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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving Yesterday- A Prayer For Everyone

I am not a religous, street preaching person, or one that shares my personal beliefs in public very often. I never talk about politics or religion in my classes. But I have several things to be thankful for this year in particular. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the amount of real changes in my life and career that has happened this past year. You go on for years without any major changes in your life and when it happens you wonder why. The "Why" has the same source for all of us. It comes from Someone who guides us in our journey here on Earth. He places us with good friends, new and old, family, and new instructors that awaken us from years of "static thinking".
I have celebrated several Thanksgivings this past year. From starting a new career in education, to going back to school again. I have many things to be truly thankful for. What follows is the prayer why wife said yesterday at our "Thanksgiving" She was quite emotional when she was saying it and you can read a lot of extra meaning with every line. She also believes that it was a special calling for me to teach.

"We,ve come a long way this year, some of it very difficult, some of it wonderful, and some of it life changing. So as we come together this Thanksgiving let us give thanks again once more to our Lord.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for the miracles of today. For laughter and smiles, for hugs and kind words. For new babies, old friends and family that never let you down.
For old jobs and new jobs and for jobs yet to come. For old homes and new homes and homes yet to come.
For brothers and sisters, for daughters and sons, for Moms and Dads, and new family members we have come to love.
For Fridays when we think we've made it through another week. For Saturdays when we sleep late! and for Sundays when we decide that tomorrow we can be a little better than we were the day before.
For fireman and policeman, for our soldiers who fight for freedom. We call them all heroes and they really are.
For summers with butterflies and winters with frost, for good health and prosperity and for love of each other.
From top to bottom, thanks for it all, but most especially Lord, thank you for your Son, who gave His all so that we might have all.
We offer this prayer of Thanksgiving in His name. Amen"


Ken Blackwell said...

And I thought my Uncle (now passed) had the best prayers at thanksgiving! What a wonderful, and ordered mindset. You are truly blessed in your relationships both at home and in spirit. I think you and I probably think more on the (why) because of our age. They say more reflection comes to those who change life skills late. We were comfortable for so long, and now have to find a new comfort zone. I wish you and your's a happy holiday season. Ken

ConnieB said...

This prayer by your wife must have really struck home with you to have shared it here. It is beautiful and well spoken. It moved me. I believe that it is essential to view the world in a positive light and understand the importance of being thankful for every small detail. It helps you get through all the ups and downs of life, jobs, and family. Thanks for sharing.