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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Surprise, surprise - Another job!
I think I might have known this was coming but it was wishful thinking on my part. The first few weeks of school I thought I had dodged the issue.  Not so! I have been designated the school nurse as well as the healthcare trainer!  I have the same arguments or rather complaints that Coy has facing all the things we are expected to do as teachers and now you add in the interruptions from students sent from the front office for miscellaneous complaints. I hinted several times to the front office staff that they really need a school nurse and he/she could actually use the empty office right off the front office lobby area.  I thought I had made some progress as there were comments how we really could use one and what a great idea it was...but surprise, surprise! 

The interruptions have been from temperature checks to: "Please evaluate this student's ankle"on a hand-written note and "Is it broken?" to which I want to reply - Sorry I don't have X-ray vision!". Interruptions also include whispered requests like "Do you have any feminine supplies"!?!?!  I have to simply smile at the student and triage them between lesson plan points of instruction as it really is not their fault.  Then I have to ask my students (smuggly as I pretent to remember where I left off) "Who can  repeat to me the last point I made?"  I am thinking that this technique will only work for so long before my students catch on! 

Oh, one last note: I sent a baggie full of bandaids down to the front office. :0)


Dr.L said...

Last year, I had the same issues. Teachers would bring their students to my room so that I could check some of everything. They would interrupt my class time or lunch period. Questions varied. Some even expected me to diagnose them on the spot. I even had a teacher ask me to perform sports physicals on two female students so that they could try out for volleyball. I had to put an end to it. You should really talk to your school principal about this. I think it’s crazy. You already have enough on your plate teaching. If you don't voice your opinion it will only get worst. It's ok to set parameters if that is something you don't mind doing.

Cassandra M said...

I like the hint with the bandaids! I do feel your pain. Luckily, we have a school nurse, but she is only there for 4 hours a day, so from time to time I have students and teachers come to me for anything from BP checks to rashes, to suspected STD's. I will triage them only if it's urgent or if I have time. I will admit that I don't have as many issues this year since my new classroom is in a remote location, so to speak. I agree with Dr. L though. It's best to go ahead and set parameters before the situation gets out of hand to preserve your sanity.

Theresa Kuhn said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement and for sharing that you have faced this situation too. I plan on having a conversation with the principal if this escalates any further. He is just a really hard person to "pin down". Again, thanks for your comments!

Theresa Kuhn said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement and for sharing that you have faced this situation too. I plan on having a conversation with the principal if this escalates any further. He is just a really hard person to "pin down". Again, thanks for your comments!

Chef Tiffany said...

A surprise that is not so surprising right? I think you should get paid at least the additional nurse's salary. Have you had a chance to talk to your administrator about how this interferes with class time? Do you even plan to? Surely with a scheduled meeting you could convey the importance of both situations that will leave you uninterrupted in your classroom. I'm so sorry.

My issue is becoming the Ice Queen. I'm not sure why they don't get the ice while they are congregating outside my door instead of sending students in between 10-15 minutes after class starts. Our 1st faculty meeting in this Friday, I know what I will be adding.