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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reality Check

One thing that surprised me this week was realizing how much your administration can pile things on. Every week I have to look forward to losing a portion of my planning period due to some sort of training, test proctoring or production of school materials. It becomes very overwhelming at times because all of these activities are mandatory and deadline driven. I would love to have one week without interruption, so that I can focus on instruction and preparation. In addition a lot of things come up that become the instructor's responsibility and carry huge accountability. For example, teachers, at my school, are now responsible for sending out correspondence and contacting parents about attendance. This should take place after 3 and 5 consecutive absences. Now if this is the case, why do we have an attendance office? I hate to sound as if I'm complaining, but little things like this make me question the purpose of other functions of the school's departments, especially if teachers are left to do these things. I now understand what a lot of my tenured colleagues have been talking about. In contrast, I hope to make the best of it and roll with the punches.


Theresa Kuhn said...

I hope you read my blog as it may give you some confort knowing that you are not alone! I take that back - it might not. (smiling) I too feel your pain as I am put on one committee after another and now have to start a new HOSA chapter and get the students to Rally by the end of next week. I have mandatory meetings in the morning (during my planning time) and meetings after school during my last half hour of paid time that could really use for prep work. Then add on the interruptions of being the school nurse now, my head is spinning. I have tried to pin down my principal to talk to him about this but he is never available and if he is, he is on the run somewhere else. I keep hoping that things will become routine and that I can handle all of this. I love teaching my students and just wish I could do just that! Their enthusiasm is what keeps me going! Hand in there fellow CTAE teacher!

Theresa Kuhn said...

Meant to say: Hang in there!

huffypicks said...

I can relate to your situation I have been issued the task of leading SkillsUSA for my ctso. I have been going to Smart board training to find out I am not getting a smart Board. I have been elected to do lunch room duty for two periods. I can say that this year has been tuff to start off but i sure hope I find a blance to keep up with my work load. I got some good advice from one of my co-workers "Categorize things from 0-10 zero less important 10 being the most and due the most important things first and set the rest to the side". I think most administrator have forgotten what it feel like to be a teacher in a classroom.

Michelle Pruitt said...

I completely agree. I have not had a full planning time this year. I am just thankful I did not want extended days this year in order to have a planning every day. Great! It has also been over whelming for me. I hear in my sleep: we will have training on … on this day. This only adds extra meetings. Not only do you have the trainings and meetings, but I was assigned to help with testing this pasted week. It is funny, when I was a Para pro, I heard teacher always say, if I had it to do over I would probably go into another profession or I would not advise anyone to go into the teaching field. If I had it to do over I would do this again! I do wish I could just do what I was hired to do, teach.