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Blog Post - Week 7
This past week in my own teaching I felt a little disconnected which prompts my question to you, "What was the moment (or moments) when I felt most disconnected or disengaged as a teacher - the moment(s) I said to myself, I'm just going through the motions here?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 5
This week we have what we call "open mic." You can write a post about anything related to your teaching that you would like responses from your classmates.

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 4
Here is this week's question: "What was the event that most took me surprise this week - and event that shook me up, caught me off guard, gave me a jolt, or made me unexpectedly happy?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 3
Please write a post about the following question, "In thinking about my past week teaching what is one thing I would do differently, and why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 2
Please write a post about the following question, " In thinking about my teaching activities this past week, of what do I feel most proud? Why?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 1
Describe something you used in your program in the first weeks of school that you learned in the summer NTI program. How did it work? Did it get you off to a stronger start than last year?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Too Thankful

Well, I am thankful that Thanksgiving break finally got here. I was able to find some time to rest... almost too much time that I forgot all about my college classes putting my focus which was much needed elsewhere. OOOPS!

I am thankful for my position right now; however next year, I may not have it because the high school is switching to a Hybrid 7 period schedule with study hall and a 0 period. Needless to say, this is not an "elective friendly" schedule. By the time the students take Foriegn Language, Band or Fine Arts, and Business Ed, poor little ol' police course falls short on numbers as there aren't any students left to pick my classes. Although my time may be limited on this "new direction" the school is taking, I am thankful for the lives I have impacted and those who have made a difference or change in me, the relationships I have made, and the life lessons I have learned along the way. The students impact my life just as much, if not more, than the associates I work with. They are all great individuals exploring who they want to become and I am grateful that I may have helped guide them to bigger, better, and safer things.

I Am Thankful

I am very thankful for my teaching position. It is a blessing to me and my family. I was told by my personal construction teacher, when I was a student, that I would never amount to anything and that I would certainly never become a carpenter. I am a successful carpenter with my own business and I am becoming a successful instructor and teacher to inspire other carpenters and construction workers to be the best in their field that they can be. I have been blessed with these young men and women that are in my classes, and their peers, to have the opportunity to pour into their lives and encourage them to set and reach their goals. I am very thankful for this opportunity. The teaching staff at my school, in my department, has been very supportive and helpful since my first day. I have been very fortunate and blessed with my lab and classroom supplies and work area. I am thankful for all these things. I am thankful for my college experience. It has been very challenging but I know that I can do this. I have had an extremely stressful year in many aspects of my life. I am thankful for all of the opportunities and challenges that this position has offered me.


I am always prayerfully thankful for every aspect of my life. Presently with teaching in the forefront, there is of course a list of things within this realm. First, I am thankful for a teaching job. It is quite ironic that growing up I always wanted to be a teacher as many young girls during my generation. But, I didn’t finish college initially and ended up working as a nursing assistant and later as a nurse. Full circle and back, I am now a teacher and loving every minute of it. Secondly within this school year, I have successfully completed the GACE exams; I am within 2 weeks of completing the Exceptional Children’s Course; and of course on the road to completing NTI. I owe an abundance of thanks to my instructors of NTI for their instruction, patience and support. Last but not least I am thankful for the opportunity to have met and work with a wonderful group of educators through NTI.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

As I reflect on what I am thankful for in the teaching field, I realize that I am blessed to have a secure job in this waning economy. For twenty years I was self employed with my own video production company. I made the switch to education two years ago, and I suppose that now I am lucky to have been hired into this field at that time. We received word that there will not be any teachers losing their jobs next year, although I doubt any new programs will begin. Not only am I blessed to be able to have begun a new program, but to have received a hefty state grant for equipment funds. All of this happened just before the downward spiral of job freezes and a poor economy. With self employed businesses suffering, I imagine that I would have been in that mix as well. So during this Thanksgiving season, I a grateful that I have my faith, family, friends and JOB. With this in mind, my goal is to approach each day of teaching with energy and direction to make a difference with students. One more day to eat lots of leftovers !


I am thankful for all the new friends that I have made this year and that ever one in my family is in good health. I hope that ever one has a grate week off.


This week I am thankful for getting the opportunity to see my great grandmother on her 96th birthday. It has been a struggle watching her health fail, and I felt fortunate to see her doing so well.
What I am thankful for my teaching position: I am thankful that I am still employed. A lot of my friends that worked at the dealerships that I used to be at have been laid off. I feel fortunate that I didn't have to go through that. My teaching position actually came to me when I was thinking about changing careers. I didn't know if I wanted to still stay being a technician. I was tired of the six day work weeks, but the money was good so I kept getting up for work everyday. I still wonder what everything would be like if I hadn't started teaching. But, before I was a technician I taught music. My family thinks teaching was in my blood. My great grandmother was a professor in WI. She only taught for three years, then became a full time mother. My mom taught music, and still does. I grew up watching teachers teach, and had private lessons on several instruments. My teaching position came up as teaching dual-enrollment, but like a few other people. I taught part time while I was still working in the automotive field part time. A full time teaching position opened up and I took it. I am not in my third year of teaching automotive, and it's only my second year full time teaching automotive. I have moments when teaching that remind me why I'm teaching. I didn't expect the long hours, and all the lesson planning. One of the perks that I was seeking was the opportunity for more time off. Three of my grandfathers passed away while I was working as a technician. I hadn't seen each of them for about two years when they passed. I was upset with myself for not being available to take time off at holidays or time off for family events. I always worked the day before and after a holiday, even new year's day. Now I have time to travel to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Florida to see my family several times a year.

What I am thankful for...

I am thankful to have a job during these tough economic times! I am even more thankful that it is a job I enjoy! I feel very fortunate to know what I do within my career field area and to be able to teach that information to others. I am happy that I am able to learn those things that I am not knowledgeable about and can then transfer that knowledge into information in which I can share with my students.

I am thankful to work in a place that facilitates a positive environment for students and staff. I truly appreciate veteran teachers who share their stories with me. This provides me with encouragement and lets me know that I am not alone.

I am thankful that I have students who make me think about things in different ways. They make me see things that maybe I had been looking at differently and introduce to me ideas that I may have missed. They inspire me to think with an open mind and remind me about the differences within us all. My students make me a better person.


I have just returned from a week long trip to Chicago and back to be with family for Thanksgiving. I'm grateful that I have a teaching job that allows me this privilege. Vacation time, time to be with family, is a big reason I saught out this job and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to get this type of job. I also had to bring papers to grade and I really put it off to the last moment. I first graded my level ones and unfortunately their work was not great. It made me feel aggravated and stressed. Then I began to grade my level 2 papers. What a difference. Format was great, content was excellent. I'm not sure, but I may be seeing the fruits of my labor. The level two students know my expectations, have written papers for me before, and it appears that learning has occurred. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to be helpful to someone. That is what I have always wanted to do. It was easier to see the help I was doing when I was working as a nurse. Teaching is very challenging to me in many aspects and I admit that I am still struggling with this age group and whether it is right for me. I am thankful for a job that works best for my family, which was my main goal. I am thankful for the opportunities teaching has given me to expand my experience and to share the knowledge I am passionate about. I am thankful for the great mentors who have gotten me this far. I do believe that all things happen for a reason so I know that there is a purpose in me teaching this age group. I am thankful for this experience and I just need to be patient to see how it will all play out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


well I am most thankful for having a great job. On many days it does have its ups and downs, good and bad, but its good out weighs the bad. The ability to be able to have an impact on so many lives other than your own is a very good reason that I am thankful. Also being thankful for a job with such a great schedule because anytime that you can be off of work for a whole week and still be paid is a great reason that I am thankful. I have a great relationship with my students and my fellow teachers so I am very thankful.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful CTAE Teacher

Just as Webster's meaning for Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for all of the Divine interventions that I have seen over the last year as a Teacher. I can truthfully say that teaching is a profession that you have to love and want to do or it can't be done. In the 2007-08 school year I started the school year out with nothing except a textbook and a room with 25 desks. There was no lab and certainly no equipment to give the students the hands on experiences they will need in the health care industry. Today I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to influence several students into seeking a career in the health care industry. I am thankful for the large new lab I now work in and the equipment I use to give my students real life experiences. We have a long ways to go before we get to the fully equipped health care science laboratory but I and my students are very thankful for what we do have at this point.

I am thankful and hopeful that through Divine interventions I will be able to continue this inspiring journey as a CTAE teacher. Teaching is a very rewarding and enjoyable position yet it is extremely exhausting at times. Sometimes finding the strength to continue in this position is difficult when you are sleepy and exhausted after preparing detailed lessons and grading stacks of papers. But when you take a moment to reflect back and when a parent at a PTSA meeting comes up and say my daughter really likes your class and is learning a lot, then a sense of satisfaction is felt in the midst of being exhausted and sleepy.

I am thankful for all of the wisdom and positive encouragement received from the NTI staff at Georgia State University. I am thankful for having the opportunity to meet my NTI classmates and for the opportunities we have had to share experiences with each other.

My Thanksgiving Yesterday- A Prayer For Everyone

I am not a religous, street preaching person, or one that shares my personal beliefs in public very often. I never talk about politics or religion in my classes. But I have several things to be thankful for this year in particular. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the amount of real changes in my life and career that has happened this past year. You go on for years without any major changes in your life and when it happens you wonder why. The "Why" has the same source for all of us. It comes from Someone who guides us in our journey here on Earth. He places us with good friends, new and old, family, and new instructors that awaken us from years of "static thinking".
I have celebrated several Thanksgivings this past year. From starting a new career in education, to going back to school again. I have many things to be truly thankful for. What follows is the prayer why wife said yesterday at our "Thanksgiving" She was quite emotional when she was saying it and you can read a lot of extra meaning with every line. She also believes that it was a special calling for me to teach.

"We,ve come a long way this year, some of it very difficult, some of it wonderful, and some of it life changing. So as we come together this Thanksgiving let us give thanks again once more to our Lord.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for the miracles of today. For laughter and smiles, for hugs and kind words. For new babies, old friends and family that never let you down.
For old jobs and new jobs and for jobs yet to come. For old homes and new homes and homes yet to come.
For brothers and sisters, for daughters and sons, for Moms and Dads, and new family members we have come to love.
For Fridays when we think we've made it through another week. For Saturdays when we sleep late! and for Sundays when we decide that tomorrow we can be a little better than we were the day before.
For fireman and policeman, for our soldiers who fight for freedom. We call them all heroes and they really are.
For summers with butterflies and winters with frost, for good health and prosperity and for love of each other.
From top to bottom, thanks for it all, but most especially Lord, thank you for your Son, who gave His all so that we might have all.
We offer this prayer of Thanksgiving in His name. Amen"

Thankful for . . .

First thing I would like to be thankful for about my job is that I have it. With the economy as it is, it is nice to have it. That being said, there are other things about the teaching profession that I am thankful for. This job keeps me sharp. Kids are very inventive in trying to get one by you that you must be aware of. This occupation is rewardingly challenging, because I simply enjoy it. I really enjoy being around the students even as annoying as some of them could be. This job allows me ample time to spend with my family. Also, if I want to learn a new skill, I have opportunities to try and do so because of the time off that I have during the summer. I am not sure what other avenues this occupation will take me, but for now I am having a great time with it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have spent some time wondering how I came to be in my new position. It started as a favor, went to part time, to being offered a full time position where I presently reside. It was quite a sequence of events, my wife feels it was a calling. I must admit there certainly was a driving force. I had considered a change in field, but had not considered this one. The challenge, and change of mindset has been huge. I am enjoying the change dispite the long hours, the rewards are not as obvious, but require a different scale to measure them. I am truly blessed to have a staff at school such as I do, a family that is supportive, and of course good friends. I am also fortunate to have a support group in all of you. Knowing that you have seen it through, gives others such as myself strength that I too will succeed. This is a whole new world, so much planning to do with so little in our tool bags. It does seem that practice and time heals our shortfalls. I hope all enjoy their holidays, and that we all continue to be blessed. Those that receive great support, and those that do not may find it somewhere. Happy holidays, Ken

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful for Teaching Position

I am “Thankful for my Teaching Position” for several reasons. I enjoy working with people in a helping capacity. Sometimes at the end of the day it does not feel like I have helped but over the course of weeks and months progress and growth can be observed. Like a traveler traveling to the East, the compass may not always point east, but eventually they do reach the east. It is great to see them gain understanding. I am also “Thankful” that I can still learn. The first time my children saw me as being smarter than a dinosaur was sometime after they graduated from College and were trying to establish themselves in their careers and lives, almost thirty and that was over ten years ago. Recently, while finishing up some NTI homework while they were at the house, they commented, “Dad you are getting smarter, going to school and teaching school has made you smarter”. I have a lot to be Thankful for!

RS in Alpharetta

Monday, November 24, 2008


I am grateful that I have been able to manage 3 preps, extended day, beginning a newHOSA chapter, and NTI without a nervous breakdown. Oh yeah, I also have a family too.....last time I checked. This has been an exciting year with excellent students and an administration that seems to recognize and appreciate the work that is done in the classroom. I was even told last week that Healthcare was the premiere program at the CA, WOW!!! I am also fortunate to have a partner who also teaches healthcare, we both started when the school opened, and we work closely together with the same visions and desires for the program. I am most fortunate to have began NTI this summer. I have really made some changes in classroom management as well as how I implement my lessons and can easily see how well they work. It is especially evident when my co-worker complains of a classroom issue. I try to help her out some, but don't won't to reveal all of my new secrets because she will probably begin NTI this summer. I feel blessed to be able to make a career change and share something that I am so passionate about with an age group that I enjoy working with. I tell the story that when I returned to school for my BSN I was certain that God had a wonderful job in store for me when I finished. I ended up becoming a school nurse and thought, God, this is not really where I thought you would lead me. I even begged my supervisor to NOT put me in a high school. Had I not taken that job as a school nurse in 9-12 I would have never realized how much I like working with that age group. I feel that I am definitely where I am supposed to be and I'm excited about my future and what teaching has to offer.

Thankful Teacher

Thankful Teacher

First, I am grateful to have had a long career in law enforcement and making it to retirement. I am thankful for finding a teaching position in my field of interest and education after my retirement. When I started teaching on August 3, 2006, I had some misgivings about teaching teenagers in high school. Having been a police officer, I was more conditioned in arresting or putting criminal juveniles in jail. Definitely, I was not keen on teaching teenagers the pros and cons of law enforcement. But, now after two full years and one semester, I have discovered that teaching has become rewarding in many ways. I know I have made a difference in most of my student’s lives. I have discovered that students respond to you according to the way you treat them. I treat the students with respect and they treat me the same way. I may be the teacher but I have learned much from my students as well. The majority of the time, my students and I find class time pleasant and enjoyable. Therefore, I’m truly thankful that my transition from law enforcement and becoming a teacher has gone so well.

Open Mic

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my school, as well as my NTI instructors for being so helpful and considerate during this time. My life has been extremely crazy for the last three months or so. I am currently right at four months pregnant and have been extremely sick. I have to leave my classroom several times throughout the day to go throw up. I have had to depend on neighboring teachers to step out of their rooms and watch my class and they have willingly done so. I have even had to leave work a couple of times because I felt so bad and other teachers covered my classroom. I can not thank them enough. Not only have my coworkers been extremely helpful, but the administration has been wonderful as well. One morning, I had to call in after seven o'clock because I could not quit throwing up. The principal was very understanding (and luckily I had wonderful emergency lesson plans due to NTI) and has continued to be during this entire process. On top of this, I am the assistant varsity girls basketball coach, so the head coach has had to be very flexible with me...and he has managed to do so with a smile! Next, I would like to thank Dr. Burns and Mrs. Hayden for being so caring and willing to work with me throughout these months. I have felt so bad for being such a slacker and feel like I have had to apologize to more people within the past few months than I have had to apologize to in years. The good news is, I have feel pretty good this morning and think all of the rest I got this weekend was something that my body really needed to hopefully recover from all of this sickness. I miss my old self!

EDBT 4570

Overall, I have really enjoyed the mixture of online/classroom sessions. It really helps with trying to juggle school, work, family, and anything else that life throws your way. I have found that the downfall can be having the self-discipline to stay on task with the work load. Typically, I feel that I am a person who does not slack on responsibilities, but because of personal issues, I have fallen behind on the online workload, which makes me feel horrible. Yet, it makes me truly see the downfall of completing online assignments. On the other hand, I ask myself, would I have done better if I had actually driven to class more? Truthfully, I don't think I would have. It has simply been a tough semester for me and having instructors who try to make this as convenient for the learner as possible truly helps. With all things considered, I think the combination works best for most learners and is a way to tailor to adult learners with busy lifestyles.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Online Experience

My experience with online learning has been so so. I am more of a classroom type student but it has to be on a very consistent basis. My personal focus has a lot to do with my experience this semester but other than that it hasn't been all bad. I like to know that I have to be at school every week and have something due on paper. I'm working on my technology savy and after this experience I know next semester will be much better. As far as the EDBT course I enjoyed it when we were in class together. I always walk away from out gatherings more enlightened and with a ton of information and resource to use in my classroom. I like the online modules during the holidays but would prefer to be in class otherwise. But whatever is decided I will do my best to make it work.

On Line Learning

This week I would appreciate it if you would Post about your experiences this semester with on-line learning in EDBT 4570. What did you like? What did you dislike? Would you like more/less? How does on-line learning fit with your learning style? What's your perfect "mix?" Remember to make a comment to at least one other student. Thanks, Dr. J.

I am from the old school of learning and I prefer the traditional learning environment merely because I am an auditory & visual learner. The best part of this experience has been the opportunity to work at my own pace and of course I appreciated the opportunity to save on gas. I must admit I am experiencing problems working inside the little box (screen) - some what confined and bordering on claustrophobic.

I am very open minded and very aware that this way of teaching and learning is the future classroom. I will probably do more on-line classes in the future and I will make the adjustments as I have done for this class. Overall, as I have stated before I have learned a lot and remain enthusiastic about the next two classes - whether online or in the traditional setting.


I have become more and more use to this style of learnin' as we go along. Like I have stated earlier this week "I would rather read the blog and comment. than write my post." I have enjoyed the blog and also enjoyed the face to face sessions. We all seem to be in the same boat in many of our teaching situations. I am still alittle old school. I do like the flexible schedule of the on-line sessions. but sometimes I would rather have some of the lessons in person. Also I had to print out a lot of the on-line lessons to help me stay focused. The print outs really helped with the Bloom's on-line lesson.
I also recognize that many of the master level classes are on-line. This course has helped me overcome some of my cyber world hangups. This is the first blog that I have been on in the cyber world. Text messages and instant messages are next. Over all I have enjoyed the on-line sessions. There have been some technical hang ups on my end. The school system's firewall has many problems with accessing education sites and the GSU sites. I have probably written more in the comment field than the post field, and I wrote some weeks more than what was required. I hope that this blog can be saved for future reference.

Classroom or Online

I like the freedom of the online modules and discussions. I don't have to drive to the campus location, which is very far from my house. I really liked the discussions and being able to comment on other's and have conversations back and forth. I did, however, feel a little frustrated with the online class sessions that were more in depth. I find it easier to sit and listen to a lecture in the classroom, and be able to ask questions and hear other people ask questions. I tend to remember things better that way. Also, I can retain more information and I feel I'm on a better level of understanding when I'm in the classroom. I didn't feel I had the time to ask questions for the U-learn modules because I was so swamped at school during the week. My only opportunities to ask for help was on the weekends, which was when the work was due. I would say that my ideal would have to be a 50% classroom 50% online, or if there were more recorded PowerPoint's and discussions for the U-learn 70%online and 30% classroom. I liked the power points that were spoken. I found it easier to pay attention and stay focused, and I didn't have to analyze each slide by myself. Honestly if we had 100% classroom, my weekends may have been freed up, but I would have feel run down during the week.

Online Learning EDBT 4570

For the most part the online portion of the EDBT 4570 went pretty well. It was convenient to work at my own pace and I found the instructions to be clear and concise. I tend to learn more by hearing, seeing and interacting with others so I prefer the classroom setting. The perfect mix for me would be to have 70% classroom and 30% online. It was a very rich learning experience both in the classroom and online. It was challenging at times to teach and attend NTI this semester however I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to learn from those who are masters of their profession. Thanks again for everything.

On Online Class

I enjoy working in an online class environment. I like being able to work at my own pace. Although sometimes you miss working with your classmates, online seems to fit my schedule better. I think NTI has a good mix of both, during the summer you get more face to face teaching. During the school year I like the online classes because of our already busy schedules. Overall I have enjoyed this experience. I like the blogging as well gives you a place to communicate and express how you feel. 

Online Disconnection

Since I am a "tech" person, you may think that I enjoy doing everything online. On the contrary, I detest doing online classes. I simply do not have the feel for doing the online work, because I feel disconnected somehow. I would rather have a person in front of me lecturing me even if they are boring. It is not difficult for me to navigate around most online systems, I’ve even created some myself for others to use, but I’d prefer not to do it.
The blogging that we do for example, these discussions are so much more interesting to me when I can see all the expressions that accompany the discussions. But online, I see a lot of words, but I have a hard time getting the right “feeling” from the words of others. Let’s not forget about navigating around this blog site, it is not simple!
But there are advantages, however. Since I really do not have the time during the week to make it to class, it does give me the flexibility that I need for my busy schedule. I’m not sure what is my learning style is anymore, because I overcame my inability to learn abstract materials (materials that are not hands on), but online learning is not a problem for me. I still prefer interaction with people face to face.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Line experiences

Overall, I have appreciated the opportunity to work online via the NTI courses. It has expanded my knowledge as to how much of education is performed in society today through the internet. I have learned how to blog, complete assignments "on-line", and interact with others and my professors on the computer. It has been a challenge for me to do this independently, since I am people oriented and an audible learner. It has encouraged me to be consistent and self-disciplined, since the only reminder to do the work is myself. I like the online assignments because they are convenient and flexible to my busy schedule as a mom, coach, teacher and videographer. I also like the fact that I have been encouraged to become more interactive with the computer and with people on the computer. The NTI experience will help me as I pursue further extended education online. Now that I have had several weeks of practice, I am not as intimidated with the assignments as I was the first week. My initial fears included... were my blogs posting ? Did I complete all the work that was required ? Did I reach the midnight deadlines ? I was glad when the assignment deadlines were switched to Sunday rather than Friday. My children's sports schedules sometimes kept me away from a computer until Sunday morning ! I liked the option for audio on the online sessions. Although I could read the assignments, I always listened to the audio as well. I retain material better when I hear the instructor, as well as see the written materials. There were several times that I had to call "tech support" for help. I am glad that they were available. I wish that the passwords would be updated yearly, rather than whatever it is. I can't recall all my passwords ...I know that I have at least 10 between NTI, the school and the bank. I have to write them down. Those of you in your 20's might laugh....but did you know that when I was in college....computers were JUST coming out ! So when you hear me state that I just learned to text, or that I just gave my first powerpoint this week....pat me on the back (as well as the rest of my generation) and say "you go girl". Great credit is due to anyone in their 40's (plus) who make the jump to attempt to catch up with our kids or grandkids with technology ! Thanks to NTI for helping us get there. In the future, I prefer the mix of online and face to face meetings that GSU has provided. Thanks.

Online Course Study

I have enjoyed the online modules exuberantly and the face to face sessions as well. I have taken courses that were totally online in the past. I am generally disciplined and can usually get my work done expeditiously. The modules were excellent and well planned, it was easy to receive help from the instructors as needed and I enjoyed the freedom of scheduling that it gave me. Online work requires good planning and organization for successful results. These elements have assisted me in developing those areas. The classroom sessions were equally good as was the entire NTI experience. You have a real fan here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On-line Learning

I am technically challenged. I am a visual learner. I get frustrated while trying to make the computer work the way I need it to. I get distracted trying to operate the computer and lose focus on my assignments. I get more frustrated and want to quit. I have to work at this a few times a week. I can't do it all in one sitting. It is too much for me. I think if I had an instructor to walk me through the computer keyboard, Internet, and other programs that we are using I may not be as frustrated; but when my wife, peer teachers or classroom peers try to instruct me I am already frustrated and cannot grasp what they are trying to show me because I am ready to throw the thing. I am going to try, when school is not in session, to find some time, to explore the computer and become more competent. The county I work in is requiring a computer competency class before the end of this year. I am sure I will benefit from that instruction.
I do like the idea of on-line learning. It has saved me time and money. It has forced me to learn more about computers, even though I didn't like it initially. I am able to be more vocal on-line than I would be in a classroom setting. I would like more PowerPoint type and video on-line instruction because that is more along my learning style. I would like less reading assignments because I have a hard time focusing and learning from reading.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I like that it showed me how to do more thing on the PC. But I lune better in groups than on my on. I would have like to have more class time than on line. On line was good for some thing that we did at the beginning of school. but as the year has went on the work has git more complicated I would have done better with someone to walk me through the task at hand. I had to ask a lot of people to help me to do the last assignment that was on line but this is just me I am very hands on person I just cant read a book and do it I haft to be shone how to do some of the work not just hear you go. the good thing is wen ever I need help the teacher was there by e mail that help some but not as good as in person.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For the past 9 months I have been completing online assignments on the AIU website. I’m glad that I was able to experience this type of high tech learning. It has been a challenge with some of the NTI assignments but they have been very beneficial. I think some of the lessons have already paid dividends and I can’t wait to learn more about Blooms and other types of learning strategies. I really enjoyed the different types of lower level and high level Cognitive Domain but this is one assignment that I wish I had more instruction in the classroom.


EDBT 4570 On-line

On-Line Learning

First, I think that on-line learning is the way of the future. I feel that I have gained a good deal of knowledge from on-line sessions this semester. I like on-line sessions because they are convenient and can be worked in with my busy schedule. The only disadvantage for me with on-line sessions is finding the time to complete the assignment when you are trying to keep up with your teaching duties and family life. Although, I rather do the on-line assignments than traveling to class which would be more time consuming for me. On-line sessions are good for my learning style because it gives me a chance to research and do the assignments in my own way and at my on pace. I personally like the on-line sessions and hope we continue them.

Online Learning, Two Thumbs Up...

My experience with EDBT 4570 has been awesome. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom to complete assignments when I have the time. The time spent completing online assignments is significantly less than the time driving to class, sitting through class, and driving home. Technology today provides the capability to still listen to the instructor lecture, interact with classmates through live chatting (not just keyboard, but live voice), and essentially have the same class session without physically being in the same room. For this semester's EDBT class, I liked the freedom and convenience of the online class portion. I disliked the ULearn software. This program seems very outdated. It is not conducive to downloading anything and it lags behind when changing pages, but we really do not have any other option regarding that. I would like more online learning. The perfect mix for me would be 95% online and 5% face to face. A class orientation session would be good to start everyone on the same page, and perhaps the last session together would be great to provide closure.

Online learning, for me, is definitely the way... Thoughts?

EDBT 4570 Course - online work

I know that my opinion is not the popular opinion expressed so far but I have not enjoyed the online portion of this course. I agree that it is convenient to not have to go downtown after an exhausting day of work. I agree that there is convenience in when and where you can get the course work done. However those benefits are out weighted with the loss of weekend time, stress of getting it done on time, and loss of face to face communication to help clarify information. After doing online course work I feel less confident in understanding and knowing the information than I do when it is taught in class. I get a lot from hearing the instructor give examples that enhance lecture. I get a lot from hearing the discussion that occurs and most of the time someone will ask a question that I was wondering myself. I know that we have email, and can ask questions to get clarification but I don't like the delay. I miss the nonverbal communication that goes with the verbal. I enjoy when we go to class and have time to complete projects and assignments. I know that most of us don't get the online class done during the week because we ARE busy and EXHAUSTED. That is always an ongoing issue, one that won't go away. One day of the week is never better than another where that is concerned. I don't like loosing weekend time and feeling the pressure of completing an assignment. I would prefer to tough it out and go to class once during the week knowing that after that was done I was done for the week. NTI has been a great experience overall but what is most beneficial for me is the time spent with colleagues talking, having lunch, sharing experiences. The impersonal environment of blogging and online discussion groups just doesn't cut it for me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

F2F or Online? That is the question.

This is not my first semester with online learning, but I would gladly let it be my last. I am not the type of person who keeps up with assignments very well if they are not right in front of me. I tend to get the work finished, but I don't learn as much if it is self-directed.
I did like the convenience of not having to drive to class every week. Putting and extra 60 miles on my truck every week would have been bank-breaking during the tough gasoline times earlier this semester. I do not like having to do a blog every week. I am not opposed to blogging per se, but I do not like being obliged to write every week.
My perfect mix of online and face-to-face learning would be 90% F2F and 10% online. I am a fan of technology, so I don't want to completely ditch the online aspect, but I learn so much more from the interactions and discussions we have in class.

It Comes Around (Josh)

My school does not have a formal process for contacting parents, but they do want us to contact them before office referrals. I have a student who I had trouble with throughout the year last year. I tried contacting his mother and when I did, she wasn't surprised to hear from me. I told her the issued and she spoke with her son. He improved for about a week or so. I hated having to call and be the bearer of bad news, but it was what was needed. Near the end of the year, her son has started acting a little better. I made sure to call and let her know that he had improved. She almost teared up and told me that I was the first teacher to call and tell her something good about her son since he was in fourth grade. It was worth the bad calls to get to that good one.


While I like the online and the face to face because sometimes I do better just listen to people discuss things in class. But after being at work all day, at times going to sit in class is not one of my favorite things to do, it would be great if we can be online and have the class via online with everyone. But for the most part the online course is cool but also can be consuming with the in-depth work..... NTI IS GREAT:)

Homework for Online

I have really liked the online work. It has taken me some time to get the hang of it and I may be a bit slower that some of you techie people, but I'm getting there. I like getting my work in early and having the instructor give feedback if I have done something wrong, this gives me time to make some corrections and learn from my mistakes. I also like the sense of accomplishment of doing a good job when all is said and done. Another big plus is having my teenagers come up to me at home and ask what I'm doing. When I say homework that reinforces that school is worth the effort and must time must be set aside in order to do the work. This has really been effective with my new college freshman! That and the fact that we are helping each other with some assignments. And last, having a long drive time, online classes are TOPS. As for negatives, I do learn a lot from in class instructional time, but driving after a long day at work hinders my learning I'm afraid. I'm looking forward to next semesters online classes and implimenting those new skills in my classroom.

Onlinie...pros & cons

I really liked the Online portion of EDBT 4570. It allowed me to fit the work into my schedule and when I was most ready to really focus on the activities. Most of the in class sessions, I was so tired by the time I left school, caught Marta and made it into the classroom, that I was just kind of there, but online I could arrange it to suit my needs. Some of the lessons were hard and time consuming-but I have found that that is true for all things in life-just like in the real classroom setting. The few things I did not like about the online sessions were that it made me more accountable to remember to do them, and that the ULearn site kept going down after only being on the site for about 5 minutes at a time. It kept kicking me off the site each time I would go to another section. That may have been my computer or user error, but it was annoying. Overall, I really liked the online sessions.

EDBT 4570. What did you like?

One thing that I like is the ability to go to links to obtain more information about the related subjects. They provide excellent opportunities for more research and reinforcement of material learned. Also it provides an opportunity to save and bookmark the material for later reference.

On-line learning provides the opportunity of learning at your on-pace. If you find a particular material that you want to spend more time reviewing you have that opportunity. In addition you can re-visit the material very easily. The innovative ideas, such as games and web sites, can easily be moved from our learning environment to our teaching environment. On-line learning is great.

I do enjoy going to the campus to study with the groups but I find the trip very exhausting, especially when you consider that someone driving for almost two hours one way is sitting for almost six hours for the round trip. Not good for the circulation and for an old person ;>).

Even at this late stage, (me :>), I do need the reinforcement from my teachers, instructors and mentors to make sure I am on track. Thank “All of You” for your ideas, examples and suggestions.

RS in Alpharetta

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Online Learning in EDBT 4570 - Nov. 17-21

I really love the online work. It's great not have to leave school early to make class.  However, I think I still love meeting in class because I also find it challenging to complete the online work during the week with all of the other millions of things that I have to do.  I find myself putting it off until the weekend, then rushing to get it done.  Especially last week: the prior week was HOSA week (Health Occupations Students of America) and I was really overwhelmed that week and the week after, so completing the work online was a real challenge.  I'm thinking that I'll get the hang of it by the end of the semester, so I should be ready for it next semester.  smile.  Honestly, I like going to class, mingling with my classmates to get ideas for what's working or not working in the classroom.  That face to face communication cannot be beat.  But.....we're all extremely busy and not going downtown is a plus. I think I like the combination of online and face to face.  I'm a visual learner, so the perfect mix is some online and some "in class" time.

Contacting Parents

Our school does not have a formal system for contacting parents, except when grades are posted, we must contact all parents whose children have 74 or below.  I have found that it can be a very difficult task.  I used to call after school, but could never get the parent at home.  Now I call during my planning period at their work or cell number.  Often, I still do not get the parent during that time, but I do get call backs.  Unfortunately, the call backs have come in the early am when I'm counseling another student or during class time when I have a room full of other students.  I don't know what the solution is, other than to keep trying at different times of the day.  I think I get better responses from the daytime numbers.  I like contacting the failing students.  I don't know if I agree with contacting the students who have 74 or below.

Online Learning- AWESOME

This has really been a good experience because it allows you to be more flexible. I can sit at home, prepare a meal and interact with my kids all at the same time. LOL!!!!! I have learned so much from my peers each week by reading the post and trying to implement some of there strategies. I am thankful for NTI and all that it has given to me. I must admit this has been one of my best learning experiences, everything is so real life. From the strategies,lesson plans, learning activities, and other various techniques that I have learned they all seem to work in one form or fashion. Thanks to the entire NTI staff for all that you do for new teachers. I would love to come back to a future class and work with other new teachers. I am here so just let me know if you need some help :)

Open Mic - No Where but Up

I feel like I've been needing to apologize to everyone associated with our program because of my lack of enthusiasm and participation this semester. I don't want to lay out a number of excuses but these past few months for me have been plagued with sickness and emotional stress. I know that I am a better student than what I have been displaying and know that I can't go anywhere but up from here. Things are starting to get a little better but I know that the improvement needs to start with me. There has been a greater demand put on our teachers this year with the demand being attributed to the state of the county. We started preplanning being bombarded with forms and reports that were being instituted this year and they keep coming. But I don't want to complain because I enjoy what I do and the kids make it worth it.

I do want to thank Ms. Hayden, Dr. Burns and Dr. Montrois for their continuous support and motivation of everyone in the NTI program. I believe if I had any other professors I would have withdrawn from my classes this semester. I look forward to finishing out the semester very strong and beginning the next one on a good note. I also want to thank my classmaates for their advice, encouragement and positive examples. When you all share what you go through as educators it always seems to lessen or put my individual struggles in perspective. I am a better person and educator because of my affiliation with the program and its participants and look forward to going up from here.

Contacting Parents

I haven't had any bad experiences with contacting parents. This always works well for me when I do have to contact a parent. Our school have us contacting parents more now about attendance, everytime time a kid miss three days we MUST contact the parent and our AP. This systme has worked really well but I must admitt is very time consuming. We have over 1800 kids in our building but only about 20 teachers on the Attendance committee, along with some parent volunteers. Parents are now checking smartweb online more and keeping track of the number of days missed by students. As a matter of fact I have had a couple of parents email wanting to know the dates there kids had missed class because smartweb shows the number of days absent from each class and tardies. It is really amazing at the responses you get, many paretns are unaware that the kids are not in school. So that let us kow that many are skipping classes. We are really cracking down on attendance so that it is fair to kids who are in class daily when it comes to grading.

Cagle EDBT 4570 Nov. 17-23

I enjoyed the classes that we have had this semester. I got to meet lot of very nice people and received some very helpful instructions. However, I am a visual learner. It took me a long time to realize this. I always wonder when studying a language, some people could learn to speak it sooner that me. However, I could learn to read and write it before they could. Working on line enables me to devote more time to studying and it saves lots of time and money. I would prefer to take all my classes on line. Since all of us teach, it helps to give us more time to spend working with our students. I think that it is necessary to attend class once in a while. It enables you to ask questions about subject matter that you don't understand and to hear other people's opinions.
This semester I have learned many things that will help me to be a better teacher. The instructions have been great and the instuctors are some of the best.

Contacting Family of a Homeless Student

My school does have a policy of trying to make a phone contact whenever you have a student making a failing grade or has a discipline write up. Sometimes this process is time consuming and very frustrating. Phones are disconnected, or not in service, or you play phone tag. We use contact log sheets to document who and when contact is made. This is written log is required by my bosses. in order to be able to prove that you attempted contact with a parent. I had a difficult time with one student that was failing my class a few weeks back. The phone numbers that I tried were not working. I had a conference with the student to try and find out what his situation was and to get some kind of additional contact numbers. During this conference the student told me that he stayed wherever. He told me lots of things like he did not live with his mother and he did not have a father. He could not give me an address where he stayed at night. He told me that he just stayed everywhere during a second interview. Our school has a policy of reporting this as a homeless situation. When I started talking to the school administrators about these interviews, another teacher gave the number of his Aunt. Well I made contact by phone with her at 9:i5 AM, then his Grandmother called and was very upset that he stated that he didn't have any family and was homeless. Next the Aunt called back and scheduled a conference the next morning. Then I had his Uncle call me, he was coming to the conference also. Next call was his mother from her job in Atlanta. It was true that he did not live with her during the week because she took a job in North Atlanta and only came home on the weekend. To make a long story short, I had six family memebers show up for the conference the next morning. I wish a had a video of his reaction when he walked into the conference room and saw his family there. It was one the best conferences I have ever been a part of and my boss was there also. I realized then that I needed to always stick with trying to make some type of contact-ALWAYS.
I enjoy the online classes it allows time for flexibility when it comes to your family, job and other demands. I feel because the structure of the online program it gives you the needed information and skill set to improve you as a teacher if you put the work into the modules posted everyweek. I enjoy the classes when we meet also because you get a feel from other teachers in your class about solutions to some of the same problems you have with Students, Administrators, and Teacher Responsiblities. From doing the classwork it has energized me to continue my education and strive to obtain my Masters.

Open Mic

Open Mic- Political Tension

This past week I scheduled a visit from two of our counselors to one of my afternoon classes. The previous week the students started out having a discussion regarding the outcome of the presidential election that deteriorated when several of the students started making personal attacks towards each other. I am so glad that I took Jessie’s suggestion to obtain outside assistance to facilitate a discussion to my students on how to disagree and be respectful of others at the same time. The visit with the counselors went very well and the students responded with very open and honest questions regarding the incident. I learned a very valuable lesson that it is important to utilize the resources and support available to me when a situation arises that requires additional intervention.

ON line classes

For me the on line class is wonderful. I do enjoy the face to face meetings because I enjoy seeing everyone. You are all so awesome! But as far as my schedule with teaching and working part time and having a family, goes...I prefer online. It fits into my schedule and I can do my work whenever I find the time. ON another note... I am still hoping that GSU might reinstate the Masters program for us CTAE folks! That would be wonderful!

EDBT 4570

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class this semester. My favorite part is the actual class meetings. There is so much to learn from each other, but it happens better when we actually meet.

I'm all for 21st century learning, and I really love the fact that we have the opportunity to have class "online." I'd like to have some of the more complicated lessons in the classroom as opposed to online. I found the Bloom's Taxonomy module difficult. I had the feeling of being all alone when I had a question. Asking in e-mail is not easy for me, and I may not understand a response. I prefer the face-to-face ques./answer session for complicated issues. It was great having the fun stuff in class - and it was necessary to do the role playing/discussion panel in class - but I'd like to do the more complicated lessons in class too.

Of course, the online tools are a great resource, as is turning in lessons online. I don't think the online modules and in class lessons are mutually exclusive. All of our work is available and turned in online. I just Web CT was a little more user friendly and didn't boot me offline so frequently.

Like Penny said, I like the online caledar idea. Getting to the calendar requires clicking on one of the class links, navigating to the syllabus, click on syllabus, wait for the doc to open, and in my case, when I click open doc, it takes me back out of that page and back to the main page where I have to start all over again. Once I finally get the doc open I have to scroll down to find the list of dates. For us visual learners, an actual calendar works best. I have a hard time conceptualizing the list of data. I'd love to see two little calendars, one for each class, with a snapshot of what's coming up that month.

I love learning online. But I love learning in class more.

Contacting Parents, BEWARE!

Within a month of starting my new teaching job last year, I was contacted, via e-mail, by a parent of one of my students who was failing. Her complaint was that the previous year with the other instructor, her son had a 100 average in this class - Broadcast Video Production I. Now that he is in BVP II, he's failing. She wanted to know why. The mistake I made was responding to her, via e-mail, by saying that I actually teach in this class. Well, boy, did that open up a can of pychopathic, vicious, deranged worms. She blasted back with how compassionate the former teacher was, how much he understood her son, and that the former teacher and his wife were friends of hers, they attended church together. Next thing I know, I'm visited by one of the Special Ed teachers explaining the situation with this parent. First of all, I didn't even know this student had an IEP because I had not been given access to it yet. Secondly, I should not have mentioned the skills, or lack thereof, of the former teacher, but rather informed her of the curriculum I was teaching and the lack of participation (and consciousness for that matter) on her son's part. Thirdly, I should have done it via phone. Our school policy is to try at all costs to have conversations with parents on the phone rather than by e-mail -- as this can, and will, be held against you in a court of law. E-mail content can be -- and often is -- misinterpretted.

I usually make it a habit to first contact a parent via e-mail that I would like to speak to them on the phone about their child. It's worked for me so far.

Online Modules

I have found the online course less demanding. It allows more flexability in my schedule. The last few weeks with RTI conferences, CTAE meetings, after school duties, and advisory meetings, some of them with only a few hours notice! For me it has helped. In addition the driving time and expense of the trips has helped also. As for teaching style, I am older than most in the class and used to a traditional classroom. This being said, I have to adjust as this is where things are going. Technology, and information is at our fingertips. I remember DOS, footnotes pasted everywhere, and how slow it was. Trips to the library were frequent and necessary. Our students are used to the stimulation. If we are to succeed we will have to move faster to keep their interest. Learning is also adjusting and I will adjust as this may very well become the norm.

ON LINE yea's and nay's

I really like the on-line modules. I find it easier to get to a computer and submit work. I can work at my own pace and have time to think and possibly do more research to complete assignments. It sure saves time and gas too. I know there may always be a need for a face to face meeting, but the on-line is good and in some cases more informative than some meetings where lessons may not always go according to plan or someone goes off on a long winded tangent and wastes instructional time. This way it is cut and dry so to speak, you read the material and follow the assignment. The face to face meeting should or could be reserved for tests and finals, I think that would be good. My brother has a business class at Kenasaw State and he does all of his classes on line. The one face to face he has is to take the final exam. Technology in my opinion has become such that it will allow for classes to be done on-line without losing a lot, where traditionally that would not have been true. Face to face meeting are still important for obvious reasons, handouts, introductions and exams. As the economy get tighter and money as well, the convinance of on-line seems to be in my opinion the way to go.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Koser, Contacting Parents

My school policy is to contact parents if students have failing grades and if there are continued behavioral problems . The teacher is to contact the parent via email, phone call or schedule a parent/teacher conference. I had one student that was so disruptive in all of his classes, that there was a conference scheduled with all teachers and his parents. On the morning of the conference, the only ones that showed up were his teachers. The counselor put in a "conference call" to the dad with all of the teachers. This was different. The dad told us to do what we needed to do, because he had little success with cooperation either. The student eventually withdrew. I like that our school counselors are very active and interactive with both teachers and parents. Counselors document everything, and the teachers are supposed to document interaction. One varied idea that my school has incorporated has been very successful. The school has pre-printed nice looking postcards. Teachers can write positive comments or successes about a particular student, and the school mails them to the parents. I like this positive reinforcement, and it is a good reflection on the school. There are so many criticisms about some students today and it is voiced to their parents. This old fashioned thought of taking time to send a letter .... has been a great tool. It has done wonders for student and parent esteem and morale.

Online Learning Nov 17-23

I have really enjoyed the online learning for the class for the following reasons:

  • I can work from anywhere!
  • Easy to use and submit work
  • Easy to communicate with others and share a wide array of ideas quickly
  • I can work ahead
  • I am a technology / "21st century" learner

There has not been much that I have disliked. The only thing I would want to add would be a calendar on the main screen that shows what is due that month, important dates, etc. I know we have a syllabus but having something right there every time ULearn opens would be helpful.

For next semester, I would love to have more online sessions. Since I coach after school, many times with games during the week, it can tough to balance a schedule to meet both class dates and the team schedule. So, more sessions online would allow for more flexibility and less stress.

My perfect mix would be 90% online with only a few face to face meetings (intro, mid, final).

Have a great Thanksgiving break everyone!!

Open Mic Nov 10-17

Hey Everyone.

I have discovered that extended day is not something I want to do every semester. Its taxing on both mind and body. The previous two years I coached football and soccer but had a planning block. So, I had time to relax and enjoy some time to get the little things done that seem to add up quickly. But after a long day of teaching and then football practice, getting home at 730 or 8 meant I was tired. But, I think after experiencing my first extended day semester, this may be more demanding than that schedule! Its draining! So, since I am coaching soccer in the spring, I think I may reserve the extended day semester for the fall only. The pay increase is really nice but I think for sanity it may not be worth it for a whole year! Does anyone teach extended day both semesters and coach a sport?

Open Mic

I have been through a few rough patches this year with Team teaching. I have had to take charge of my class and inplement lesson for both groups. I have tried to use several types of lesson I have learned and used at NTI but my co-teacher I guess feels underminded or uncomfortable. I want to use the lessons I have learned not just follow suit and put good learning lessons on the back burner so to speak. We have finally resolved this after a good heart to heart team meeting. Team meetings are very important. If you have more than one instructor or share a room or have Paras, those meetings are very very important. Keeping everyone on the same page has been a difficult thing for me but I think we have the problem solved. Just communication. That is the key. You know as well as I do there are some people who feel comfortable talking to, but it you keep all conversations on a professional level every teacher in a school ahs some bit of information or helpful hint to share. Use what youve got not what you have not. I was given a good piece of advice the other day. Come in every day and focus yourself on the class and the students that want to learn. Dont concern yourself with anything else, just be there for your students and give them all you can. Then if there are ever any questions about you or how you do your job when the kids are asked and assesed the truth will be there and you'll never have to look for another job. Sometimes I feel like this is the hardest job I've ever had unitl I see the difference I make to some of those students, then I realize this is the best job I've ever had. We all work very hard at what we do, but if we never lose site of our goals and promises to our students we will never fail.

Contacting Parent Epiphany, Repost

I have this one student who is a constant disruption in class. I have contacted his mother several times via e-mail only. What surprises me is when she asked me what she should do about her child. I am a parent, but I think that to give her any advice about how to raise her child is beyond what I should be doing as teacher so I referred her to the school counselor. I was dumb founded by this question until I met her during a conference. She looked like she could have been the student’s sister. The clich├ęs “kids having kids” and “early parenthood” that I have heard before meant nothing to me until I met this woman. One thing about being a teacher is you get to see first hand a lot of society’s ills. It gets to a point sometimes that when I am contacting a parent, I hesitate fearing what I might find out! But it must be done because our school policy is to contact the parents at least once a month and make a note of it in a contact log. I rarely have any success with these calls, generally the student causes enough problems until they have to leave.

Parent Contact

I will admit this is the part of my job that I really HATE! Of course no one wants to have to hear something negative about their child from a teacher. We have guidelines at my school on how to contact parents. We are supposed to document when, how and what was said during the contact. I have a student that does not want to do her classwork. As a result she is failing. She really is one of my better behaved students and seems to like my class. I have tried contacting the parents but cannot understand them as they are from Bosnia and do not speak much english. I have emailed them and written them notes but have not had much success with support from them. Any one have any ideas on how to handle a situation like this? I have her on a course success plan and speak to her several times a week about her progress.

open mic 10-17

This week has been another adventure, I have had more ups and downs and turn arounds. I am being pulled from one end to another. I feel sometimes like I am running a small business and teaching at the same time, it got overwhelming. I feel like I am missing something or not gaining something out of this process. Overall the support from NTI professors and classmates has helped a great deal. My colleagues at school are very supportive as well. The students are good and seem to enjoy the class. But I still feel indifferent.

Open mic 10-16

Hi ever one.
I was wounding if any of you have had a student walk out of your class? Well I did and it was not a good thing the student would not do anything I ask he would only work on thing that he wonted to so how would you handle this? I have tyred to talk to him that work for a day but it just was not naff to keep him on task. if you have any thing to say about that let me know.
Think you .

Open Mic

This week has been hectic! I have heard about teachers having to work from a cart but I never realized how displaced they may have felt. My classroom underwent a few construction changes this week and I am pleased with the changes. My HSTE lab now has a nursing station and new computer desks. I had to move from the computer lab to the library and back to another large empty classroom with my cart. It was difficult trying to complete vital signs check offs and other classroom instructions.

I also had the opportunity to attend a Promethean Board Training Inservice to learn how to operate my very own Promethean board. Wow! That is really a great piece of technology.
I am actively seeking already great ideas to help keep my students ENGAGED. I am also looking for the an eletronic medical records (affordable) program to simulate

Week of 5-7 HOSA Week

I just realized I forgot to post on the blog last week and I can't even imagine why that happened to me. On second thought I probably forgot because it was HOSA Week and I was exhausted with all of the activities and classes. We had our first of two planned American Red Cross School-wide Blood Drives and yes it was a great success. The students were very receptive to the opportunity to donate blood for a worthy cause. The HOSA students were the hosts for the activity and worked diligently to educated everyone in school about HOSA. They also received community service hours for donating blood and volunteer services. The students made daily announcements using the HOSA Stateman's Awards Study Guide to inform all about HOSA and out community efforts. They also talked with other students about joining HOSA to increase membership at South Atlanta Health & Medical Sciences. Overall, it was a good week.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Parent Contact 2

Hello to everyone! I'm finally here, Hope everyone is doing well in their classes.I have some very interesting parents with the type of student we have. We are required to make contact calls the first week and follow-up calls every week to insure good numbers and contact with our parents. At first I felt that was too much, but as time went on I found the calls easier to make. Calls don't always have to be on a bad note. We have five personnel in our class so it make for easy calling. We each have a small block of students. The calls themselves are sometimes very interesting. I have some parents who are very aware of the system and all the guidelines that need to be followed for special need students. On the other hand I've had a parent tell me not to ever call her again if we could not deal with her son she would just have him arrested and put away. I find tho in many cases a large number of my student are not well off at home and hate to get a phone call home. I have found it very good practice to find something or many things that are positive to say first before discussing problems. Parents in my opinion are more receptive to a problem after I have told them how well their child is doing in another area. After a while you become familiar with parents and how they feel and the do's and dont's. But you must keep in constant contact. If you only make the initial call and call only when there is a problem then to me that is a problem itself. Parents are our best Allitodealwith our students, well maybe not 100% of the time but even those parents must be informed. Another good practice is to keep a correct and accurate call log. If there were ever any questions about a conversation it can be reviewed. Our school policy requires us to turn in a call log weekly. I would record it if I could. It never fails I'll go to an IEP meeting and get misquoted and have to pull out the call log. Calling parents is definitely one of the most important jobs we have so don't neglect it.

Contacting Parents Choice 2

My school does not have a formal policy or format to follow regarding contacting parents although sometimes I wish they did. However, we are advised to contact parents whenever the student has missed 3 days consecutively. This is sometimes very confusing to the parents and to us since we are not the “home school” in most cases. The confusion occurs, for the most part, as a result of poor communication from the home school to our Technical Center where the students attend half day sessions. In many cases the “home school” has held the student in homeroom, for test prompting, student activities, senior pictures, senior breakfast, in house suspension and various other reasons too numerous to name. A brief example is as follows: I called this parent to let her know her daughter had missed three days and I had no idea why. The mother screamed in my ear that I was the third teacher to call her and she was astounded that we did not know what was going on at our own schools. I gathered myself and responded that her child was such a good student and I was sincerely worried about her and had not received any information regarding her absences. The mother then told me that we (the school system) had suspended her daughter resulting in a jail term. Her daughter had been sentenced 60 daysand bail was unobtainable for this parent. I understood after the fact, offered my help and support and hung up furious that I did not have this information in advance of this call.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leonard's Week of Nov.3-7

This week started off good. It was my birthday on the first. Then it took a nose dive. My family caught a virus and I caught it too. I had to go to work sick and wait until a substitute could get there to cover my classes. I ended up going to the doctor and they suggested that I stay out of work for 3 days. I couldn't do it. Things are so hectic at school. Grades were due. Computer systems were down. My week was a lot of "hurry up and wait". I don't know how I made it through except by the grace of God. My students knew I wasn't myself. They were extremely well behaved. I got everything done for my students. I didn't get this blogging done on time. I did complete another assignment I had for NTI along with the Bloom's Taxonomy assignment. This about killed me. Thankfully, it is behind me.

Choice 2

I have a student that never attends class. Our school requires us to call home after five days are missed. I called his mother and got no answer. He is still not showing up. So I contacted the administration and his counselor and they said they would get in touch with his mother. The next day, his mother e-mailed me and said she drops him off every day, so she knows he goes to school. That was two weeks ago and he still does not come to class. I have sent her e-mails and the administration e-mails and nothing is being done. That is just one student getting by. How many more are doing the same thing and getting away with not going to class? Truancy is out of control at our school. Any suggestions on getting results from the parents?

Brief Reflections On Veterans Day

Yesterday was the day day to thank a living veteran and to reflect on the passing of so many veterans this past year. Our WWII, and Korean, and Vietnam veterans are reaching that age where we are losing almost 10,000 to 20,000 a month. Their sacrifice was so much and we should remember their service and sacrifices away from family. We are in the middle/end of a another long conflict. We need to thank our current service men and women today for all they have done. It was different when I was in for just training. We were not really appreciated except by older veterans and the people who knew war. The war I was in was the Cold War after we lost the Vietnam War. I never fired a shot in anger, and never really could see the "threat". But, I know that we lost a lot of soldiers during the Cold War due to training accidents. Every Memorial Day a few of us "Cold War Warriors" gather to reflect on those who sacrificed everything for our Armed Forces to be ready. We, I, say thank you to all who served no matter how or when.

Parent Contact

Something new that was implimented this year at my school is that advisors would become a contact person for their advisement students. We had to make a folder for each students and make contact with their parent to discuss grades, any difficulties, as well as letting them know that we were availiable. This was set in place so that parents would have a contact person as well as trying to stay on top of the students grades rather than get to the end of the semester and, oh my gosh, they fail. Initially I thought this was a pain and unfair since I don't have any of my advisees in my classes and felt that the classroom teacher should do the calling, but, I have had positive experiences with this process. It is a little more work, but parents are calling with specific concerns, then I can make intervention, speak with teachers or just offer support to the parent and child. Overall I am amazed at the parental response. I have gotten some calls from very concerned parents but none have been unkind and they appreciate knowing quickly that their child is having academic difficulty. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, right! It also allows me productive conversation with my advisement students each Wednesday. They know that I will be asking about their grades, pulling grades up on the computer and calling parents. No student has ever questioned my motive or gotten mad about a parent contact. I think, hope, that they know all parent contact by me is for their benefit since I DON'T have them in class. Even though it is more work, it's working at our school.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Contacting Parents

We have a system where we contact parents two times following problems. When a third occurrance arises we note problem and it is referred to a counselor. At the fourth occurrance it is referred to a vise principal. Each occurrance after this is automatically referred to a vise principal. I have had mixed results with parents, I have been told by about half that they are out of ideas to handle problems. From these I have ongoing problems. Of the other half, the parents that seem to have a handle, I have experienced good results with only a few requiring a follow up call. I have yet to receive back a note sent home to a parent. As a result of this I will always call and log my call. It is required to keep a phone log in my county and I would do this anyway. I only E-Mail as a last resort, and then only to ask for a call back. As with the notes most are erased by the students before the parents receive it anyway. The phone is my best friend.

Contacting parents

I have had a good experience with contacting parents. Most of my contacts have been phone or email, but I have had a few face to face meetings with parents and one in particular stands out. It was during my 3rd block and I was trying to get a particulary active freshman to sit down and quit talking so I could explain an assignment. Every time I tried to give directions, she would hop back up in her seat and talk to another student. AT the same time, another student heard a knock on my classroom door and opened it-for the freshman's mother. I moved to greet her and introduce myself, and all this time, the student never even looked up to see that her mother was standing at her desk. The mother grabbed the student by her arm, led her to my desk area and proceeded to "discuss" her behavior with her-in front of the entire class. Before I could get them to the hallway for privacy, the mother pinched the student on the end of her nose and told her to "get focused or else" and then thanked me for my time. She then started to fuss at the student again, so I showed them the hall and tried to ge tthe class back on track with the assignment. The student and mom came back into the class, the student was much more quiet and has been more focused in class ever since. I was not even the teacher who called the mom, it had been another teacher that had been having problems with the student in her class. Turns out the mom just wanted to surprise the student and see "what was going on" according to the mother. This is one parent contact I won't likely forget for some time.

Contacting Parents

I have had 99% good experiences in contacting parents. On several recent contacts when I contacted the parents I was surprised at how we shared the same concerns. They were encouraging as to what and any action might be helpful.

My most recent contacts had to do with grades. The students were falling behind on completing assignments that were part of their self-paced learning on computer assisted modules. I started assigning 0’s to their grades that were going to show up on their progress reports. When I called the parents they expressed their concerns and support. When the students arrived to school after the contacts and the progress reports, they were much more motivated.
On other occasions I have made contact with parents about student attendance. Contacts about attendance are sometimes not as successful, because parents’ attitudes about work is learned and perpetuated through to their children. Many times the parents did not know about their children’s absence.

I am starting to see more support and encouragement for the students from their parents. Parent contact is just one of the many tools we must keep available and use.
RS in Alpharetta

Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Mic Two

Open Mic Two

This Veterans Day, November 11, 2008, is special because we currently have troops in harms way in a foreign country. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam war and I remember the lonely feeling of being away from home and love ones especially during the holidays. Please take time tomorrow to remember and recognize our men and women who unselfishly serve our country in time of conflict. In our small way, Sprayberry High School will honor the veterans on November 11, by having a flag raising ceremony in front of the school at 0800. After the raising of the flag and during morning announcements each teacher who is a veteran will have their names and the branch of service announced on live TV to the entire school.

Contacting Parents - Open Mic

I cannot stand our policy! Sorry to be frank. Maybe it's not the policy so much as the set up. It is strongly suggested to contact parents by phone rather than email. I disagree. I think everything should be documented and not just because I come from a law enforcement background. It's just plain common sense to get everything in writing. So my issue on the set up is this...

When I call during my lunch (b/c I have no planning period) I always get a voicemail. I have to call on my cell phone and block my number because I don't want parents calling my cell. My department is nowhere near my room to use the "dept. phone". When I instruct parents to call me back after 3:30pm and have the front office page me to the call, the front office does not comply and sends them directly to my voicemail that exists somewhere in outer-voicemail-space. I have no access to a phone unless it's in a common area. So then it's weeks of playing contact parent = tag instead of contact parent = conference. It's an endless circle. Why is it so hard to equip teachers with the resources they need to meet the policies and procedures set forth by the powers that be? And, what happend to the fabulous and easy communication resource - EMAIL?!?!?!?!?

Open Mic #2

I was assigned an SST/RTI student to mentor this year. This student is in my class for two periods of the day. He is a senior and is ahead academically. He only has two academic classes and the rest electives. Pretty sweet schedule I'd say. I collaborated with his teachers, filled out the paperwork, and prepared for our first meeting with his parents. When I called to introduce myself and schedule the first meeting, his mother didn't know what SST/RTI was and didn't think her child should be in the program. (Awesome!) I proceded to then go to the RTI coordinator and see if he should even be in the program because of his academic success. She looked up his schedule and grades and stated "I don't know why he was even on the master list, he seems to be doing fine." (Sweet!) What good news! I just got out of several hours of meetings and paperwork which lasts the rest of the school year... See guys, sometimes it does work out!

I have had different experiences each time I contact a parent. Some parents are very understanding and want to help. Others just want to tell you everything you do wrong. I have a student failing my class- this requires me to contact the parents. I called home and left a message on the machine. A few days later the parent calls me back and expresses her concern. She is going to talk to her daughter concerning her tardies, disrespect and late work. She is going to put an end to this behavior in three weeks. She tells me that she wants to help her daughter in anyway possible in three weeks. Me being the slow person I am, about the third time she says three weeks I catch on. I ask her why three weeks? She tells me that is when she gets out. Enough said. I hate contacting parents.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This week, Nov. 3-7

Well, this week has been hectic. We are getting students signed up for the Skills USA competition and also getting ready to sign up juniors for their senior schedules. Most of my classes are going well. I'm still struggling with students doing classwork and homework. There is no drive in them. Most students that I have that aren't doing their work say they can't write and hate reading. I don't know what happened to them in middle school, but I don't understand why a 10th grader can't write a half page essay on anything! It was a lot different when I was in school. Students never complained about work, or argued with teachers. I remember writing research papers all of the time, even in jr. high school. By the time I was in high school, I could write a seven page term paper on some really boring history topic in only two evenings, maybe three. I'm trying to push the magazine article summary essays in my class, and some have no problem doing them. But, last week, out of 98 students only five students turned their essays in. I was shocked! Well, I hope everyone else's week is going good. See you all Monday!

Georgette's Week of Nov. 3-7

This week was HOSA week (our student organization).  It was fun for the most part, but I clearly recognize a need to get more students involved.  I did enjoy enlightening the school about our activities.  I had my first guest speaker and that was a lot of fun.  The students really like having a person working in the field talk to them about real-life experiences.  Although, this is one more thing that I am responsible for, I enjoy it.

New Post

This week was pretty good school is going great and I really have no complaints.  At this time i am just focusing on winter break because the semester will be over and I will have a break from work and school work. My school did get a visit about two weeks ago from the HSTW team for the CTAE department and they complimented me on my program and the things that we are doing.

Open Mic #2

This week was extremely hectic. Grades were due by mid-week. Sandy Springs Fire Department visited on Monday and worked with over 450 students teaching them basic CPR skills and giving each student a kit with a DVD and manikin for free. Its a program called CPR Anytime where each person who attends commits to teaching five family members or friends how to do basic CPR. The students were very receptive and participated wholeheartedly in the training sessions. Some of my HOSA students assisted the firemen and provided additional support during the training sessions. Overall the project was a big success.

Good News

This week was full of promise. I met with some of the higher brass of Atlanta Public Schools to talk about my new lab. My lab will be completed in January just in time for my students to get prepared for the 2008 Skills Competition. This will be such a delight since I have been struggling to connect with my students as it relates to hands on activities. It is very hard for students to understand the concept of becoming a journalist when the equipment is not available to them. I can truly say this new lab will open up a whole new world for my students.


I finished coaching volleyball three four weeks ago. My team actually came in first in the was awesome! I got two weeks off of coaching and then started basketball. When I interviewed for the job at the high school, I was asked if I would coach. As I wanted the job and really thought coaching would be something I would enjoy, I said I would.

This is my second year of teaching and coaching and I am tired! I feel like I have too much on my plate. With my program only being in its second year, me being in school, and coaching, there is no time left for me! I feel like I could do a better job with my program yet time does not allot me to do so right now. I think I know what the answer is...give up coaching. I think I am just scared that I am going to let someone down or make someone mad. I will do what I have to do to preserve my sanity, I'm sure. It's just hard.

Everyone, have a fabulous week!

New Post # 2

I had a great week this week, only two student problems. The students participated in class, and
it showed on a review of the material friday. This was a lot to absorb for them, perhaps they liked the material. Perhaps my telling them this was the foundation for all the program had something to do with it. I had another duty friday night at the football game and we even won
the game! That does not sound like much but we only have ninth and tenth grades to fill the varsity squad. I hope the next week goes as well, I am looking foward to the thanksgiving break
to spend some time with the family as I feel I have neglected them for a number of months.
Good luck this week to all of you and I look foward to seeing you at class.

New Post #2

This is my second post to the "Open Mic". My gripe is over the amount of security and "rights protection" that seem to be in over abundence today. Our security system and firewall is so tight I cannot use the GSU new email system now. All GSU email has to be done now from my home computer. We cannot access or override for some really good educational tools out there on the internet. A good example is that I have trying to access a Georgia DOE site that is " for CTAE resources. It is blocked because it does not have the right registation. Hello! IT IS A GADOE WEBSITE !!!
Sometimes the simple stuff is too hard to understand.
Overall school is good. I don't seem to have my time management skills in order.
Wishing everyone a good Nov VETS DAY. We are having a school contest with who can match the old photos from when we where young and skinny and fearless in uniform to whay we look like today. It is funny!

No Post Topic?

Hey Everyone.

Just some advice for everyone right about now as things seem to be hectic and Thanksgiving break being so close...yet so far away...

I took Friday off last week. It was great. Just needed the day to catch up, run some errands usually reserved for the weekend, got some school work done, etc. It was awesome.

Kind of made me think it would be interesting to see if a school system would ever consider a 4 day work week...I wouldnt mind staying a little later or coming in earlier to have Fridays off.

Hope you guys are all doing well. Hang in there. Until next time.

Need More Hours in the Day!!!!

I need more hours in the day to get through the many things that I have to do. This year has been like work overload for me. I'm usually pretty good about meeting deadlines but with so many things being thrown at me this year. It is SO hard to catch up. I need the two week fall break in December to take some time to get back on track. Am I am the only one feeling like this???Every time I look up I'm out of my classroom to attend meetings, conferences and workshops. I know this is a big year since we are undergoing industry certification but its pulling me in too many different ways. What do I Do?????


This is the best job I have ever had. I hear many complaints from other teachers about the difficulty of students. But, difficulty is all relative. I think that we are fortunate to have been in the "other working world" and then teach as opposed to going straight into education. I feel like I am making some difference in someone's life. In my previous job really did not feel rewarding as this. The reward is instantaneous when you see that the student is grasping what you are teaching. Let's not even discuss the amount of time off that we get as teachers. In previous jobs that I have had, taking more than one week off was really stretching it. I really could not even enjoy the vacation. But teaching is has given me more opportunities to relax than any other jobs than I have had. If done correctly, I rarely or ever take my job home. Unlike my previous jobs, taking your work home was mandatory!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open Mic by The Kitch

My students are so charged about the election and the outcome. The energy is truly electifying. Heckling, chanting, heated debates on both sides. It has brought about a whole new element of classroom management skills. It's been a challenge to keep them focused on the topics at hand. Overall, everyone is smiling and laughing and in good spirits no matter who they supported.

I taught two years on the high school level prior to NTI. I like the fact that some of my teaching strategies where already in place and I love some of the new strategies I have learned. It seems each year has been occupied with difficult challenges. My first year I took over a course that had absolutely nothing but walls and desks and created my program from scratch. My second year focused on getting my Associate's Degree and having my new baby. Now in my third year, I'm trying to manage extended day and NTI. I absolutely love what I do, even when things don't go as smoothly as others. Sometimes I vent that I can't believe these students do what they do (in a somewhat negative tone). I say to myself, "No they didn't...". Then, they do something so amazing that is above and bigger than themselves making me so proud that I know them and have worked with them. This really is a rewarding position.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teresa's Post for the Week

I now believe in cloning!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could clone myself I could divide "me" between each of the 500 "Mrs. Andrews, I need you" statements per day. However, my son is standing here telling me that for my clone to be me it has to have had the same upbringing, opportunities and experiences that I have had. My clone will not have had NTI so it will immediately fall short, HA! Anyway, I am glad that my students feel the freedom to speak up in my classroom and know that I will help them in any way that I can. Often my answer is "look it up" and often they will say that before I can even get the words out. They know me so well. I love what I do but I am tired and in need of some kind of therapy I'm sure. Now my very intelligent son is telling me that if I had a clone I would spend far too much time talking to myself. Now I am off to design a unit lesson plan that is due at the faculty meeting tomorrow. Will I get it done.............?

Josh - Pickin' up what I'm layin' down.

Well, here's my post for the week:

Exhausted. Is anyone else feeling the same way? We have been trudging through a student film festival for the past several weeks and it is literally draining my life from me. To top that, yesterday was Election Day and it would have been nice for the Cobb County School District to d let us have the day off. But, alas, the powers that be didn't do that... they stick us in meetings all day.

On a positive note, we started a club for Broadcast Video students at my school. Not that I was eager to take on another responsibility, but it is nice to see the kids that are interested in this stuff. I kept telling them that we "may or may not have donuts". They asked me what I meant by that and I said, "Well, if you bring donuts, we'll have donuts." Guess what? They brought donuts. Oh, happy day!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New post

Well, obviously I am having some trouble keeping up with everything since I am a day late in posting on this blog site. I tried to log on last night, but technical difficulties prevented me from doing so until today. I am, overall, enjoying my new career as a teacher. I enjoy my students and my classes, the hours work well with my children's schedules and I have been using my planning time and early morning times wisely so I don't have alot of take home work. The only thing that I kind of do not like is that we have so many workshops we must attend. I am a club sponsor and extended day teacher, so I have workshops that I have to attend for that in order to gain points toward my annual club goal. Then I have the mandatory school related workshops that are required by my district. I am averaging about 2-3 days a month out of the classroom just for workshops. I know I am new to teaching, but alot of these workshops kind of overlap in their material. I am not complaining (too much) because I am blessed to have a good job that allows me and my children to afford the kind of life we live, but does the workshops slow down later on or do they stay pretty much the same? Just wondering. Thanks.

November 2 Comment

I am having issues grading research papers.  The classes only turned in two pages, but the grammar is really horrible.  A lot of students only wrote 1 1/2 page and have not completed the correct bibliography.  It has amazed me as to how much time it takes to grade these papers. For the most part, the research has been good.  Some of them even obtained interviews with people in the actual field of study.