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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

Blog Post - Week 7
This past week in my own teaching I felt a little disconnected which prompts my question to you, "What was the moment (or moments) when I felt most disconnected or disengaged as a teacher - the moment(s) I said to myself, I'm just going through the motions here?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 5
This week we have what we call "open mic." You can write a post about anything related to your teaching that you would like responses from your classmates.

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 4
Here is this week's question: "What was the event that most took me surprise this week - and event that shook me up, caught me off guard, gave me a jolt, or made me unexpectedly happy?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 3
Please write a post about the following question, "In thinking about my past week teaching what is one thing I would do differently, and why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 2
Please write a post about the following question, " In thinking about my teaching activities this past week, of what do I feel most proud? Why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 1
Describe something you used in your program in the first weeks of school that you learned in the summer NTI program. How did it work? Did it get you off to a stronger start than last year?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Regional Skills USA Competition

What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

I would have to admit I am proud to have been asked to chair the "Regional Skills USA Competition." I am also proud and relieved that most of the tasks required for the event are completed. I have increased the number of events in the competition from one to three. By increasing the number of competitions, a school could have three contestants instead of one. I have heard from several schools that the students were more comfortable with other classmates attending. A little work went into finding a sponsor that is going to augment our prize pool. I have also met with Atlanta Tech and arranged the competitions and tests for each event.

My students are very excited about the event. Their competitive spirit tells me they are confident about their skills. I will be proud when I see the results of this competition in my portfolio.

What would have I done differently last week?

Well, I must say. I would have gotten more sleep last week! I tell you what, between grading project research, editing P.S.A. radio spot scripts, grading papers & tests and working on personal studio projects at home, I've been running on fumes. Sounds like a personal problem eh? I'm working on it! So indeed, the first thing that came to mind when I thought about what I would have done differently, getting more rest at night was the first to come to mind. The four to five hour night's rest is starting to add up! On the other hand, I HAVE quit drinking coffee in the morning completely and only occasionally get one at lunch, which for us is 10:30-11:20. That is down from about 2-3 large mugs per day! Ahhh, the "teaching issues" we often don't think about: sleep and coffee!

How Has This Semester Been Different/Same as Last Semester?

Honestly, we're just like one big (mostly) happy family! So returning this semester was WAY less formal than the beginning of the year. Having said that, I'll have everyone know that I DID wear a tie on that first day of two days out of the year that I wear a tie! (Not including Open House!) Now, as far as the differences go; I started my class by telling them how much more difficult and detailed the project grading was this semester, due to second semester being Advanced Recording. My second semester is always a more mature, advanced and productive semester and those are my expectations. I clearly explain that first semester was largely a "learning curve" semester for all of the technology and gear. Second semester, however, is entirely different. They are now expected to know certain things and have certain skills or they will not be able to perform the more advanced projects with success. Second semester usually tells me who will be pursuing this industry and/or secondary education after high-school. As far as similarities, they "know the ropes" now in the studio/lab as well as our regular classroom tasks, so all of that has been the same, if not smoother.


Just as shoes are necessary for our feet so are the good brakes essential for our motor vehicles.
In the interest of safety and savings every driver should have a general idea of what makes the brake work or does not work. Any pull or fade that decreases stopping efficiency is just as bad as the braking system that stop operating entirely.

The funny thing about good brakes is that they are relatively simple to maintain. Modern brake linings are very hard and will provide dependable service for many thousand miles.
How does the brake system works. Pressure on the brake pedal forces the brake fluid from the master cylinder through the brake lines to the wheel cylinders or calipers to stop the car. A braking system can have both brum brakes and disc brakes. For the drum brakes the pressure of the fluid pushes the brake shoe against the inside of the brake drum. On the disc brakes, the brake pads are forced against the rotor, friction between these parts slows the vehicle down.
If one part of the master cylinder does not work or a brake line leaks fluid the other two wheels will still works.

If I could take it back

Last week, due to discipline problems our principle required us to eat in the cafeteria in an attempt to control student's behavior. We don't really have a teacher's lounge and the teacher's lunch table serves as that place, every school has one, where you hear all the negative stuff and gossip. Dr. Burns warned us to avoid these kinds of gathering places and until required to go there ,I generally avoided that area.

I tend to be very loose anyway and when a female paraprofessional started telling me she needed a husband and asked if I wanted to marry her I told her if she was a good cook I may consider it, not thinking much about it, just being silly. I've never socialized in any way with her outside of school. Later, while working with students outside, the lady came up and started telling my students that we were getting married and that we were going out partying this weekend. It disrupted the class. When she left I told my students that what she said was not true and that I don't feel it is professional to discuss such matter with students.

I knew it was important to conduct myself as a professional with my students. Now I realize it is important to be professional with fellow staff members as well.

Question for week 1/28 - 2/3, 2008

Last week went well for me, I would not change anything, there are things I would like to see change but those changes has to be done by administration.

One of the things I really hate is to send an-mail and the person does not reply, whether it is positive or negative. Last week the Career Technology Director for my county was going to meet with Dr. B. he sent me an-email, wanting me to give him some feed -back about NTI. When I saw the an e-mail mentioned NTI I think it was a breath of fresh air, so I sent him an
e-mail trying to get some questions answered. Instead of answering the questions in my
e-mail ,which does not affect myself alone but also the other two NTI teachers in the class. His reply was still trying to get information about NTI.
NTI has been good to me (us) and what I learned is not so much for myself but they are to help my students. Whatever I have learned at NTI I will forever share them with other teachers so they will be able to help their students but not to someone who will use them for selfish gain.
I am not selfish but that is how I feel.

January 28th - February 3rd-- Of everything you did last week as a teacher, what would you do differently? Why?

I don't really know. I had a lot going on in the last week, almost so much that I didn't really have time to notice if I did anything wrong or regretful. I guess one thing I should have done was informed the principal that the students should be moved to the football stadium instead of the same building the gas leak was in. I assume it wasnt my place to take such matters into my own hands, but who knows? I guess I would have also been a little harder on my students, they seemed to have gotten a little soft on me this week. Im sure I could go on and on about what all I could change about last week but whats done is done and the only thing left is consequences to deal with now. The best part about it all is that if I did make mistakes or feel that I should have changed something, I will learn from it.

January 28th - February 3rd-- Of everything you did last week as a teacher, what would you do differently? Why?

January 28th - February 3rd-- Of everything you did last week as a teacher, what would you do differently? Why?

I would push back my lesson to teach with the Health Occ. instructor. I agreed a few weeks in advance , however because we decided to combine class it disrupted the flow of my other classes. The lesson was good , however it made me have to re-group and slow some things down to get everyone back on the same page next week. Other than that bad timing issue I am running pretty smooth from week to week. The kinks I encounter are not new to me and are taken in stride. I have to admit I do have days and some weeks I wish I could start over or forget, but I am sure that is tru for all of us.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last Week

If I could twitch my nose, or wave a magic wand and change last week, I would. My lesson plans weren't detailed enough, my attention wasn't there, and the week just sucked. It would be nice to blame the students, but this time it was all my fault. I thought I had a decent week planned, but my lessons were way too advanced for even my advanced students. A lot of stressors were present; from being ill with bronchitis, having an Industry Accreditation visit, being Chairman of two committees with upcoming events, having two impromptu evaluations by administration, etc. Will someone tell me when I can just teach? I am lucky with the admin. I have - they are good people. They know what I am going through. One thing I will do before another week chock full of shtuff comes around, I will have developed a set of "learn it yourself" lesson plans. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, I would definitely do Friday differently. I gave the students a test. We had worked hard all week. It was Friday. The students were tired. And I was tired. I didn't really want to start any new material after the test. So, after everyone completed the test, I gave them Free Time. There was about 15 minutes of class time left. I told the students they could talk quietly, work on other classwork, or they could put their heads down on their desks and rest. And that's what they did. The ones who were talking were barely speaking over a whisper, some were working on other classwork, and others had their heads down resting. Everything seemed just fine.

I never sit at my desk during classtime, but this day I sat down at my desk. Well, don't you know that this is the time one of the APs decides to come in and observe my class. I got up and walked over to him and told him that the students had just completed a test and I was giving them Free Time.

I dreaded to see the write up. The APs are doing what they call "fly-bys." They come in and observe for 10 minutes or so and complete a check-list. There are blocks that they check about what the students are doing, what the teacher is doing, if the teaching is student focused or teacher focused, where the teacher is (in the front of the room, circulating around the room, etc.)if all students are engaged.

My write up said I was sitting at my desk. The students were not engaged in any meaningful learning, some had their heads down sleeping. He did note that I had my Essential Questions written on the board. And that it appeared that the students had taken a test since I had that written on the board as well. He also wrote that I didn't appear to be fulfilling the mission of the school of teaching from bell to bell.

There was no need to discuss the write up with him. He wrote what he observed. But it sure made me feel like a complete failure. And it really hurt my feelings. I have never gotten a bad write up before. I have received some helpful suggestions, but never anything as terrible as this.

I learned a good lesson. I don't know how I could have done anything differently after he came into the room. What was done, was done.

Is it ever permissable to allow students to have Free Time? No. I should have used the Take Five handout that we got last semester to fill up the remaining time. I have used that handout numerous times to fill up leftover time. If only I had used it that day....

But, as Willie Nelson says, If a bull frog had wings he wouldn't bump his a@@. Enough said.

CRUISE last week

I don't know if any of you have been watching the news,but I was on the cruise ship [Holiday] that everyone got so sick on last week.Although I didn't get sick my brother-in- law ,nephew, mother-in-law and father-in-law did.The news was saying roughly 140 or so got sick.But it seemed a whole lot more than that were sick. Because many of the sick just stayed in there rooms because they felt to bad to move.Many of the staff were sick as well.When we were leaving mexico the ship had started pulling out of the dock area when we felt the ship moving backwards.We docked again and an ambulance came down the dock about 30 minutes later to remove one of the passengers who was to sick to continue.We knew something was contagious when we saw all the disinfecting the crew was doing.The whole ship had a slight clorox smell and whole sections were closed at times to be cleaned.

question of the week

January 28th - February 3rd-- Of everything you did last week as a teacher, what would you do differently? Why? I would try to have things prepared for my sub. a little more in advance.I took my three personal days last thursday thru monday to go out of town.I was at school until about 7:30 wed. getting my lesson plans together for my sub.Although I had thought about what I needed to do a week or so in advance,[which I know Thinking about it was the easy part]I did not act on it until the day I left on vacation.I am continuing to struggle with procrastination .I think when I learn to be better prepared is when my Job gets a whole lot easier.

What would I do different?...EVERYTHING !!

Last week was a bit stressful. I had the student who showed me the picture of her stillborn. I really had a hard time getting that student out of my mind. More unfolded regarding that student. My father-in-law had a heart attack and went into kidney failure. With those events, I had a hard time concentrating on my students. Usually I have things planned ahead so my days go smoothly. Not this time! Luckily I felt I knew the subject matter but wished I had more hand outs to give the students as well as interactive activities. I guess I need to make emergency lesson plans for myself and seal them in an envelope labeled "Open in time of personal crisis". So far this week is going better.
Of everything you did last week as a teacher, what would you do differently? Why?

I had a student that was out a couple times last week. I didnt think much about it. I didnt see him on Monday so I sent his mom (a teacher at the elementary school) an email. She was under the impression that he was in class. Now the student is one absence away from failing the class and we are only in the 4th week. I wished I would have made parent contact earlier. But with 3 classes it's hard to keep up with each individual kids absences before they miss too much.

Monday, January 28, 2008

What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week?

Well, I must say that I think this year has been the smoothest, in terms of running studio sessions for large projects. This year I am able to make use of THREE studio rooms, instead of just two. Unfortunately, I still cannot completely accommodate all of my students into the three studios at one time but it is the best it's been yet! This simply provides my students with more time using all of the new technology and the gear we have to offer, so in the end, their skills are improving faster and we are able to move smoother and more quickly to and through our various projects this year! The two smaller studios I 'created' for the students were previously a storage closet and a video editing room that the video instructor let me convert for audio! Good times for everyone!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

My proudest moment this week is that I made it through the week with a positive attitude and a smile.

What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week?

I feel most proud of the fact that my students trust me enough to come to me with anything. This is not just for this week, but since I first started teaching on the high school level. I am very proud that I have a good rapport with my students. Even when they share information that I have to report, overall I think those students share with me because they really want someone to know, but they don't want to seem as if they are snitching. I have students come to me about their home life, school and even court issue and I try to steer them in the right direction. This past week a student asked me a personal question that I could not answer. Some female students were talking about feminine hygiene and she was embarrassed that she didn't know about a particular item they were talking about so she came to me. I usually have an answer for everything, but I advised her to talk to her mother. So, often times I can't discuss certain things with them, I feel honored that they would ask me.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second Semester

The start of the second semester has been encouraging. I openly talked to the potentially disruptive students during the second week. I told them that I was going to call their parent about their behavior and follow the call up with an email to the principal. This got their attention right away. I seem to have gotten their respect by threatening them rather than earning it. This kind of bother me but I'll do what I have to do.

The only thing I did differently this semester was stopped doing bell ringer problems. They did not improve scores or keep the students busy until I was finished with the roll. My classroom/lab management plan is well designed so I never had a problem with procedures and organization. The students this semester seem more discipline and eager to learn. This really helps a great deal. It seems I'm in a situation where nothing is broken, so I'm not going to change anything.

Reading Across the Curriculum Handouts

May I have a copy of the handouts? Julie said the presentation was great! I am REALLY interested in teaching Reading one day.... I would love to have a copy of your handouts.


January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

This week, we just got all the students scheduled in the classes that they needed to be in. I got rid of a few students that would depress a whole class yea! they had such a negative attitude about police it was unreal. I am able to make teaching fun, and the kids are participating! This has been a good week.

Kudos to Dr. Burns and Jessie!!!

WOW! I just got back to my room after attending the TIEGA conference. All I have to say is that Jessie and Dr. Burns did a phenomenal job on their "Reading Across the Curriculum" presentation today. I sincerely think that was the best presentation I attended all day. Anyone who is struggling with getting students to read, I'm sure that Jessie wouldn't mind sharing the handouts with everyone. It was an awesome 2 hours!! Thanks!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Question of the week-January 21st-28th

January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?
This week I am most proud of the fact that I was able to teach socialization skills everyday. As I started off on Monday in a Spanish class full of Spanish speaking students, I said to them, "Buenos Dias clase". They were amazed to know that I knew how to speak spanish. I had a few of them in other classes so they knew my name but were curious about my knowledge of speaking their language. I felt proud at the fact that I could reach them and that I could help them with their assignment. One student said that I was his favorite sub and loved having me as a teacher.

Another experience that made me feel proud was today when a teacher asked me if I had ever considered teaching as a profession. She commended me on the way I was trying to teach a Special Ed student that was autistic with a really low learning level. I shared with her that I was in school at GSU and that I was pursuing the education field. She said that I would make a great teacher and really was appreciative for my help. Overall, I have learned that whatever classroom I work in, I must be a shining light to the students and let them know that I am concerned about what they are learning. I've learned that students appreciate you more and remember you when you greet them and treat them like human beings. It makes me feel proud to be able to reach and teach students at whatever level they are on. As teachers, we must remember that: "Intelligence plus character, that is the true value of education", by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Never Give Up!


I am proud of how the students have started settling down in class. I have been able to have some students switched to other classes to limit some of the clicks and disruptive behaviors. Some of the students were upset but have adjusted. I am also finding more students on task. As far as discipline, I have called parents and they have dealt with the student ( resulting in a noticeable change ).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This week as I was walking out of the main office when the school's resource officer stopped me to talk. He was telling me about wanting to get his degree and become a Public Safety Instructor in the school. He has enrolled in school and is ready to get started. He said that he is so excited and he has been watching what I have been doing with my kids and my program and he feels that I am doing a wonderful job. He said he has been thinking of things that he wants to do for the kids when he becomes a teacher. He said that his ideas have come to him from seeing what my kids have accomplished the past two years. This really made me feel good. It made me feel that maybe I am making a difference. I sure hope so!

Proudest Moment

My proudest moment this week came when I was able to get my program re-accreditated through the CEFGA organization. There were six giant notebooks which had not been updated in about 6 years to update, a nerve-wracking site visit, and additional paperwork on top of that to do. The fellow who did my site visit was very thorough. Did I say that the fellow was thorough? Oh, and did I mention that he was very thorough? Did I also tell you that he was very thorough? Holy cow! I'm not sure, but I think he counted the hairs on top of my head (not a lengthy task, but it did add to my nerves). He only made a few suggestions for me; most of them are shop "cosmetics". I will not have to go through this process for another five years. Thank God! If anyone else has to go through this, I hope you get my evaluator. He was an extremely nice guy - but did I mention that he was very thorough?
hey walter did you get the emails i sent you? they may not have went through because both were quite large....can you send me the link to the computer reports we talked about...thanks


January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

Its not just a general issue, but yesterday for the first time, I was looking into a mirror. I had a kid that was frustrating the heck out of me. As I asked him a question about an assignment, he returned with a sly, smart a$$ comment that was actually somewhat amusing. I had two choices... I could take him into the shop and have a talk with him, or I could just pop off one of those tasteless "Yo Mama" jokes . Being that the "Yo Mama" thing rarely ever works and neither does sarcasm, I decided to have a talk with him. As I take him into the shop, he turns around and its almost as if I had seen a ghost. I was standing there looking into a mirror of my former high school self. I decided to go a little easier on him than planned and it seems to have done him some good.

So I guess what makes me most proud this week is finding the ability to relate to these students by using my life experiences. I find it great to help students on a daily basis and help them in a meaningful way.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vinsant ...Weekly Proud Moment

This week is cut short due to my "have to" training for two days, however, I was most proud today. Monday I was approached by Behavior Modification teachers who asked me if I would take on one more student. I was given several of these kids last semester and had some luck with a couple of them. The teachers told me that because those kids seemed to do so well in my class, I would be the one to help this kid. (They were wringing their hands as a child would do as they confessed to something terrible.)

The told me his name and said he had "issues". I said I would take him and as they walked away I heard a collective sigh of relief from those teachers. I went after them and asked "What did I just do to myself? They explain his behavior bordered on the criminal...that he had explosive anger issues and that I should never...EVER touch him. I begged for a meeting with this kid along with the evil trinity. On Tuesday I was waiting in the office with the other three, I mean teachers, and in walked this three-way tie between Charles Manson, Adolph Hitler and The Boston Strangler.

He sat down across from me and leaned forward. I thought the best way to handle this guy was to make him feel as though I was interviewing for the honor of having him in my class. I said things like..."if you'll give me the chance..." and " With your OK, I'll...". This seemed to work. At the end, I remembered them saying never to touch him. I said "what the heck...I had a good 53 year run..." I offered my hand to him and while grinning sheepishly, put his in mine. It was like he said " that son-of-a @#$%& got me! In any event, today was his first class...he was tardy... improperly dressed and I thought I saw a tattoo on his arm that said..."I'm not schizophrenic, and neither am I!" ( I decided it was better to better pick and choose my battles). But when he walked in it was like Moses parting the Red Sea. At the end of the class he walked up and said that he thinks he may like this....

Second...three of my guys were arrested over the weekend for minor drinking. As the officers messed up...they yelled "you can't do that." and "You need a warrant for that." If they were telling the truth...they were right. Just though it was funny how they used last semester to learn how to properly be arrested.

proudest moment this week

The proudest moment I had this week was when a new student came into class. The student was complaining that he did not want to be in the class. He wanted to go back to his home school, did not want to participate in class activities. The student was generally agitated. Last year, I would have insisted the student tow the line, improve his attitude, do his assignments, etc. and the kid probably would have acted out in a negative manner. I left him alone. After awhile he got on track and had a good day. When he calmed down I told him I knew it was a difficult transition to come to a new school and if he still wanted to go back to his home school I would help him do that but I thought he should give our school a chance before he made the decision.

The student has done a good job the rest of the week and tells me he wants to stay in the class. Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all. It took some time for me to understand that in teaching more is not always better and in taking disciplinary action I've learned to ask myself is the action I'm taking about me or about what is best for the student. It's not always easy to be honest with oneself about the reasons we take disciplinary action. Anyway, I was proud of the fact that, in my mind, I had matured in a small way as a teacher.

Question of the Week-Proud Moment

So far, this has been an interesting week. We were off Monday for MLK day and I won't be here on Friday because of the TIEGA conference (If you're not going, you should!). Today, however, was probably one of the "coolest" days this school year for my Applications students. We finished up our notes on ear anatomy and then I took them to the lab and showed them how to use an otoscope (the thing that the doctor uses to look in your ear for all of you non-medical folks). They then took turns looking in each other's ears. They enjoyed this almost as much as using the opthalmascopes last week to look in each other's eyes. Early next week, we'll be looking down throats and in noses. They are all over this. It's fun for me too because I get to teach them some "advanced" skills they otherwise wouldn't learn until college. They are all very mature so I knew they could handle getting a head start on all of this.

On another note, I had my second blood drive of the year last Friday. We had a goal of 53 pints. By 11:30 I was in a panic because we had only collected 15 pints. It seemed that everyone who came in the door for awhile was deferred because they were sick or their iron was too low. I sent a couple of students out to recruit (yet again!) and before I knew it, my room was full. The final count at 3:00 was 72 pints!!! I was so excited and relieved and VERY proud of my students for all the time and effort they put into this blood drive. Today I heard from our region rep. and our goal for the next drive in May is 80 pints! We are hopefully going to challenge a neighboring school to see who can collect the highest percentage of blood. Anyone else want to join in our challenge?? I am always up for a good fight! :)

I hope to see some familiar faces this weekend at TIEGA!!!

p.s. Steven-What is happening to our boys?!?!?!?!

Most proud of

What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Organization! The past 2 semesters have really been a major help in letting me know what adjustments to make. Dr. B told me I needed more help and that is what I did. I formed four task groups in each of my 3 classes. There are 4 groups per class. I have a safety, cleaning, materials and tools group in each class. Each group is responsible for the task of overseeing these areas. They will switch tasks on a weekly basis. So far it is working extremely well. I'm not doing nearly as much work cleaning and such as I did in previous semesters. I'm spending more time planning for upcoming projects.

Bad habits

I'm beginning to realize that students can pick up bad habits from past sub-standard teaching. I have some third level students who are no further ahead in skills than some of my first levelers. I had bigger expectations for my third level classes but now I'm wondering about having to readjust my whole semester plan. As I started with the basics for a bit of refreshing I found out just how far behind some of them are. My largest Carpentry 1 class is my worst on the discipline issues. I'm spending a lot of time keeping them under control. I have a Storage building project all lined up for one of our teachers but I'm afraid I may end up doing most of the work myself. I'm considering telling the teacher that we're not going to be able to do the storage building. I'm glad that I haven't already excepted the money for our account and had materials delivered! Send me your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stress without distress

Lots of people who seek medical care are left undiagnosed or inadequetly treated because most examination or test can'tfully determined the cause of their problem.

You might think that the greatest challenge to care is heart disease or cancer or even high blood pressure, but I think the greatest challenge is STRESS.

I heard of two stories this passed week: One is about a teacher who is in her forties, have been teaching for almost twenty years. This teacher said she cannot find time to date because she is stressed out marking papers. If as a teacher you allow rhe marking of papers stressed you out then it is time to take stock of yourself.

The next is : Last Sunday I was at church and hearh a brother said that sometimes he is driving he felt like he is going to black out. He went on to say that it is over six years he has not been to the doctor. Fear will bring on stress , like not wanting to go to the doctor.

Stress contribute to more than 50% of all illness and approximately 70% of all visits to the doctor are stress related.
BECAUSE OF stress cannot have enough sleep, causing them to suffer from insomnia, digestive problem which cause irritable bowel syndrome. STRESS also cause us to be depress which make it difficult for that person to concentrate on the job at hand.

To manage these symptoms you have to identify the root cause and remember that the major source could be in your sub conscious. Try to be relax, plan social activities go out an dates, listen to relaxing music. I have a CD with recordings of a water fall and birds chirping the forest.

Don't forget to take your a daily serving of fruits and veg , avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners.
When going to bed drink a cup of chamomile, kava, valerian or green tea.
Don't let the cares of the world keep you from having fun.

Question of the week 21st-28

Today my students make my day. I am very proud of my students for their accomplishment so far. When they started last August I had to hold their hands to do everything in the lab.

Today a student's mother brought her 1995 Infiniti for us to work on, she want to replaced the front and rear rotors, brake pads, along with both front lower control arms, both outer tie-rods and bellows.

I assigned five students to the job, they started at 12:30pm and the job was completed in less than 2 hours.
Normally I would assigned the brake job for one day and the rest for the following day but the students go a head and complete everything.

If this was done at a car dealership it would be approximately 16clock hours.
Last week we had Vital Signs lab. Exploring the use of a stethoscope turned out to be one of the best labs we've done. Some of my first year students had never heard their own heart beating or heard the air going into their lungs when they breathe. It was nice to see the expression of wonder on their faces. I had them listen to their own bowel sounds too. That was really funny to see them listening to all the gurgling and churning sounds. The body is a fascinating machine and it was really nice to see the students discover some things about their own bodies.

This week is Career Week at our school. So we are discussing employability skills. We had some interesting discussions. One of the things we talked about was the neeed for basic Reading and Writing skills. I related that to the video that we watched at our NTI Saturday class. We discussed how the US used to be an agricultural nation, and it didn't much matter if you could read and write. You could work on the farm and learn all the skills you needed to support yourself and your family. But then the industrial revolution came about and you had to learn to read and write in order to survive. We discussed how the basic skills of reading and writing are a must in the healthcare field. The students seemed to really enjoy our discussions today. Everyone was participating and had something to contribute. I really enjoy teaching when I feel like I have touched a cord in my students.


January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?The thing I am most proud of this week are my students.Why ,most of them seem to really enjoy coming to class.They work hard,and it seems that my new students this year are much more conscientious about learning and doing a good job.

Caring Attitute

The thing I'm most proud of this week is being someone the students can open up too. I have come to realize that if the kids get the feeling that you care for them as human beings, you will get a whole lot more from them. I have two examples: One of my students started acting up, I knew that this was not the norm for this student. I talked to him regarding the expectations of the classroom, but I asked him was there anything else. At the end of class the student shared what was going on. I have not had anymore issues. (this happened last week) The other example was a student who brought in a little book of her stillborn child. I can't even begin to put into words the feelings that were going through me and still are.(This happened today) Both of these students have set high goals for themselves and are awesome students. I hope and pray that their life circumstances will not get in the way of the high goals and hopes they have set. On another issue- today was a tough day. One of our cafeteria ladies died over the weekend. The students wanted to talk about her, and we did. Once they were able to share their feelings, we were able to continue with class. Teaching is alot like nursing, you need to have a caring attitude.
January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

We had a student killed in a car crash last week. His funeral was today. I am most proud of being able to listen to the students that are struggling with this and talk to them. That is what teaching is all about. Being able to help kids through times of trouble.

January 21st-28th-- What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

What do I feel most proud of in my teaching this week? Why?

I am proud of the fact that I am still learning new things on a daily bases. I am particularly proud of the fact of being able to pick up my lesson after a short break(MLK) and the kids return as if they were actually listening. Makes me feel proud that they retain lessons and are able to have meaningful discussions in class. When kids respond to my lessons it makes me feel like I am getting a few things right. I feel like I am getting into a "small" groove with my classes and I can offer a tad bit of knowledge to someone else.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This semester

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

The first big difference from last semester and this semester is the lack of students in my classroom and the lack of a classroom. This semester I am co-teaching biology and physical science. I am working with two very good teachers and it is interesting but I feel out of place. There are many positives and negatives of this situation. My plan is to work with the positives one only.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 14-20 Question of The Week

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

The start of this semester was very different because I now know how to enter grades, teach a class, sign-in, rules, student’s behavior, and about a hundred other things. It is great just being able to concentrate on creating imaginative lesson plans and enjoying those “teachable moments.” Every day seems to bring a new challenge to the classroom and in reflection I can’t believe how many mistakes I made last semester!

I believe now I am more aware of the teaching and behavioral environments of my classroom. Like last semester, I continue to be cognitively aware of students and their behavior. I think that this is important to ensure safety and maintain a positive learning environment. The few changes I have made this semester are subtle; I am concentrating on application of skills that were developed through NTI, studying, observation, and experience. I am more aware of the need for students to be able to discover and enhance their learning by experiencing hands-on practice.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I thought sure we would have a Snow Day Thursday, but no cigar. I checked the news 3 times before I finally gave up, got a shower and got dressed, and went on to school. I think the teachers were more disappointed than the kids. Ha! Ha!

But today is Saturday and it is snowing in McDonough! Supposed to get really cold here tonight and more snow. We already have Monday off for MLK, Jr., day. But I guess all the snow will be melted and gone by Tuesday. But it still doesn't hurt to wish for a blizzard, now does it?

Hope you all enjoy the snow! It is beautiful to watch it coming down.

School discipline

Our schools are at a crossroads where discipline is concerned. The intersection of these roads is labeled HOME AVE and SCHOOL ST.

At my school some students spend an average of seven hours in the school environment, with approximately six of these considered contact hours where they received academic or technical instructions. Hence the child spent one quarter of the day with a teacher.

The problem arises when the values the children are taught at school are different from those been taught at home, and this as proven to be a nightmare for teachers. The PTA route is tried , tested and proven but he problem is that not many parents attend these meetings.There is approximately six hundred students at my school and at our open house on Wednesday only four(4) parents showed up.

Teachers have to be acting as surrogate parents, trying to make-up for the void left by the mothers and fathers who are never at home. This situation has been generating little success , as is evedent in the disruptive behavior of some students.

Employing metal dectors in our schools may deter wrongdoers from bringing weapons to school without necessarily changing their mindset.

Remember "A change is not a change until you change"
Basically this semester start similar to last semester. This semester I received two new students, which mean I will have to go back and teach them general lab. and safety procedures, which is how I started out last semester.
The reason for this is that some of my students did not pass some of the subjects that they need to graduate therefore they have to drop this class to take up there academic classes.

This semester I will be doing more lab work than classroom work, this is how the course curriculum is organised.

This semester a lot of my time will be spent helping my senior students to find employment in the field. I will also be spending some of my time this semester working with the students that will be entering the SkillsUSA Regional and State contests.
The start of this semester was a little easier than last semester for me. We have our students for the whole school year and I find that to be a plus for teachers. Teachers and students already know one another and that makes for a smoother beginning. The students already know what I expect and I already know the learning styles and personalities of my students so, so far, everything has been fine.

One thing I have tried really hard to do this semester is to NOT get myself all in a dither about things. I have finally realized that I need to just take things one day at a time. I tend to be a worrier (OK, I am a REAL worrier!) so I am trying very hard to not worry about things so much. I am trying to pace myself so that I don't get to the point of complete exhaustion that I felt at the end of last semester. One major thing wrong that I did last semester was not getting enough sleep during the week. By the time Friday evening got here I was completely wiped out. Took all weekend to recover and then the cycle began again come Monday. So I am making a very concerted effort to get more sleep every night so I can think clearly and help my old brain cells work as efficiently as possible. And hopefully help my immune system stay strong too. I still can't seem to manage to get in a full 8 hrs but I am counting it as a plus for a full 6 hrs. Anything over 6 hrs is a bonus. My students have told me several times how nice I am. I must have been a real grump last semester! So I'm hoping that pacing myself better, worrying less, and getting more sleep will help me through this semester.

In addition to NTI, Tracy, Esther, and I are also taking the Exceptional Students class on Wednesday evenings. When I look at the calendar with all the due dates for both classes I start to slip and get bogged down in the worrying/panic mode. Then I stop and take a deep breath and just take things one at a time. I remember what Dr Burns told us way back in the summer about when she was working on her doctorate. She said she was completely overwhelmed and was thinking that she just couldn't do it. Then her husband helped her to break all the work down into smaller tasks and she then had a more workable, manageable plan. And she did it! So I am trying to do that same thing.

I can't separate my own students and teaching from being a student myself and learning. I have a separate calendar at school about all the due dates for things there. And I have to blend the two calendars (NTI/Exceptional Students and school) to be sure I am on target with everything. And somewhere in all that I have my personal life calendar.

So, to get back to our original question. I am calmer, more relaxed with my students. This semester has started out smoother than last semester. I have made what I think are some positive changes for myself to keep my strength and stamina up. And I am trying very hard to not get overwhelmed and just take things one day at a time, one step at a time. I've made it through the first two weeks. We'll see how I do for the rest of the semester!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Question of the Week Jan.14-18

Well things haven't really changed drastically for me since I still float around the school as a stellar sub. However, I've noticed that in each classroom I teach, I take notes on teachers with great classroom set ups, management styles and techniques. For example, one veteran teacher that has freshman classes has a detention roster which students must sign if they forget their textbook or come to class unprepared. Wow, I think this would assure that students come to class prepared everyday.

While I teach in a school that has various teaching levels ranging from new teachers to veterans, I can see a distinct difference in many of the classrooms. For example, I was in a Spanish class the other day and the teacher had been teaching for over 15 years. Her desk area was organized and all lesson plans and the sub folder info was in place. Her bulletin boards were colorful and informative. It was a joy to work in her classroom. Her students appeared more focused and serious about completing their work.

On another note, I have worked in classrooms without any lesson plans, just brief notes written on the board and not enough work left for the entire period. The students were not focused and misbehaved. The desk was full of papers and very unorganized. In some cases you can't even find a paper clip amidst the rubbish. In this case, I go into NTI mode quickly. I usually will implement a "Get to Know You" game with the students and have them interact with each other for 3 minutes after which they must introduce their partners. This is a great way to kill time while having the students use their social skills. It allows them to interact with each other and they really enjoy it. Other times, I may do a formal intro about myself as if it were the first day of school which oftentimes will lead to some questions from the students. When I share with them that I am back in school, they look amazed.

Some of the things that I've implemented more this semester is to utilize students for class helpers by handing out worksheets or books. I will also for help from a student that knows the work. As in the past, I will continue to teach all students the basic social skills. Students will always here me say, "Good Morning" when they enter my classroom and upon their exit, "have a great afternoon". After all we may be the only person that ever says these kind words to them.

New Semester

I started this semester with a shop overhaul. Actually we did all of that during the last two weeks of last semester so we would be ready for this one. I rearranged the location of the tool room and materials rooms. I had to rearranged my classroom to accommodate a 27 student 3rd block. I really liked the way It was set up before but I'm glad to have the numbers this semester. My other 2 blocks are easy to manage; the numbers are lower. I'm splitting my 3rd block into 4 groups. Safety, Materials, Tools and Cleaning. Each group will switch responsibilities with the others on a weekly basis so everything will be fair. I'm creating rubrics for group grading as well as individual grading.
This semester, because of lack of funding, I'll be spending more time in the books. The kids should still get plenty of shop time but not as much as last semester. I revised my Student Handbook to accommodate the wide array of new and improved "tactics" as used by the students last semester. Cell phone still seem to be the biggest problem. I gave a test the other day and my 3rd blockers were trying to draw my attention while they passed answers. Being a fractions test, (5th and 6th grade material), I told them they needed to show their work for a grade. These fractionated calculators are o.k. but if you ask them to work the problem out long-hand a lot of the kids are lost! This may be a bunch that we are allowing to be lazy! Computers, calculators, cell phones etc.! But overall I feel more confident, virtually no first day jitters, a little wiser and more organized.

New Semester Observations

This semester wound up being a great experience so far. I have three periods of the best kids in the school. They are attentive, behaved and curious. I have good leaders and good followers. Each seems to understand their position without being told, and it seems to rub off on those 12 students who have returned from the 1st semester; a semester of learning on my part.
I introduced the curriculum with stories from my 30 years of experience. This took on the the theme of a "Norman Rockwell" painting of children sitting on the floor listening to old Grandpa tell stories about the good old days.

I set up my classroom differently by placing my work station in the rear. This seems to have given me a tatical advantage. I have a split class 1st period so I have started labs earlier. 1/2 of the class works in the computer lab while the others get a lecture (abouot 35 minutes) then I "flip" them. I have their "after school" activities and, as last semester I will try to go to as many of their functions as I can

I have learned that, although it's the nature of kids to try and get away with as much as they can; if they have a mentor as well as a teacher; if they see that I care about them, then I have the battle half won.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New semester

The new semester was like starting the year for me. My school is different than my classmates in that I work in a special ed center. I only have eleven students and I have a paraprofessional to assist me. I have the same students from about 8:15-1:30. This semester I got three new students. It doesn't sound like much but my student population typically comes to Warren Tech with long histories of discipline problems and general frustration with education in general. Also with new students coming in it changes the dynamics of the class. My students generally function better with a high level of structure and assignments that they have a high likelihood of success. Once they see that they are in a learning environment where they will not be embarrassed if they make a mistake most of the time they do well.

I try to concentrate and give notice to the positive things they accomplish as much as possible and I try to build a sense of self esteem with our students. I also make an effort to know their parents. Parental support has been very beneficial to my program. Some of my students are so funny that the laughs make the job worthwhile. I'll share one story that comes to mind.

Just before the Christmas break our class was returning from Work Based Learning on the bus and the bus had to stop for a long train. The train was hauling car after car of coal. Feeling pleased with myself that I was using every available "teachable moment" I explained to the class that the train was probably heading for a coal burning electric power plant and that coal was used to generate much of our electricity. One of my students said, "No sir Mr. Jackson that coal is for all these bad kids in Dekalb County for Christmas". He was dead serious and I had to sit there and try not to crack up. It wasn't easy.

Last Semester/This Semester

It was hard to return this semester as it was the beginning of the school year. I am really glad that all of my materials were already prepared. I didn't have to recreate anything because I was able to use the same handbook with my syllabus and other pertinent information included. I also have the advantage of having my students for the entire year so I did not have to come back to a new set of students. I am getting a lot of new transfer students from other schools even though I am already at 28 for each class. Can you believe the counselors are asking me to take more students, beyond the 28 requirement?

I really haven't done anything differently this semester except make a few seating changes for my talkative students. Oh, my students seem to think I became too strict over the break because I will not longer allow them to watch CSI on Friday and I made them take handwritten notes, using their own paper instead of providing them with fill in notes that I usually prepare and print for them. I really haven't stopped with CSI, I just want them to think that. I want to throw them off. They get so used to some things and I just wanted to change it up a bit. The note taking changes is just because I always advise them of how important it is to take notes and I want to show them different ways to do this. I advised them that they will appreciate this later, especially in college. Overall, the semester has gotten off to a good start and it is down hill from here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Semester

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarily? Why? What did you do differently? Why?

It is hard for me to start explaining the beginning if this semester. My husband's grandmother passed away the morning that we started back. So I was not present the first four days of school. I went back Friday. I probably should have waited until that Monday. I was very tired and stressed out. I have been playing catch up ever since. Today, was the first day that I feel like I am getting back in the swing of things. I must say I have not done anything similar to first semester. Since I have been back, I started out with higher expectations of my students. I have advised them what I expect as far as organization of their notes and assignments. I hope this will help this semester to go smoother. Last semester I told my third year students that they needed to keep journals of their experiences. I gave them sheets of paper but did not explain that they must keep everything together in a binder. I just assumed they would do this to keep everything together. Boy was I wrong. When they handed in their journals and time sheets, they were a mess. The sheets were folded, messy, food on the papers and they were hard to read. What was I thinking? The end of last semester, told the students to bring a binder to class starting the new semester and we would organize it together. When I got back, I gave them all of the journal papers needed, interview papers (0ne for each of their interviews), and two rubrics to palce in their binder. One to use to grade their journals/binders and the other grading their clinical performance. I will do periodic checks of the binders and the entire binder will be handed in at the end of the semester for a project grade and a clinical grade. I think will really help in the grading process.

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? W

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

There is not much changed since last semester. Well, I will take that statement back. Last year I started getting things the way I wanted them. I finally convenienced the counselors not to put kids in my advance class if they have not had the beginning class. New administration comes along and starts old habit all over. I started teaching one side of the room Introduction to Policing, and the other half Forensic. While teaching Intro, Forensic was playing on the computers, and talking. When I got Forensic started guess what Intro was doing! So, being the person I am I decided to put both classes in the same book and we would refer to the other book as a reference when needed and this would better prepared them for the next semester. I am a lots calmer, I don't stress as much, and I feel that I am in control.

Thank you Mortissa!!!

I had the chance to go to a HOSA Advisor's meeting last night and, lo and behold, dear Mortissa was there to lend us her room! It was really neat to see a fellow classmates room and how they were set up! While I didn't particulary enjoy the meeting, it was nice to see Tracy, Julia, and Stacy there. Anyone frustrated with HOSA right now?

Perry, can you believe they have already firewalled What a shame!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This semester

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

There is really not much different. The main difference between this semester and last semester is that I am used to using my wonderful standards provided to me by the the Georgia Dept. of Education. While the elements of the standards aren't worth throwing out a two story window, the standards do provide a nice outline and give you the feeling that you are "going somewhere". These standards have just been implemented this year, so last semester was a trial run and gave me a good idea what they were all about. This semester, I am able to better plan my classes as a whole semester, not just a week or two out.

I have also used this semester as an opportunity to a fresh start. Somethings that worked well but not well enough (like the cell phone thing) I came in with an iron fist swinging 100 mph. I have a rougher bunch of kids this year in the foundations class (much similar to my first ever foundations class) and I have found that a lot of the NTI training has helped me in my behavior management strategies.

Half way there!!

Starting this semester has been in many ways better. The first day, new teacher nervous jitters are not as bad. Confidence level has improved, so overall much, much, better! Half way to summer!
The start of the first day of second semester was very similar to the first day of school in that I went over the expectations and classroom procedures as a review for the students. We also had a school wide assembly to ensure that all the students were familiar with the expectations set forth and there would be no excuses for violations. The rationale for the review was to ensure the students were clear on the classroom expectations. This made the start of second semester great. No behavior problems so far. (knock on wood :) )
The one thing that I did differently this semester is stand up for myself and speak to the counselors right of the bat when I was receiving new students who have not had the first semester of HSTE. (or any HSTE) They actually understood my plea and changed the students schedule. I told the counselors I would be more than glad to have these students next year for a full year, but not for part of a year. They would not place a student in Algebra second semester without having first semester, would they? The reason I went to the counselors is because of a few students that I have that should have never been in my class, (resource only students)but by the time I realized it, the counselors told me that it was to late to move them.
Hopefully second semester will be even better than first. there is so much still to learn and do.

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? W

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why? This semester
and last semester have been pretty much the same.Really the only thing different is that I have 2 engine classes and 1 engine performance class this semester verses Electrical and suspension classes last semester.What I have done the same this semester is to continue group work using the bonus system and I am still going to have my students read there assignments out loud to insure that everyone is reading.I will also have the students make power point presentations to present to the class. All of these things worked well last semester.The thing that I have done differently is to push SKILLS USA to my students more, and it seems to be working. I've got three students who have said that they are joining,which is good.These are the first three students to join skills since I have been teaching.


For this second year teacher, the second semester has begun a little differently than the first. I was expecting a group like I had at this time last year. Those students understood their role and place in the class and lab. These students are cut from a different cloth.( I am speaking solely of my "intro" classes. My "old hands" know the routine and structure.)These students appeared back in my doorway the 8th of January as if they had never seen my class before. Basically, I have had to start over with discipline,structure, etc. I do not get it. I am continuing to use my NTI training- class rules, lesson plans,etc. The main thing I am changing is my tendency to be "understanding". It appears that these chameleons have decided that they can behave in any manner they see fit. They are beginning to shape up ...2 weeks into the semester. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Semester

This semester, I started with 17 students in my 1st period compared to 56 on roll and 37- 49 showing up daily, for this same period last year. I have 25 students in my 3rd period. Some of the same energetic students from last semester are back along with some from my co-worker 's class. I have learned most of the students and know how to seat them. Classroom procedures have been discussed, especially related to the use of electronic devices and eating in class. This semester, I will not keep individual folders on students because last semester some students chose to take other student's work and copy or scratch the other student's name out and attempt to use it as their own. I will keep a file for each class.
Last semester had both good and bad issues. The only bad thing was all three of my classes were intro. So I had all new students. I didnt know any of them on the first day of classes. But it was good because I could use the same lesson plan for all day. This semester started off good in the aspect because I have a Level 1, 2, and 3. I have some of my advanced students back and already a relationship established with them. Bad is that I now have to come up with 3 separate lesson plans each day. I did incorporate a lot of things I learned from NTI into my classes. It made the classes go so much smoother.

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? W

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

This semester is different in that I had to create new lesson plans. The start of school last year was smoother in that i had months of lesson plans prepared-Thanks to NTI! I did return from the break better equipped to handle school and administrative business. I still use the NTI lesson plan format. The only difference that I do this semester is the way I take roll. I took roll manually and electronically last semester, this semester I only take it electronically, it makes for a extra minutes that I tie in set induction, lesson, or closure.

Question of the Week Jan. 14-18

How has the start of this semester compared with the start of the previous semester? What did you do similarly? Why? What have you done differently? Why?

The start of this semester has been much better for several reasons. First of all, administration has itself in a better shape and we don't have all the mass exodus of students due to schedule changes. These were handled before the break for the most part. I am better organized and I know my students better so I have had an easier transition. I don't feel like I'm talking to a bunch of strangers anymore! I have pretty much done everything similarly as what I did last semester.

The one thing I have done differently is to split up my pretest over the whole first week instead of giving a 200 question test in 3 days. I'm finding the grades to be much higher and the students retaining more information just from the test itself. I had even challenged them that if anyone could pass my pretest with a 70% or above, I'd give them $20. So far, I've had one student do that! She is also the same student who became the first ever to break my "challenge". This is where they purposely miss every single question on the test. This shows that they really do know the material. If they miss even one question on the challenge, they fail their test. They like this option (for those who think they can do it) and I give them $20 if they can. So far, I've spent $40 and I'm hoping to have more do it this semester!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy New Year!! I hope it's been good so far!

Does anyone have a rubric that they use for there classroom manager? I would like to have one if possible and not have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks so much and I'll see you on the 12th!