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Monday, November 10, 2008

Contacting Parents - Open Mic

I cannot stand our policy! Sorry to be frank. Maybe it's not the policy so much as the set up. It is strongly suggested to contact parents by phone rather than email. I disagree. I think everything should be documented and not just because I come from a law enforcement background. It's just plain common sense to get everything in writing. So my issue on the set up is this...

When I call during my lunch (b/c I have no planning period) I always get a voicemail. I have to call on my cell phone and block my number because I don't want parents calling my cell. My department is nowhere near my room to use the "dept. phone". When I instruct parents to call me back after 3:30pm and have the front office page me to the call, the front office does not comply and sends them directly to my voicemail that exists somewhere in outer-voicemail-space. I have no access to a phone unless it's in a common area. So then it's weeks of playing contact parent = tag instead of contact parent = conference. It's an endless circle. Why is it so hard to equip teachers with the resources they need to meet the policies and procedures set forth by the powers that be? And, what happend to the fabulous and easy communication resource - EMAIL?!?!?!?!?


RS said...


I understand and feel your frustration. I am lucky at my school in that I am normally able to have someone cover my class while I make contacts. I should be making more but and that is why I feel your frustration. I blame alot on my self and being in this sharp learning curve where we all are trying to manage multiple (Squared) agendas. Once we climb the mountain we can enjoy the view.
I wish you well and do understand.

RS in Alpharetta

RS said...


I thought of something else. I have found it best to contact parents after lunch and before
3:oo PM. The students coming from younger families have parents/guardians that work shifts.

Again, Wishing YOU the best!

RS in Alpharetta

Dr. M said...

Hi, Erika - I agree that email makes sense from the legal and effective senses, but phone contact is more personal and that may be what the school is after. Maybe after the initial phone contact, emails would be acceptable.

You may want to approach your Dept Chair, AP or Principal about the issues you are having, as I'm sure other teachers are troubled as well. A calm explanation of your difficulties and a common sense solution (emailing) may find a receptive audience in a one-on-one meeting with your supervisors.

Also, I ended up calling parents from home in the evening, when most parents were readily accessible. I never had a parent call me back at home, or on my cell, unless I asked them to, although I understand your reluctance to share that information. Keep us posted.

Joe Westbrook said...

Your boss should be very supportive of your contact efforts. I write in my contact log all contacts, in person, phone, and email.
Hang in there. The phone is probably the best method, other than suspending the student pending parent conference. That method is used when the school has continued problems making contact. It works. In our school we are lucky that we can use some email. It helps in documenting that type of contact. Good Luck!

Amy M said...


Is it possible to forward calls that go to your extension to your cell phone? This is a feature that is available at our school, though I don't use it anymore. If this is the case, you can have all these calls that come in to your extension go straight to your cell phone, and the parents never know your number.