will help with interviews and that process. Using Google Sites for this project is also awesome. I am impressed with it's capabilities. The fact that it is free and available to all is unbelievable. I could definitely see letting students use this site to create their career portfolio. I had my first experience with creating career portfolios with my student this year. I found that very detailed and thought out descriptions of the requirements, along with a logical process made it go smoothly (thanks to using what was given to me by a mentor teacher). I think giving the students the option to do it electronically would make the experience more pleasurable for them and I may trial that next year.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I believe that the on line portfolio poses as a wonderful investment. It is a convent method that is easily accessible to teachers and others allowing the opportunity to display your years experience as well as other vital information that you may choose to display. I am working on updating my resume as well as assisting my senior students with creating a resume for them to have as well. I have expressed to my students that this will highlight their professional talents. This has also been a wonderful activity to in cooperating into my lesson plans for my senior students .

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The portfolio definitely enhances my professional growth. The portfolio has encouraged me to look at where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. It is easy to just take my experiences for granted. The portfolio is helping me look at the value of each experience. It has also helped me realize what professional areas I need to strengthen. The biggest way that it has enhanced my professional growth is by making me really think about my professional experiences. I have also realized that the portfolio can be useful for my students. It could be used to help my students think about their educational experiences. It is important that students reflect on their experiences. I also realize that a portfolio can be a valuable resource for my students. It would be impressive for them to have a portfolio to present to employers.


I believe having a portfolio will be helpful in my professional growth. The portfolio will enhance my ability to show the education and experience that I have obtained. Therefore, this will let parents know that they are getting a qualified and competent teacher for the curriculum their children are taking. The portfolio is a way my principal could maintain knowledge on my background and qualifications. The portfolio is a good tool to use as a resume for future positions. I’m thinking about attaching my portfolio to my school blog as an example for my students to view. The students would then have a way to see my qualifications and expertise. Then, maybe my portfolio would be useful to my students when they continue their education, especially if they attend a career tech college.


I have found that once I began editing and entering artifacts into my portfolio, I had difficulty calling it quits and logging off. I really like the fact that I can make changes now, as well as update my portfolio in the future. As for using this portfolio as an instructional tool, it's a great idea. I have helped students develop a portfolio in the past and have not really been successful. I like the Google idea which also allows students to make changes. As a teacher I can really see a difference in the portfolio of a Freshman vs. a portfolio of a Senior. The advancement of personal growth, goals, and quality of work is quite evident. I imagine that if I were to have begun a portfolio at the beginning of NTI I would probably be in the process of re-doing the entire work. Just as my students learn and grow, so have I in my ability to teach. Thank goodness!


In working on this project I have had an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned this year as well as life experiences. Many of these things we do without giving thought to them. When working on this I have found myself searching for improvements. Past experiences are often working habits. In my trade, bad habits have to go or time is lost, or perhaps worse. I constantly worked at time management, and procedures. At this point in life, changing professions was scary early on. However recently I have come to terms with this decision and have become comfortable with this. In doing so reflection is needed to achieve a goal as before. To me just learning the ropes will not make me comfortable. I expect excellence of myself, and my students deserve my best. My best will come when I find a stride in this new field. The portfolio project raises many bars, the counseling project many more. Looking inward is often uncomfortable to many. Who can honestly fool themselves? As I look at my students achieve, I also want to move foward. Many of these standards should be life goals for all of us. I have enjoyed the challenge so far, and hope I find the stride in this, that I achieved in my former life. I say this because the challenges of this profession is a life challenge.
Creating a portfolio has been very interesting this semester. The process of getting information online from your portfolio helps you be more organized as an educator. I plan to post my resume, lesson plans, pictures of students and activites of Crimnal Justice work. I also plan to incorporate the portfolio model into my lesson plans for my Criminal Justice students. I feel it will help organize and encourage my students for future activities in education, military and work force methods. For myself, the goal of profesional learning and implementing new technology to help me career wise is a plus when it comes to the porfolio mehtod. The portfolio has chalanged me to research all needed information concerning myself and applying it in a structure that could help me career wise in the department of education. I look foward to the completed work and time of the portfolio during the end of the semester.

Gerald on Portfolio

It sometimes is good to look back as to where we have been and the many changes that we have had in our career. In looking at my resume, it brought back quite a few memories. It reminds me of Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Less Taken," and you want to ask yourself what if. How any small changes or any small incidents could have led down a different pass all together. I think by doing a portfolio and keeping it up to date is a real good marketing tool. I have just looked over one of our teacher's portfolio from Western Michgan University, it is very impressive and I can see have it could be used to market oneself. I also believe if we have our students to do one, it might encourage them to try harder and apply themselves better. They might ask themselves, is this what I want to show my future employer? As for me, this is next to my last career change and I am difinitely not looking forward to the last one even though I will have no control over it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I think the eportfolio is a great career tool. In doing my eportfolio, I have learned a new skill in creating a google site, I have updated my resume and it has made me go back and review how my lesson plans are helping my students to accomplish their own career goals for the future. I believe this will enhance my own professional marketing by creating a professional site where my personality, career highlights and technological skills can be displayed and shared with those I work for and colleagues with whom I currently network. It is an easy tool to use and I have even incorporated it into my own lesson plans.
I am currently using the eportfolio method in my Applications classes. I am having my students create their own websites where they can start to build their educational and professional resumes. They have loved the idea of creating their own website, and they like the technology involved. They have a scetion for their clubs, achievements, philosophy, resumes and educational/community involvement. Several students have said they are going to use this as a link to view on some of their college applications. I have really enjoyed sharing this information and they really like that their instructor is also having to do one for school!


I think the portfolio is a very useful aid. This is a great opportunity to display our talents. The work that we provide indicates our professional experience. In the future, this can be used to further our career. I am hoping to keep mine as up to date as possible.

My students do something similar to our portfolio. Their portfolio s a paper based with pictures. The students begin working on this at the begining of the semester of Advanced Skin and Nail. The portfolio is turned into me one week before finals. I require 12-15 hair styles, a resume, reference sheet, questions for potential employer and a picture of the ideal outfit. Then the students will have a complete portfolio when they begin seeking a job. In this industry pictures say a thousand words.


As I look back though the documents and materials I saved from my first year of teaching, I now recognize some areas that need to be improved. The first year of teaching was much harder than I had anticipated and many of my lesson plans were created on site (ie..between classes) and at the spur of the moment. The time restraints/challenges of attending NTI, teaching, advising HOSA, coaching cheerleading, and being a mom & wife led to too little time to develop great lesson plans and projects for the students. But I imagine this is where we all are. This portfolio creation will enhance my professional growth by allowing me the time to genuinely critique which areas need time devoted to them. I had not saved some of my previous work and really wish that I had. I have started to organize my artifacts and save them in INTASC
files for future use and add to each standard. I noticed areas that I had few resources for such as Standard #3 Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs. I am glad to be critiquing my work and see that I have a lot of work to do.

I will also start earlier in the year in helping the students create their own portfolios. One area to help enrich the students is the building of their resumes. Once the framework is completed it is much easier to add to it throughout the year. As a nursing student we had some of the nurses who had already graduated come back and talk to us about their portfolios and let us look through them. I think the advanced students (3rd year) could do the same to the newer Intro students. A visual is always a great learning tool.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elluminate the Positive

If I were going to deliver a class via Elluminate I would want to consider how boring it is and I would try to think of ways to infuse it with life and excitement. Unfortunately I can't really think of any of those, so I probably just wouldn't use it. I feel that if people wanted to be at a certain place at a certain time, then they would probably rather just attend the class in person. Being stuck in front of a computer and having to hope that you'll be able to hit the "talk" button before someone else does, seems like more of a waste of time than anything. I would rather use uLearn, or WebCT, full time that have to schedule around a 2 hour window on Monday night.

As far as different activities, I would try to have a scavenger hunt type game where students would be allowed (and encouraged) to search for information on the Internet. I mean, if we all have a computer in front of us, let's use it to the fullest. Finding images that convey a certain feeling, or a link to page that has useful information on assessments, and then pasting them onto the whiteboard, would be a valuable and more entertaining way to utilize the software.

That's just my opinion.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ellumiante Live

If I were designing a course to be delivered via Elluminate Live, there are a number of things I would consider. First of all, I would need to ensure that my students had access to up to date computers to participate. Secondly, I need a feel of how much they know about operating a computer, their abilities to work independently with only online support and their comfort level with it. Some people need or like working in group settings while others are content with being supported from a distant location. These suggestions come from the practical experiences we have worked through during our sessions with the program. What is interesting is that no matter how much we plan, there is always something that comes up unexpectedly. In such cases it is good to have back up plans such as persons or sites to call/go to for assistance.

I would include activities that stimulate the visual and listening senses. I would develop interactive power points in which break out groups could answer questions. I would have students conduct activities together even though they are unable to see their partners. I would give them a topic to discuss and an outline to guide their conclusions and end product. .I would plan discussion groups and have students summarize information gathered. The one drawback I see to this form of learning is that students can’t physically role play or perform such interactions. Perhaps watching video clips of such behaviors could help accomplish this task. I would develop open email groups whereby the members could type in answers during group class discussions regarding different questions posed by the instructor. I thought of this as a spin off from racing our hands with the buttons and from the emails sent out that the entire could see. The possibilities of Elluminate Live learning are so varied because of the immeasurable resources to pull from with the internet at your fingertips.

Elluminate Live

Designing a course that was going to be delivered via Elluminate Live would require first setting a firm foundation with clear objectives for the course. Secondly, it would require preparing lessons plans to include teaching strategies that would incorporate the needs of the different learning styles. Thirdly, the design of the layout would need to be very user friendly and simple to navigate to facilitate participation from all the students in the group. I would use activities that encourage students to collaborate with each other as well as the instructor like small groups, discussions, and case analysis. I would also incorporate activities using the whiteboard that allowed students to be creative in a variety of ways with the content being covered. Students seem to be more engaged in the learning process when they are actively participating whether by interacting with each other or expressing their creativity. I would incorporate additional icons that expressed a wider range of responses from each participant. I also think a parking spot on the blog would be very helpful like we have in class to place questions or additional information that is needed.
When designing a course using Elluminate, the time frame must be considered. Make sure the time frame is adequate for the material you are intending to teach. Then, once you have the lesson plans established, make sure your lessons and activities flow smoothly. Activities should include group breakout sessions. Breakout sessions gives students the opportunity to learn from and teach their peers. I still have alot to learn about Elluminate, but I think it is great for people who have a long distance to travel. Elluminate is a great opportunity that allows students to work from home or a closer location to home instead of driving to class. We can still gather in groups, talk to each other through the Internet, listen to lectures being taught, and have group activities. I don't think my construction class would be easy to teach this way, but I like having class this way this semester.

Using Elluminate Technology in Transportation

I have enjoyed reading lots of good essays and blogs on how Elluminate can easily adapted to a lot of CTAE classrooms. I have also read some of the problems that would have to be overcome. I would have several physical arrangement issues to be solved. Not all my students have access to a updated computer and the Internet. I would estimate that less than half of my students have that access. The technology skill level would have to be raised for all to enjoy Elluminate. We could however use to school's computer lab by appointment. Elluminate does have order to it and the ability for groups to work together in an orderly manner. No one can interrupt! You have to raise your hand! How cool is that! While Elluminate is not perfect it can maintain some order at a higher level. It may be too slow for some students, and others will have to have intense computer instruction, or they will not be able to keep up. Also the biggest hangup in how do you corner teenagers to sit down all at once and do homework. Their schedule is crazy. Careful set up and lots of planning for the computer lab use would be the easiest way, but for only 25 students at a time. The size of the Elluminate groups should be smaller than what we use.

Areas of instruction in my classes could include interactive power point presentations and quick quizzes with instant feedback and verbal comments. Safety videos and small group projects could easily be done on Elluminate. Group assessments could be done on Elluminate. Some students who are not hands on or do not like to get their hands dirty would love Elluminate.

Elluminate Live

If you design a course using Elluminate Live, you would need to consider the timeframe  involved.  The first few meetings with the class would need to be practice sessions.  This would be necessary in order to get the class familiar with the technology.   This would include controlling the mic and the volume to get started. The class would also need to practice accessing and writing on the whiteboard.  Activities should include group breakout sessions that incorporate utilizing the technology.  Lectures appear to be very useful for this type of work.  The learner reviews the presentation up close and personal.  Also, saving the presentation or handouts for future use by the student is a huge plus to this new technology.

Elluminate Live Technology

To design a course using the Elluminate technology, I think will have several advantages for students as well as the teacher. The first thing to consider is how students will embrace this technology. The students of today are more prevalent to adapt to this new technology because of the use of internet and the way we communicate by cell phones, pda, and other electronic devices.

Some things you have to consider is the state standards and to make sure that you are following the guidelines that are required by the state. This would include equipment, materials and more importantly the course that is been taught for that particular class. The course syllabus should outline other information that would detail how the class would be structured.

Before using this technology students will have several training sections where they learn how to navigate and troubleshoot existing problems. To make this a successful transition student will be given several handouts that will be covered doing the course. This will include PowerPoint and learning modules that will help students understand the assignments before classes start.

Teaching a Course via Elluminate

In order to be successful when teaching a class using a tool such as elluminate, I think it is very important to remember the variety of learning styles that will be possessed by the students taking the course. So, it will be important to differentiate instruction just like being in a "regular" classroom to insure that you are getting across to each learner. It would be especially important to use a variety of teaching methods when the class period is rather lengthy. I think Dr. Burns has done a great job with this by lecturing for a while, assigning group work, and then bring us back in as a whole class for discussion. Also, it will be important to find ways to insure that each learner is involved in each class session. I think participation is important when participating in a course via elluminate. It would be important to ask yourself, "Is everyone involved?" With these two tools as the foundation for teaching the course, I think it will have a good opportunity at being successful.

It may be difficult to use this method of teaching when trying to grade on observation. For instance, in my course, Public Safety, it would be difficult to determine if the learner successfully mastered the technique of handcuffing. Maybe using a web cam would help with this? Other than when visually observing a taught skill, I think tools such as elluminate will continue to be more frequently used as technology continues to advance.
Well, I think it would be ideal for a Criminal Justice Program. Handouts and Power Point Presentations would be excellent to inform students from this program. I feel if your posting general information that requires knowledege about Laws, Corrections and Police Service it would be ideal. Some applications in criminal justice require hands activity and knowledege, but the information you receive the programs we have would be a great for getting that information out to students. Like all technology you will have concerns, because some people really enjoy the physical part of actually been in the classroom. You really see a shift of people studying online with services that we participate in on every Monday evening. I think my major concern for myself would be accountablity making sure I understand the information and flow of the information process. I enjoy the technology we use it's very convient and once you become familiar to the technology it's like been in the classroom. I feel everyone repects the new process and when I talk to other people who took NTI they feel we are blessed to have such a structure for our program.

Elluminate Blog

Well, I think it is ideal for lectures and PowerPoint presentations. But, if students are not comfortable with computers it would definitely be a challenge. I feel that this type of software program would not accommodate most CTAE courses, unless carefully outlined. Lectures could be done on Elluminate, but there would still have to be a regular class for hands-on activities and labs. There is some software with videos and game simulations for safety that could all be done on the computer. So, if I was to use this for a course, I could probably do 80% of a safety class with it. Students would have to get used to listening though. It would be something that would force the students to actually sit in one spot, follow along, and listen/respond in a limited period of time. This, overall, could help students realize that if they screw around, they will not pass. Most of us all seem to have the same issues........Classroom management and controlling the uproar of hyper teenagers. I feel if the students understood that Elluminate was a limited time frame course, and no make up lectures, this could shape them up! The downside to doing online courses is that most of our students do not have home computers, and if they do, they don't necessarily have Internet access. This would hinder some. I think the discipline issue would drastically drop, because you can mute people! No more interruptions!! I am enjoying taking this online-live verses just online without the option to ask immediate questions. I think Elluminate is a better choice than some other options but not ideal for CTAE/Automotive teachers in the High School setting.



I think using Elluminate is a great way to engage the 21st century learner.  The technology involved allows for discussion, lectures, presentations, and group work....however, it does not suit the traditional hands on lab classroom.  In a lecture based class such as history or english, this type of software is great.  But, when it comes to actually performing a task or activity, it is difficult to achieve the same level of involvement / results as compared to using elluminate.

If I were to design a course for elluminate for my would have to be one that included a lot of videos or live feed of my screen for my learners to follow.  If I was to teach an intro to drawing course, I would need to be able to actually demonstrate the task to the students via webcam.  The whiteboard and communication tools would not be beneficial other than to ask questions.  So, when setting up the course, I would make power points with the objectives and steps, show those, then have a class session where I demonstrate the task, followed by a review session or "parking lot" session to solve any issues.  I would have to consider that not all students would have access to a computer with a webcam, nor would they be able to utilize the software (drafting) at home unless the county provided it to them.  So, elluiminate would only work for me if I were performing a lecture such as great architects, house styles, etc.  I would also have to consider that students are very good at sharing information, especially digitally, so I would have to devise projects that would not be easy to cheat.

Elluminate has been great and I enjoy using it.  Its fun, interactive, and adds another tool to the box.  Thanks!! Have a great week.


Elluminate is an excellent progam for a course that doesn't require lots of hands on activities. In my opinion it works very well with courses that are mainly lecture and discussion based. I see Elluminate being used successfully in a history course where the instructor uses lots of power point presentations and relys heavily on lecture to share their information with their class. Using other programs such as ULearn where a student can turn-in assignments to the instructor would broaden the effectiveness of this class. I could see it being successful with Foreign Language instruction. For maximum effectiveness I feel that Elluminate is for the adult learner. It requires discipline and a degree of responsibility that the average high school student does not have. Testing would be very difficult to accomplish with this program as there could be a high level of cheating. I think that Elluminate is made for the purpose that we are using it for at NTI. I am enjoying this program as it is freeing up some time for me that I need to spend with my family, job etc... It is an excellent program.

Elluminate Brainstorming

Although Elluminate Live is a great instructional tool, I would have to take several factors into consideration if I plan to use if to conduct a lesson. I would have to consider the accessibility of the hardware by my students as well as whether the demographics of my enrollment would benefit from the program's purpose. I have a considerable number of hands on learners who signed up for my class just to have a chance to learn in that manner. Actually being able to touch the materials and tools increases their chances of retaining the knowledge of the program. I would also have to consider my learning environment. Because my classroom is a huge industrial type environment, it would be difficult to introduce the hardware and software into that type of environment. Although Media Center time could be set aside to conduct the lesson, I believe you begin to comprise the purpose of the CTE classes.

Elluminate Live could be used to introduce individual subject areas at the very beginning of the lesson. In the case of construction safety, employability skills and communication skills, Elluminate Live could be used to present PowerPoint presentations discussing those subject matters versus having the students read from the book. But I have found in my subject area in particular, that once you have made the transition from lecture instruction to demonstration instruction, that it becomes difficult to settle the students back into a lecture mindset. Once I make that transition, I have chosen to use more of a cooperative learning approach in combination with the demonstration instruction to introduce another subject matter. I beleive Elluminate can best be used in my classroom at the very beginning of the school year.

Gerald on Elluminate

There are several important things that I would have to consider in designing a course for an on line presentation. One would be the maturity of the students and how I would be able to make sure that they were not doing other activities while the course was in progress. I think that some courses lend themselves better to be taught on line that others. So I would design courses that I could use power points along with my lecture. I would stay away from courses that require lots of visualization. My courses would be more of an information type. I would make my course more group friendly because of the time factor in dealing with individual students. It sure would be nice if I could incorporate a to way video so as to enable me to see what the students are doing and to enable the students to see me. This is now being done in some on line course. Assuming that the students have the proper equipment, I would want to make sure the students know the equipment and understand how to use the equipment. Sometimes there are problems with the internet so I would probably video my lessons so that students could view it at a later date, or they might just want to review the lesson. I personally like the on line classes because there are no distractions, and I think that I get more out of them because of the less interruptions.

Elluminate Class

There’s really quite a bit to consider when designing an online course. The first thing I actually will consider is what it is I want the students to learn and then move from there. I will then check the state standard requirements and match that to the curriculum I am trying to make. The next thing I will consider is the types of materials that I and the students will need. Lab equipment if there is some sort of lab, tests, and notes. Let’s also not forget about the lesson plans. All this of course must be electronically done to transmit over Elluminate. The cost must also be considered due to budget limitations for labs. I also must consider breaking down the teaching aspect and the timing of teaching the various parts of the material. Lots of PowerPoint presentations may be the best thing during the lecture. The labs for the class must be considered as well, how much space, procedures and maintenance of equipment. I would have to assume that all the equipment the student requires will have to all be available to the student before the session starts. I am assuming of course that the student will require some sort of hardware and then get on Elluminate. Since everything I just said is a rough draft, I am certain that I may have to revise some procedures as I learn how to really teach online!

Mamane on Elluminate

I would love to teach a course on Elluminate. I can only think of a handful of students who would enjoy online learning or be successful with it. If this were for a high school class, you have to consider, Do all students have access to a computer with Internet service? Also, are there any costs involved with an online class? What day would we "meet" online? Many students work or have extra curricular activities after school. A big question is, How do you assess the students? Of course, that may depend on what activities we would do online.

I can imagine any part of Broadcast Video Production that could be taught online would be any theory-based section of the course. Reading and writing seem to be most conducive to Elluminate learning nature. Unless there is the possibility to show the students how our editing program works, we would be limited to what can be shown on the whiteboard. One activity I could do is the Morse Code activity I do durng History of Mass Media. The students would be broken up into break out groups where they would translate a sentence into Morse Code. There they would practice "speaking" their sentence in the "dit, dah" method, or type it on the whiteboard. When reunited with the entire class, the other students would raise their hand if they can figure out what the sentence is.

I have actually offered to my students online learning similar to the ULearn modules. I told them that they can do the reading and activities at home so we can have more time to apply the theory in class. NOBODY was interested. Not even the most gung-ho video students. I think typical high schoolers want little to do with after-school learning. But that doesn't mean we can try.

Online course considerations

Creating an online course is challenging. You must consider what types of learners you may get. You may not see any students face to face, so having very detailed course expectations is important. When teaching a online course you must try to know all the ins and outs of the application. Because questions will arise about the new application. Its probably a good idea to have students look over the frequently asked questions section before they ask their questions. In my past experience will online course we were split into groups for the quarter and it was our responsibility to logon and complete assignments on time. We would only sign in once a week for instructor interaction. The instructor could see if and who signed on for group sessions. I experienced having to complete assignments with only 3 members of a 6 member group, communication really is the key in an online environment. With anything new it will have kinks in the beginning but they can be ironed out over time.
In the online environment writing activities are best. Groups or individuals can always create and submit written projects from anywhere. You could also have groups create and present a power point presentation about some course information. I like blogging as well it keeps everybody communicating by sharing your opinions and ideas.