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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

Blog Post - Week 7
This past week in my own teaching I felt a little disconnected which prompts my question to you, "What was the moment (or moments) when I felt most disconnected or disengaged as a teacher - the moment(s) I said to myself, I'm just going through the motions here?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 5
This week we have what we call "open mic." You can write a post about anything related to your teaching that you would like responses from your classmates.

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 4
Here is this week's question: "What was the event that most took me surprise this week - and event that shook me up, caught me off guard, gave me a jolt, or made me unexpectedly happy?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 3
Please write a post about the following question, "In thinking about my past week teaching what is one thing I would do differently, and why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 2
Please write a post about the following question, " In thinking about my teaching activities this past week, of what do I feel most proud? Why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 1
Describe something you used in your program in the first weeks of school that you learned in the summer NTI program. How did it work? Did it get you off to a stronger start than last year?

Monday, April 23, 2007

It was fun

Well it’s been great getting to know everyone. I had a wonderful time bouncing ideas off of some of you folks. I especially enjoyed getting to know some of you including the instructors. I actually felt like I was in high school to some degree. There were people I looked up to, people I tried to help out with this that and the other, and at one point there was a person or two I felt would throw the grading scale out of the window. I learned so much at NTI that I’m still processing what I’ll be using where. It was rough my first year teaching without NTI but I felt confident I could continue teaching. I would have loved to have taken NTI my first year because there would have been no doubt in my mind I could do this.

Sorry I wasn’t that sociable Saturday I was a bit sunburned from my afternoon kayak trip on Friday. Speaking of kayaking if any of you outdoor types like the water we are planning a 3 day paddling trip down to Eufaula beginning on the 25th of May. Just email me.

Thanks Dr. B, Mrs. H, Mrs. G and everyone else it was surreal (and Mrs. H if you ever need a blog to get people thinking let me know).

NTI-great year

This year has been a long one but also a great year. I came into NTI last summer thinking it was just the 5 week class. Little did I know that it would extend out into the rest of the school year. I have learned so much from each and everyone of you. I want to thank you all for the support and ideas that you have given me and each other. I have also learned by reading what input is given to others. I want to give a big Thumbs UP to Jessie and Dr. B for making this class so interesting and fun. We owe it all to you. For now, so long to all, it has been a great year and blog to ya later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm So Glad We've Had This Time Together...

Just to laugh or sing a song or two... (Yeah, you DO remember the Caroll Burnett show!)
Hello all! Well the time has come to blog again. My spring break was very productive. I got a lot of work done toward my Bibb County portfolio. Of course I completed my portfolio for NTI. I plan to continue valuable lessons for my students in the weeks to come. I have been told that students have a tendency to want to slack before Summer break. In order to maintain the level of management and discipline my little lovlies are use to, we must press on into our lessons. I would not want to disappoint them!!!
I don't feel like saying goodbye to my NTI I won't! At a later date when I feel up to it I will write and tell you guys how much I have learned from you... instructors included! :-)
I will also let you know how I can not see myself teaching without the wealth of knowledge I have gained at GSU's NTI.
I'll blog at you later...
In His Grace,

Friday, April 20, 2007

What a ride!

Wow! This year teaching went by faster than the first. Maybe it’s because I knew more about what I was doing than during my rookie year. A lot certainly has changed. One thing that hasn’t though is the last six weeks of school. Most seniors don’t care any more, and the breaks in the schedule (Spring Break, EOCT, AP testing, etc.) make it harder to keep the students focused and get things accomplished. It’s also the end of NTI, and while I won’t miss the coursework, I will miss getting together every week. I learned something from everyone, and I hope that we all stay in touch.

Invaluable Knowledge, Advice and Friends

From the beginning of last summer to the current time, I am so blessed and fortunate to be a part of the NTI family. Dr. B, Jessie and the other NTI teachers, I know I can't wear a hat in school, but if I could, I would tip my hat to you folks! You have taken a Polish person who knew nothing but the world of CNN and given him invaluable information and educational material to be able to convince the wonderful people at Lassiter High School that I actually have a clue about teaching Broadcast Video Production. The comradery (sp.?) at NTI is irreplaceable. My fellow Broadcast Video Production teachers have no idea how huge of an impact they have made upon my classroom. I will never forget our tearful laughter. For as much as I always did not look forward to going to class on Monday or a Saturday, when I walked into those classrooms, my spirit and attitude was immediately lifted because of the professional and personable instructors at NTI. Combine those people with my fellow CTE teachers/friends and life was a lot happier than I would give myself credit for., "thank you" in Polish is........." dziekuje"

CTE Worth....

Why are some school systems all ways threatening to cut CTE programs, it is as if we are not a significant part of the education system. If CTE is not significant, why invest thousands of dollars in state of the art buildings and labs. Why invest all that money into supplies and equipment and than question if a CTE program is going to survive – this does not make ANY sense to me.

CTE has been in school systems for many years. CTE is a true outlet for some students – a break from the normal school setting. All students are not college prep, so why not teach those students a valuable trade that they can make a livable wage.

Breathing Again...

It is Friday. I am working on my last two blogs for the term. WOW, what a feeling. NTI (New Teacher Institute) went by very fast for me, seems as if we just started. This passed summer, when I started NTI, I felt as if I was holding my breath. I really did not know what to expect after being out of school for so long, but everything was wonderful, new, fresh, and fun! The instructors could not have done a better job. But now, it is time to exhale. I strongly recommend Georgia State University NTI to any new teacher in Trade and Industry.

Not Good Bye But See You Later

As the senior silver-haired one of the group, I wanted to say that this blog thing has been a lot of fun as well as an encouragement to me. Special thanks to Dr. J and to Jessie who pushed us into this challenging new cutting edge technology. You both have been wonderful in the classroom and given us an amazing amount of knowledge and guidance. I would hate to see where I would be without it. I feel I have the tools I need. Now I want the time to develop them. I hope that every now and then everyone will feel the urge to type out a blog to the group. I plan to check it occasionally. It has been painful this year but well worth the pain. I will miss you all but not the weekly trips to GSU! I look forward to seeing you all at conferences and trainings from time to time. You are a super group of people! I feel blessed to have shared this experience with you.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


just wanted to toot my own horn I passed all sections of the GACE test. wowo. yeahyes.

Career Expo

Another week down in the books. Next week is Skills USA / Career Expo. I am really looking forward to this. I have two contestants competing. We will leave Thursday morning and won't return until Friday night. We have our rooms booked at the Marriott. The career expo is one of the highlight trips for me each year. You make so many contacts it's ridicules. Plus I see many of the people I have worked with in the past which is the icing on the cake. I expect my guys to to do well in the competition.

A long But Good Day

So my burnout day is finally over. I must say I’m pretty proud of my students especially CS. It was senior takeover day he played Chef Scott and let me tell you I had a pretty stress free afternoon. He did some teaching to the freshman and juniors and said he felt very rewarded. At the end of the day he said he didn’t think he could be me everyday, which made me feel kind of good. I think he found new respect for teachers in general. He did mention something about teaching down the road.

I will also say I’m proud of myself too. I came in under budget on the catering job and people loved the food. I still haven’t lost my touch.

In the course of the day I met one of the “culinary instructors” from Columbus Tech. She seemed rather young but that was fine. I told her that I was taking NTI classes and that I had to go to GSU Saturday. She seemed rather appalled that I could teach without a 4 year degree and especially not having a teaching back ground. I think she said something about I just can’t believe the county would hire someone without a bachelors. I then explained to her I also had an associate in broadcasting and I went to college just as long as she did.

Well let me tell you about Ms. High and Mighty. She was an elementary teacher with a 4 year degree before she began teaching at Columbus Tech. After polite questioning, I do not think she ever divulged her qualifications for teaching culinary school. Later two of my students told me, after talking to her, that she had never worked in a restaurant.

I only have two more things to say.

First I set my temperamental chefness aside, took the high road and said nothing.

Second my high school students and I were the ones who cooked and prepared the food for the guests, the Columbus Tech students served the food. Everyone absolutely loved the food.

As Paul Harvey used to say “Good Day”

Closing a Blog experience

As NTI blog experience comes to a close, another educational chapter in my life will come to a close. Blogging was great. We have been given new technologies and concepts to bring about change in the classroom.Talk about great benefits, this has been an awesome experience. Words cannot describe what I have experienced over the last several months. We have been taught so much. Now, I will have to take some time to reflect about this entire experience. Again I say thank you NTI teammates and instructors.
I wish the best for each and everyone of you. May God continue to bless your lives abundantly. Blogging out.

"Don't tell me you care?"

I was notified that one of my students was suspended for 10 days pending a tribunal. Since this will be his 2nd tribunal there is a great possiblity that the school will not let him return this year. I have worked with this young man all year trying to keep him on track. He is so smart and very respectful to me. He never gives me the first minutes trouble, does all his work, is the first to volunteer for everything we do and has a B average. Pretty good for a kid that normally stays in trouble with all of his other teachers.
As I was signing in the other morning I overheard one of our Resource Officers talking to a teacher about this young man. I then heard him say that the boy probably wouldn't be
back because he was still in jail. Well, of course my mouth dropped and you probably already know that I had to ask. I just couldn't imagine him being in that much trouble. So I told the office that I taught the young man and asked what was going on. I suppose I had that "concerned mother" look because the officer gave me the oddest look and said, "don't tell me you care about this kid. You look like you could cry." Well, I wasn't going to cry and I told the officer that I was just surprised that the young man was involved in the situation. I told him that he was a wonderful student. His response was, "we must be talking about two different kids"
So why is so surprising that I would care about a student? Are we only to care about the fine, upstanding, All American student? Are we only to care about the ones that are in the IB programs or the outstanding wholesome athlete? After all isn't that a part of being a teacher?
Why wouldn't I be concerned or upset? Why shouldn't I care?

A long, long, long lunch

Does any of you have a 50 minute lunch period? Our administration has announced that they are contemplating (code for we are going to do it) having one 50 minute period for lunch where all students eat at the same time. They took away the 10 minute break between 1st and 2nd because we were having too many fights. The reasoning was that the students had too much free time. If they cannot handle a 10 minute break how in the world can they handle 50 minutes with nothing to do? One of the reasons for the All Student Lunch Period is that they feel most students will utilize it to make up work and get some extra tutoring. Are you kidding me? Not this student population. The teachers will have "duty" during this time as well as be available to students and somewhere in there eat lunch. I just think it is a bad idea to try and fit the entire student body into a cafeteria that is normally full each of the 3 lunch periods we currently have. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is just trouble looking for a place to happen. It's going to be a long, long, long lunch.


I'm a teacher and I realize that some students hate my guts. On the other hand, there are students who respect and appreciate me. The latter are the students that spur me out of bed and off to work each day. I have one student I have gotten to know better than most because she rode with me two consecutive days to a HOSA conference, one and a half hours each way. She also worked closely with me coordinating our blood drive. I have been very impressed with her from the beginning. She is pleasant, self-motivated, and exhibits exceptional teamwork and leadership skills. She also excels academically. Back in late February this student asked me to write letters of recommendation for her as she sought admission to a radiology school and a scholarship from the hospital where I worked until 11 months ago. I was proud to write recommendations on her behalf. We even drove to that hospital on our way to the HOSA conference and hand delivered her scholarship application to get it turned in on time.

In the past two weeks things have really come together for this student. She received letters saying that she has been granted the largest scholarship the hospital offers as well as acceptance into the radiology program of her choice. Additionally, it was announced at school that she has earned the honor of a Top Ten Senior based on her GPA. With each new piece of news she came running to me and we rejoiced! One day she came to say I had better not have any plans for the evening of May 10th. As a top ten student she got to choose one teacher from the 5th grade to the present that she felt was especially influential in her life. She named me and asked that I attend the Top Ten Banquet with her on the stated May evening. I received a formal invitation this week. To my surprise, the teachers chosen by the Top Ten Seniors are being honored as the Top Ten Teachers at the same banquet. I had no idea. What an honor! At least not all students hate my guts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One More Year?

I am still struggling a bit with this career choice. Is that normal, after a year and a half? In spite of the stress and pressures lately, my attitude is better now because of the changes our school is going through. My contract for renewal was in my box the other day. I left it in my briefcase for a couple of days before I actually decided to sign it. But I did! Thanks to NTI, I have better ammunition to deal with the daily challenges of being a teacher. With that being said, I guess it's all good, and I'm ready to start another year. Well, maybe not ready, but I do feel more prepared. I think I'll enjoy the summer in about four more weeks. The countdown is on.

substitute teachers

Until I became a teacher I never really though much about substitute teachers.
Now I have to question myself concerning the qualifications for this job. I have been out of my classroom since last Thursday doing the Habitat Build and every day it seems when I come in at the end of sixth period the room is trashed ,the T.V is on and there must be 40 kids in there 25 of which aren't even mine and she's just sitting there talking to numerous girls who I don't even know. Today I informed them that tomorrow they are to clean my room as I have Mrs. M. Then I left before I completely lost it. Don't think that I did nothing cause I did first I called the main office and informed them as to what was going on and then had security and the SRO sent down there unfortunately I'm sure it was to late and the bell probably rang before they got there. They had work some do it some don't but when there is no control nothing gets done and it takes days back in the groove that i had them in.So this poses the question what does it take just a warm body and a willingness to draw a check without any standards to adhere to? I'd really like to know.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Habitat for Humanity

Well this week we are doing Habitat. It has been good I am taking 9 students this week and for the first time in the four builds I have participated in we are doing things other than framing. We are doing vinyl siding and they also brought in there electrician and some of the students were able to work with them.
It has been a welcome change and a great opportunity to hone some skills that haven't been used in a while. If you don't use it you lose it and it had been a while.


GACTE what can I say.110.00 to join or no extended day. because, if you don't join the county won't pay the 250.00 registration fee. I am sorry but I just spent 5000.00 dollars for NTI " money well spent but never the less spent" 125.00 for GACE test , 46.00 for registration for skills state competition 98.00 for a room the room for that night and there is much more. Provisional wages are great yet every time you turn around they are wanting m0re and more.
If they are going to make this a requirement then why not create payment options take it out of our checks payroll deduct build it into the contracts and do a mass membership each year. why does everything have to attack the wallet if you join GAE it is payroll deducted.
We need options.

EOCT/Certification for CTAE?

We are gearing up for End of the course testing with all core subjects in about two weeks. All classes will be on block scheduling beginning on April 23 thru May 04. Will CTAE programs ever be mandated to use EOCT or some other type of testing measurement towards certification? I think some type of skill testing should be required before students can proceed to intermediate and advance level courses. End of the course testing or some type of multiple phase certification testing will help CTAE programs our assist students to move closer towards industry certification in their respective areas. What a minute. Are we supposed to be getting our students certified? Or, are we preparing our students for career exploration and Tech Prep.
While attending one of our articulation meetings last week, we were informed that Tech Prep funding faced reductions. These reductions will affect many CTAE programs across the State. I also believe these reductions stem from the inability of programs to provide concrete evidence of assisting students’ transition to the workforce. The true benefit for our programs might be providing an industry certification with an EOCT at the completion on the program. An EOCT and certification test could help prepare the committed student with an opportunity enter straight into the workforce with all the proper credentials
EOCT with CTAE courses will provide administrators and state coordinators valuable feedback to better plan for various programs.
It was jus a thought.

Has anyone seen my Spring Break?

Has anyone seen my Spring Break? I know I was scheduled to have one but I don't seem to know where it is.
I cannot seem to enjoy my spring break because of all the deadlines before me. Is Spring Break not our own? Can we refuse and ask to postpone those deadlines til after the break? Do I have to give up some of my break time for my job?
Well, I didn't refuse, I did "their" work on my time and consequently did not accomplish anything on my "to do" list. So did I really have a break?

The pressure is on......

After a post evaluation conference with my administrator, I realize that I am expected to start a HOSA club and begin industry certification. I thought that HOSA was only required if I was receiving the extended day grant and it seems that receiving that grant is expected of me whether I want it or not. And when has industry certification become a requirement?

SkillsUSA has been an established club at Marietta for quite some time and I don't want to break away from the group. I have been told from administration that I should just maintain 2 clubs using the same officers for each. Why do I have to change when this change isn't necessarily good?
Oh, the pressure is on!!!!

Why bother?

Well, I spent some time putting together lesson plans for my students relocated while I proctored the GHSGT. Since they were going to be in the media center for 2 days anyway, I thought it would be good for them to begin their research for their oral presentation on diseases of the skeletal system. I left sign up sheets and rubrics and since my students had done this sort of thing before I knew they would have no trouble following the instructions. There was going to be a parapro to take role, give instructions and supervise all students relocated. To make a long story short, the parapro never showed up and no one gave my students any instructions. Needless to say, no lesson plan was followed and my students are going to be a week behind. How can this happen? How frustrating to take the time to plan when there is no one to follow through. Again, I feel as if what my students are studying is of no importance to anyone else. Why are we not instructed to just let our students have a "free" day? Why do I even bother?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Break is OVER!!!!

Oh no, the time of the year that I waited and hoped for is over. Spring Break has come and gone. Classes resume in the AM. I had anticipated the break as the time to catch up on all the items that seemed to be piling up. Well, I must admit that there just wasn't enough time in the day. I did catch up on NTI assignments and my electronic grades, but all else seemed to slip away. The advisory group set up, HOSA planning, budget requests, and lesson planning did not get completed as I had hoped. Where did the time go???? So much for wishful thinking. My week just goes on. I do wish that someday I might get caught up...I think I will. Only 30 days left until Summer vacation. There is hope yet. Let's all just keep pushing on.

Wow..the end is in sight

It is hard to believe that we only have 2 more classes left. So much has happened the past several months. It was so great to join your NTI classes. Thank you for all of the great friendships that I have formed. The information that I gained was amazing. I have always said that people have worked in the industries make better teacher - more hands on ideals. You all are proof of that. The ideas and views that you bring to class are simply wonderful. I will walk away from NTI with much more confidence and creative ideas thanks to all of you.

Shrug Shoulders

Does anyone care about the education system and how dysfunctional it is? Whenever I ask questions as to why we are doing it that way, or why don't we change it to make it run smoother or more logical, I just a get a shrug of the shoulders and comments that it has always been that way. Why has it always been that way and how come no one else seems to mind that it is not the best system? I'm talking very general here, but I'm sure you guys have run across things since you've been teaching that would not fly in industry. If we are preparing our students for the business world, then why are we not given the same tools as the business world and held accountable the same as the business world?

I'm just venting. I see a lot of areas that need to be improved in my county and when I ask questions, it doesn't seem that anyone else really cares. I hope that our county will step up soon and make some improvements.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Teaching Schedule

Next week I’ll probably be notified what my teaching schedule will be next year. I already have a pretty good idea that I’ll probably have one combined class with mixed subjects (not different levels of the same subject). I’ve already been told that since my numbers are down that I will probably have to teach two Computer Applications classes so that I can get paid for full time. My complaint is this… we have a six period day, and regular full time teachers teach five periods and have a planning period. It looks like next year I’ll be teaching five periods, but I’ll have to prepare for six classes, since two of the classes are in the same room during the same period. Am I the only one who thinks that’s unfair? I’ve expressed this concern to the powers that be, but it falls on deaf ears. It’s all about how many periods you teach, and that’s it.


I have been feeling this for the last couple of weeks. Just like Natalie spoke about in one of her blogs, it is so tempting to go back into the "industry". Especially so when they call and offer you a different position and more money. I had a talk with a guidance counselor to do an interview. The counselor said sure any time just call me that morning and let me know. After doing the study on guidance counselors I realize they are very busy, much more than I had ever dreamed.
But now it's getting close for this being due and I can't seem to pin a time down with them. This is not something I have put off till the last minute. Maybe I'll have better luck next week. I guess the one thing I can not get used too is the lack of communication and organization within the system. There is a lot of changes going on next school year at our school. I hope it gets better.

Gimme' a Break!!!

I am finally going to say: "I'm on Spring Break!" I'm excited about it. I am not taking a fabulous trip like some of my coworkers, however, I will have a full agenda. I will rest, get extra sleep, catch up on school and NTI assignments. On a few nights I may even stay up late, fall asleep on the sofa and let the TV watch me! WHEW-WEEE...NOW THAT'S LIVIN'!!!
I hope you have a wonderful week...I will!!! :-)

Friday, April 13, 2007

From CNN To The Classroom

Today I was observed by Jennifer M of NTI. Over the past few weeks (minus the Spring Break) we have done Friday morning announcements "live" at L High School. It is a skeleton crew without teleprompter, but it is an environment that gets me "pumped". In the few short weeks we have done this, my students have created an "open" that features many shots from around the school and the music "rocks". The principal and other administrators speak very highly of what we have done in a few short weeks. I knew I had my observation today within my classroom, but it was a pleasure to have Ms. M watch and be a part of the excitement of the studio and control room. She witnessed a control room in a "live" environment with mistakes being made witnessed by thousands of viewers at the school. No "F" bombs were set off, but several students realized the pressure of being "live". Through many years of making mistakes that have been witnessed by millions of people, I immediately stressed the fact that, "you are angry with yourself because our "air" was not clean....... but, be ticked at yourself after we are not "live".....regain your composure and do your best. I didn't think about it, but Ms. M complimented me on how I went from a "Live" television atmosphere and returned to the classroom atmosphere that morning and continued with the lesson plan. It was a rewarding day. And if anyone needs a set induction.... I recommend the song "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road".

New Teacher Salery

My AP (Assistant Principal) told me last year that statistics showed that 70% of all first year teachers work two jobs to maintain their standard of living. These new teachers have invested four years of their life in the education to become a teacher. But, after dealing with students all day they have to go out and work a second job because they can not pay their expenses. WOW – what an unjust! Something is truly wrong with the teacher’s pay scale.

There should be some incentive for one to three year teachers to help them focus on teaching students, instead of “can I pay my bills this month”.

Articulation Programs

Do Articulation programs have a good success rate?

We had our annual articulation meeting this past week with Clayton State. This is my third year working with the Information Technology group. The meeting went well, but was somewhat disheartening as we attempted to discuss the success rate of past students. Our discussion revealed some alarming results. We have had zero students to take advantage of the articulation agreement in the last three years. This was our primary concern as we furthered the discussion.
Next year we will attempt help our seniors gain a greater understanding of how to better prepare for the college technology programs at Griffin Tech and Clayton state. We plan to work closer with Clayton State to promote the articulation agreements. The articulation concept can be successful, but only if both institutions work closer to enlighten students how to take full advantage of what is being offered. We look forward to making difference. Has anyone else had success with their articulation agreements?

Should I lose hope?

This past Wednesday, I attended an articulation meeting at a college by my school. We actually did have a lot to do since the curriculum did not improve and that some of the college courses were more or less of the same thing from last year. It has always been a pleasure to attend these types of professional development because it gives me the opportunity to talk to colleges professors and see what they expect our students to know before they get to them. I was glad to see that what I am teaching does really prepare the students for the next level if they do take the subject seriously on top of their core subject classes and that is where my concern comes into play. I always knew of a high dropout rate in college but to learn that the students coming from my school system and others from another county which I would not name are just not prepared for college. The professor was expressing his disappointment at the students' lack of work ethics, absences, study habit and on top of everything , the freshmen are very poor in problem solving skills, maths and writing.
As we continue the conversation I could just see the future for some of kids who struggle with in class on daily basis; those kids who everything to given to them, those want free points or somebody to do the work for them. I know somebody will tell me that if I teach them right , they should be able to do it themselves and become independent learners but we dealing with a generation of kids who want everything free and anybody can argue that but the reality is that they are more and more high school students who cannot read, write and spell properly at their grade level. What happened to those when failing was not an option?
Nowadays, you have students joking about failing a test, not studying for an exam, not worrying about a failing score.
My friends, we are in trouble>>>>>>>>..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

IEP Cop-out

Am I the only one who thinks a lot of students use their IEP as a cop-out to get away with bad behavior and laziness? I assigned new groups in all my classes Monday when we came back from spring break. Today two girls got into a mild argument while doing a test review worksheet in their group. I took the two out into the hall away from the audience. One of them has a perpetual bad attitude. Out in the hall Miss Bad Attitude proceded to informed me she could not work in that group because she had anger management problems and would get in a fight if she remained in that group. (The emphasis was hers. I wish I could show you the body language that went with the words, but I'm sure you have seen it before.) Since this was eight minutes before the bell, I told her to go to her seat and do the worksheet on her own until the end of class. She informed me that I had to put her in a new group that she could work in, now! Her reason was that she couldn't work by herself because she works best in a group. She informed me that if I would read her IEP I would know all that stuff about her. I told her that I had read her IEP several times and that I would put her in another work group but not right now,so close to the bell. She informed me that she would send her case worker to tell me a thing or two. I said I would love to talk to her case worker. She informed me that I couldn't because the case worker is out on maternity leave. She still wanted to argue but I simply walked back into the classroom. You know, "It takes two to argue," so I ended it just like I am ending this blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Spring Break

Over the Spring break I had an old college buddy ask if I would help him out with his restaurant. Well come to find out there is a student working there who will be in my culinary class next year. Then it became my mission to better this place. I want it to be a place this student could put on his resume and people would not scoff at him.

It was a Mediterranean place with plenty of Italian food but only Hummus, Spanikopitas Fattoush, and a classic Gyro. I added Falafels, chicken-shrimp or steak Gyros, a Falafel sandwich made with pita bread and tahini sauce. I also took of lasagna and replaced it with Moussaka. Originally the menu was pretty plain, so I revamped the menu a bit. In a few weeks (after the kitchen staff gets enough practice) it will be kind of like a Carrabbas with a Mediterranean flair. I probably won’t be back in there until the summer to make sure everything is going right. I think they really need to work on their wait-staff before the make the new menu permanent. So Isam (my friend) & Amehd (Isam's brother) and Muhammad (the manager) seem to be pretty happy with the results.

So Mrs. H if you ever have the chance to come down you'll have to critique me. During the summer Dr. B can come into town from Pine Mt. for Med/Itl. food and let me know what she thinks. Actually I’d love feedback from everyone since Mediterranean is not my forte. Don't get me wrong when it comes to food I can make anything taste good, but since I am a southern boy I have a tendency to over season so it may not be spot on to historical specifications, but I do want it to be somewhat close. I just want to know that this student (or any other students that become employed there) will learn how to prepare authentic tasting food no matter weather it is Italian or Mediterranean.

And for all you 24 watchers yes my friend and his brother are from Israel but they are both Catholic. How ya like them apples?


Last week I pulled out my portfolio assignment to update some information and to try to finish it up to turn in. I pulled out my disk that I have been saving it to and it would not come up. It said the disk was not formatted. I began to freak out because I spent all this time last month adding standards to it and I did not print them out or did not write it down on paper. I just figured that it was on a disk, I can just keep adding to it and I will print it all at the end when I am done. No, not a good idea. My first mistake was not saving it to the hard drive and then since I have been having trouble with my computer I should have saved it to a second disk. So for the past week I have been trying to redo some of the standards that I didn't write down or print out. I really hated computers last week but then I began to think that I should have taken precautions for such a big assignment. So learn from my mistakes always print out at least you will have a hard copy.


Last summer when we started NTI, I was really excited about getting into the class, especially because I was not hired on yet. I owe that all to Dr. B and Jessie. Thanks. I have learned so much that will help me in the high school classroom. I have already used it at the college level, I have seen a change in the students. I have heard all these stories about being at a high school. I am looking forward to being in a high school but also reluctant at the same time. I know there will be a lot more going on that I have not expected and had to deal with so far. I have heard you all commenting on how your weeks have gone. I just hope mine will go half that well. If you have any advice after going through this year and after NTI for a really new teacher to this, please feel free to give any advice.

New Teacher

I am still waiting to hear from Forsyth County on a Cosmetology Position. I have already been through an interview with the new high school principle at West Forsyth and it looks like they are only taking 1 teacher for the 2007-2008 school year. I am also talking with the principle at Forsyth Central and they are still waiting on numbers to see how many students they will have at the school for 07-08 year. I hate this waiting period. I just wish I knew something. I have also been talking with Roswell High School and there may be a position open there. If anyone knows of a school close by looking for Cosmetology Teacher please let me know. I am keeping my options open for anything relatively close. Thanks

catching up

I just realized yesterday in Monday night class that we should have another 6 weeks posted on our reflective log. So I have some catching up to do. I thought I was ahead of the game but I thought wrong. I have really enjoyed the NTI class. It has helped me a lot, along with everyone in NTI but I will sure be glad when it is over mainly for the cost of the class. I hear some saying that their county pays for it or partially pays for it. That's great!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Spring Break is supposed to be about relaxing

This week is Spring Break for us, and that’s a good thing because it gives me some time to recuperate. I was enjoying a relaxing week, and then on Wednesday morning my lower back went completely out, and I’ve spent every day since trying to find a comfortable position to sit down or lay in (standing and walking is painful and very difficult). It’s a little better, but it’s also extremely frustrating, and Monday is right around the corner. Assuming that I’m in the classroom on Monday it will be interesting to see how the students react to my limited mobility. I’m hoping that they won’t try to take advantage of me, but one never really knows. At least I can monitor their computer behavior from my workstation. Anyway, I hope everyone else who had their break this week had a fantastic time.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Here They Come...Around The Stretch

I, too, must comment on what is upon us for the next month and a half. This past week I have not been at a condo in Florida or a Spa in the Carribean. But I have gone camping with my daughter and roller skating with her too. I have a game plan for the rest of the semester and I have every intention of surviving it. Am I pleased or satisfied on how I have performed as a teacher? Not on your life. My class observations from Jennifer Mims and my principal, Chris shaw, have gone well. But, I am my toughest critic. I hope at the end of May I can look back and ease up on myself. These blog entries from my fellow NTI students/friends have been an incredible assest to me as a teacher and a human being. They will continue to carry me through the end of the semester. If you've finished your spring break..... I feel your pain of getting back into the routine of teaching. If your break is coming up (Lin), please enjoy it and get some mental rest.

R and R....

It has been a restful week for me! I was able to disconnect totally from teaching and do things I love. Sometimes it is hard to focus on enjoying your life when you are exalted from dealing with students all day. But, it is Friday and I know I have to do my lesson plans for next week and get mentally and emotionally prepared for my students. We only have two months to go before the close of the school term – YES!!

Reflecting back on the 2006-07 school year, I can say it was a good year for me. One thing I learned early is that you have to go to bed on time and get your rest or you want have the energy to deal with your students. I have decided to keep my mind on the end of the school term and move forward!!

Ahh Spring...Fists are in the Air...

Hi All!
I am not on Spring Break yet...I just wanted everyone to know. Any who- I think that the students as well as the teachers are ready for Spring Break. We made the local paper. We had about 2-3 student fights on last Friday the 30th of March. We had 1 fight today (4-6-07) . This fight was after school at 2:57 p.m. "Can't we all just get along?!?!"
Our school is having lockouts now. All students that are tardy to class must sit in the cafeteria for a full 90 minutes. Of course there are students (about 10%) who want to miss class so they are tardy on purpose. For the other 90% of students this plan is working. They do not want to miss class so the are 'bookin' (running fast) to get to class on time. WOW! See how they run...see how they run! Our school plans to carry out this procedure 'til the end of this semester.
Oh, by the way, my Spring Break starts week after next... Those that know the words of prayer... pray my strength in the school system! HAHAHA...for real now!
PEACE! (smile)

Technology: Ya Gotta Love It

For the past two days I've been trying to do my blog for this week. You know, get it done early so I don't have to stress over finishing it by midnight on Friday. Anyhow, my computer has been giving me problems lately. The screen keeps getting wavy and freezing up like there is a virus but Norton says it finds no viruses. I even bought a new monitor thinking that was the problem. It wasn't. So, I turn it on and off over and over hoping one time it will work. (Maybe this is the time!) I will have to break down and take it to the geeks but I was really hoping to make it through this semester first. I truly can't get along without it until the semester's end. My computer at school has too many blocks for me to do NTI work. Besides, who wants to stay at school until bedtime night after night! I stay too late as it is already.

My real classroom issue with technology right now is not the blocks on my internet access. My frustration is the beautiful interactive board that has been sitting there since before I entered the classroom for the first time on July 20, 2006. The first excuse I got from the county office was the absence of an LCD projector with which to hook it up. A few months into school the principal got involved and saw that an LCD was ordered and delivered. I contacted the county office again. I even got training in the use of the interactive board. Still nothing happened regarding hooking it up. Oh the plans I have for using that board! Yet, so far I have only used it as a display board, as an overhead transparency screen, even as a white board. I contacted the county office prior to Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Winter Break, and now Spring Break. When I e-mailed before Spring Break, I copied it to my department head, assistant principal, and principal. That must have helped. Within two days I got a reply saying they had brought in a guy to give them an estimate how much it would cost to install it. I haven't heard any more. So, I am wondering when I get back to school Monday after Spring Break if the interactive board will be up and running. Dreamer, right?! I know one thing for sure; I will not be holding my breath. If it is installed though, I may have to get training in its use all over again to do all those wonderful things I have planned for its use.

Finishing Line

It has been a restful week, no referral to write, no announcement from the PA system and "fresh mouth" back talking to hear from the students. I do not if this is the same thing in your school but I have always observed that once we return from spring break , students have the tendency to get out of control as the weather warms up. You will see more absences, tardy and class cutting. I remember that last week before we left that our Principal was reminding teachers about teaching from bell to bell and that we still have 8 more weeks to go (my school system); Therefore my friends from NTI, do expect unannounced visits from your supervisors just to check what is going on. As far as my program is concerned, I plan to finish 3 long chapters that I have left and mostly work with my advanced class to prepare them for the A+ certification. I hope we will get enough time because we should not forget all the tests and exams that will take place within the next 5 weeks to come.
So my friends let 's lose track and focus and buckle up !!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Taking Care of Ourselves

There is one topic has not been addressed in NTI. Starting this week of Spring Break I have thought about this subject a lot. It is actually a Biblical principle. What is that topic? If you read my title, you know the answer. We must consciously take actions to preserve our physical, mental, spiritual, social, and emotional well being. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have clearly flunked in this category since starting NTI.

I read an oye-opening book a few years ago called, Margin - Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, written by, Richard A. Swenson, M.D. In it he said that just as each page in a book has a margin around the edge, our daily lives need many kinds of reserves or we will experience overload and pain. I have gone bankrupt of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment over the past ten months. I am dedicating this week to getting caught up on NTI homeworkand doing taxes but also to sleep, exercise, eat healthy, read my Bible and pray more, enjoy my friends and family, work in my house and yard, ride the motorcycle with my husband, sing, shop, and what ever else I find enjoyable to do. Dr. Swenson would be proud. I look forward to being proud of myself when it is all done.

Read all instructions before you start

I start with an apology to everyone in the Monday night class. We were assigned the task to outline character traits that we find in out students Yes, I said "outline." I on the other hand wrote an entire page paper on the term "honesty". I am sorry that I made many of you endure reading this lengthy page; when if I simply would have continued to read the directions I would have found that it was only to be and "outline" Thanks to an e-mail I received form Jim - thanks Jim- I realized my mistake and reorganized my paper with an attachment of the outline of the term at the end.. I left the original paper, not for your reading enjoyment, but for me to use as an example in the blog as to what NOT to do. No excuses can be made for this- except I now know - as I should have - to read all directions before I start. Spring Break is just a few days away.