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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Purpose Driven Life

Question: What surprised you the most this week at school and why? (This could be something about your own reactions to what went on, or something that someone did, or anything else that occurs to you.)

I have a senior class homeroom this year. What surprised me the most this week was the lack of students that are interested in their future. I explained to them the importance of applying to college early will be a benefit for them in the future.

These young people believe in waiting the very last minute to do everything. They do not realize that in the spring semester is when all the senior activities begins, prom, college fairs, various competitions and field trips, etc..

Hopefully, having my senior homerooms students to write in their journal daily about  A Purpose Driven Life will change some of their attitudes about life. Let's help these young people!!


Chef Tiffany said...

Chef Tony, This is the same thing I was going to write about but when I was trying to put my words together I realized that this is not a new surprise but I am in a new state of shock daily. I don't know that I will ever get used to it. I started the year doing Quotes of the Day thinking that would bring out their inner writer or it would jog their thoughts into thinking seriously about the future. Most of them saw it as a hassle and turned them in blank. Sometimes they need something drastic to hit them. For me, it was pregnancy as a junior that whipped me right into shape. From that point on, I realized I could choose how my statistic would be applied. I was not going to be the teen pregnancy that dropped out and become a nobody. It really made me buckle down. I ended up graduating with my class, not missing days in school (except the monthly/weekly visits to the doctor) with an advanced diploma and acceptance letter to college. So, I said that to say, I share that with my students (especially if I have at least 1 student who is pregnant). It makes me real to them and hopefully gets them thinking they too can push and accomplish their goals if they set them. I think our experiences can be a great help in assisting them; if not the story itself, the experience we have behind us. Sounds like you are doing great Chef Tony. I agree, let's continue to help these young people!!!

Docwalk said...

I think that is a great idea Chef Tony!

I also agree with you that our students do not have a sense of urgency regarding life and their future. I have a freshman homeroom and I am working with them on their organizational skills and study habits. Some stay focused and the others are just content with doing what they have been doing in Junior High/ Middle school.
Continue to stick with it, I think each time they are with us, we peel back a layer and expose a new way of life and thought process to them.

Akisa Hurst said...

Wow! What a post to really make you think. I struggle a lot when I see some of the things that our young people do and say, and I wonder how life at home must be for them to act in such ways. I hope that I can be just a bit of an inspiration to do better, but If I am being honest, I feel like I am only wishfully thinking. I will NOT give up, even if I can help just one.

Sivad Couture said...

These studetns really amaze me in a negative way. Chef Tony, I totally concur with your thoughts and views on helping our youth. Sometimes I ask myself, "What Happened?". When we were in school, it was IMPERATIVE to fill out college applications, take SAT/ACT, and apply for scholarships. My, how times have changed. Now, these students are in their junior and senior years and most of them don't have a clue as to what they are going to do going forward. I'm not saying you have to know exactly what it is you want to do in life, but you just have to have a direction as to where you want to go. If you change your path along the way, fine, but the students now make no concessions for not having an idea. It really makes me speechless.