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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grasshopper, you are not the master... yet.

My past few weeks teaching have been very overwhelming. I am being continually bombarded by requests for video production by administrators and other teachers. I am really trying to say no, but it's not the easiest thing to do. I have had a problem with this because it is taking away from my planning time. The beginning of this semester was very good for me as I had a planning period and the chance to prepare for my classes. Now, with so many projects in the works, I am unable to devote the amount of time I need to, to planning. I have made the decision, though, to only use students for projects and if that doesn't work for the person requesting the video, then they can figure out how to take care of it themselves.

You may be asking yourself, how this relates to my development as a master teacher. I believe that my resolution to only have students doing projects, shows a maturity on my part. By understanding that my planning time is beneficial to my students and being willing to say "No", despite how other people feel about me, I believe I am moving in the right direction. Who knows? Maybe one day... I'll get to mastery level.


Dr. M said...

Hi, Josh - I think this is an excellent post as it does show your development from an industry-based 'production' mentality, if you will, to a teacher-based mentality with your students as your primary focus. You are definitely moving in the right direction, so keep on movin'!

Amy M said...

I also know which posts are yours simply by reading the title...

As I read your post, I was going to suggest offering the students the "learning opportunity" of doing those projects for you. But of course, you are arriving at the mastery level, Grasshopper, at an amazing rate. Balance... that is the key to good fortune and a healthy mind. "Just Do It" or "Just Say No." You know the answer. Now... let's meditate.

Ken Blackwell said...

I have the same problem, saying no! I have to stop and think of where the students are, what are we covering, what is their levels? I confuse the students by not finishing a subject matter, and switching to something else, then coming back. And perhaps miss some instruction they need. I believe your dedication to the students will take you the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Josh I agree with your post. I am using this phrase more often, let me check with my students and see if their schedule permits. Because I am grooming my students for this career and what better experience could they get than by doing projects for others. My kids shot the program the other night at school, some of the performers were not prepared and didn't perform. So we were asked if we could shoot them again and insert that footage into the final edit. WHAT, so I passed it to a student and let them handle it. I think you are right letting go of projects and letting students handle them is a master teach trait, of course the student must be a young grasshopper!

asmith said...

Remember, once you allow your planning period to be taken from you it will be hard to recover. You always have to remember that that is your time. If you continue to give it away, you will never enjoy the beauty of your time during your planning period.