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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

It wouldn't be teaching without a challenge!!!!

Funny how this is the topic for the week!!!! Today I had my observation with my NTI supervisor, and I had chance to express my ideas about the challenges with my lab. Today the students did a small lab just to demonstrate the technique of baking. I explained the many ways I have tried to accommodate the 24++ kids that I have in each class with a lab size that was designed for maybe 10- 12 students. I've also had a couple people from the state to come in and look at the facilities in reference to me under going industry certification to give me ideas of how to conduct an effective lab with ALL students being involved. I was given some good ideas but of course there is a HUGE price tag that goes along with it. Since I am undergoing industry certification I was given a grant of $15000, sounds like a lot but when it comes to commercial equipment I could spend that on one piece ( that's without installation) so I must search the market for used pieces and utilize my students, coworkers and custodians to help me reinvent my lab. I was told to portray the image that the lab is larger than what it is by taking some of my larger pieces of equipment out of the actual kitchen by placing them inside of the class area. I must admit I do have a large space, so I can see this idea working. But until we reach that point I must continue to teach and provide the students with culinary skills. Today I was told that the way I conducted the labs was good but I like to see all my students working at the same time, today we tried the rotate method, where I allowed three groups to go into the kitchen at a time and prepare the recipe. That's hard when I am trying to monitor the lab and have other students sitting in the class unmonitored. Well at this point I have tried just about everything so if you have any suggestions I really would like to hear them............................................


Anonymous said...

Hey Keio,

I can't remember how long your classes are maybe split the class into teams. Teach the lesson for the week on MONDAY to the entire class then split them into and have TEAM A perform lab on TUES & THURS and TEAM B perform lab on WED & FRI. Have the teams compete for the TEAM of the WEEK. Students love to see who's the best at whatever. On the days when the TEAMs are not in lab maybe they have busy work or observe the the other team or maybe they could create graphic organizers for their turn in the lab. Have all students fill out a work log which will hold them accountable whether working in lab or in class. Have a TEAM manager from both TEAMs monitor the classes while in and out of lab. I know you will be in lab with them but the others in class could be monitor by a student and you could walk through.

Anonymous said...

Keio, I don't know if this will help. Even once you have split them into TEAMs you could split them a couple more times within TEAM A&B and have mini groups. Leave them in those groups the entire year or semester. Thats what I do in video, and of course you have a few who complain but I tell them when you go to college or get that job you don't have choices of who can or can't work with...I also tell them that this will prepare them for the future because they are learning patients while working with different personalities. They actually agree, but I always say if you continue to have problems please communicate with me. Girl, don't know if this helps but I know you have it under control. Last thought you could use the three phases of TV/Film/VIdeo Production like I do...Pre-Production(brainstorm ideas/stroryboard) Production(do the work) and Post-Production(edit, make look nice) in your case they will have different titles...Have a good week!