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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mamane on Developing as a Teacher

The last two weeks have been a major roller coaster ride for me. Our county is finally feeling the effects of this dismal economy. We are opening 5 brand new schools in Fall '09, but they didn't hire any new teachers. I applied for the Broadcast job at the new high school, and spoke to the principal briefly at a job fair. He said he had "done his homework" on me, and he wants ME to take the Broadcast program at the new school "out of the box... something this county has never seen before." WOW! I was so syked. But he said nothing was confirmed because he wasn't sure enrollment would be enough to hire a full-time BVP teacher. So no big deal, right? I would have my current job... Or would I? I found out that the BVP program at my school would be cancelled for next year. But I didn't have that confirmation yet. Alas... the sweat starts to bead on my brow. But lo and behold, I finally got it... I'll be starting the BVP program at a brand new school next year. YAY!

So what, you ask yourself, does this have to do with my teaching mastery? I have continued to teach and teach, and increase my awareness of what I'm teaching, and really, what is coming across to my students. Once they found out I wouldn't be returning to Central next year, they asked me "Why bother teaching us, you'll be gone -- the whole program will be gone next year." Because I... DON'T... QUIT. I especially don't give up on students. If anything, I have upped the ante. I am assigning more complex projects, and sticking with it. I am on them everyday about their progress. I want to see them SUCCEED! And I'm doing everything I can to make that happen.

Nothing makes me happier -- or prouder -- than watching my students' final products... unless it totally reeks. But for the most part, I can see in their work the expertise I have taught them. And that, my friend, is my road to mastery.

Oh yeah, and I was asked to co-author the "common curriculum" for Broadcast Video Production for all of Forsyth County. Pretty cool, huh?


Ken Blackwell said...

Great news! In a hiring freeze, I'm surprised you heard news so fast. I opened a new program this year myself. You will have alot to say about equipment and materials. The process is just that, a process. That being said, you get the equipment you need or want, not what was left behind. Good for you in not quitting on your students! They are our reason for being here. Your deligence will be appreciated and not go unseen. Others may follow your example, and perhaps change will result in this area as well. If you have budget questions I am available for help. Again, GOOD FOR YOU!

Ken Blackwell said...
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Dr. M said...

Hi, Amy - I'll say that's pretty cool! Congrats on the new assignment! Opening a new school/program is surely a once-a-career opportunity so I know you are excited . . . heck, I'm excited for you and I hope you don't mind if I drop in next year for a tour.

Please don't give up on this years' students as you are having an impact on them and you still have a good bit of time to work your magic. A master teacher continues to do what's right regardless of outside situations, and your mastery is showing when you say you don't quit on your students. Go get 'em!

Michael said...

Wow that is great news congrats. What type of complex projects are you giving out because I would like some new things for one of my advanced classes to challenge them a bit more.

Amy M said...

For one, I have my 4th year students doing a 10 minute mini-documentary on a controversial issue. It's their "senior project." Then, for another class, I came up with the idea to assign a group a song (from, and they have to come up with a 1:30 movie trailer based on the genre of the song. I gave one group and Action/Adventure song and they're doing a super hero movie trailer.

Michael said...

That sounds good I will give those ideas a try. Do your advance class produce a news show for the school?

Jayna said...

Amy I am so proud of you. As your co-worker I am not surprised that you are being given this task. You are wonderful at what you do! I am sorry that you won't be at Central next year :(. And I won't be seeing you at NTI! But I know I will be seeing and hearing great things about you over the years! IT does the heart good to see deserving people get the acolades they deserve!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amy, thats sounds great. I love project ideas you have.

Amy M said...

Chappe, we do a weekly news show for the school. I used to do it everyday, but i don't have as many advanced classes as I did last year.