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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mamane on Elluminate

I would love to teach a course on Elluminate. I can only think of a handful of students who would enjoy online learning or be successful with it. If this were for a high school class, you have to consider, Do all students have access to a computer with Internet service? Also, are there any costs involved with an online class? What day would we "meet" online? Many students work or have extra curricular activities after school. A big question is, How do you assess the students? Of course, that may depend on what activities we would do online.

I can imagine any part of Broadcast Video Production that could be taught online would be any theory-based section of the course. Reading and writing seem to be most conducive to Elluminate learning nature. Unless there is the possibility to show the students how our editing program works, we would be limited to what can be shown on the whiteboard. One activity I could do is the Morse Code activity I do durng History of Mass Media. The students would be broken up into break out groups where they would translate a sentence into Morse Code. There they would practice "speaking" their sentence in the "dit, dah" method, or type it on the whiteboard. When reunited with the entire class, the other students would raise their hand if they can figure out what the sentence is.

I have actually offered to my students online learning similar to the ULearn modules. I told them that they can do the reading and activities at home so we can have more time to apply the theory in class. NOBODY was interested. Not even the most gung-ho video students. I think typical high schoolers want little to do with after-school learning. But that doesn't mean we can try.


ITechman said...

This is the same situation that I believe most of us will run into. The vast majority of our classes have labs. How do you accomplish that in Elluminate? One of the the suggestions that I had was to send Lab materials to the students, but there are too many factors to consider. One of which is the lab disposable and if not will the student really take care of the equipment they posses? Is it safe? Is it economical enough that the students can buy one on their own? After all of these questions, at some point you start considering if the class is even feasable online. Can you imagine teaching the theory of any of our classes? I would fall asleep creating them!

bernardo said...

Hi Amy,

I enjoyed reading your post. I can agree with you that it would be a challenge in using the whiteboard for some of our subjects’ matter that we teach. I wish it was possible to have this same technology where we could engage our students with different video tutorials. I think the closest to this technology would be some of the Nortel Learning websites that’s set up for Broadcast / Video Production. I don’t know if you have heard or used this website but it is a good learning tool for students entering the Broadcast field. One thing I must admit it has been a challenge trying to keep up with all the latest technology. This is a far cry from the days of the three quarter tape and beta cam.


Michael said...

that was a good idea to do most of the bookwork at home so that more hands on could be applied during the class time. Maybe if you grade the take home work heavier and test them on it so that can do hands on they may be better to do it.

Dr. M said...

Hi, Amy - I like your line of questioning, as well as your ideas for using Elluminate. And the comments to your post are interesting as well. Willie is too funny and Bernardo - yes - I remember 3/4 tapes and Beta's!