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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I have experienced several proud moments over the course of these first few weeks of school, but the one that stands out at the moment is being able to reach two guys who are in my Introduction to Healthcare Science class.

The step brothers recently moved to Georgia from Florida and for whatever reason, were both placed in my 8th period class. The first day they arrived in class, I introduced myself, explained classroom expectations, gave each of them a syllabus, and caught them up on what their classmates were currently working on. As soon as I walked away from speaking with them, I observed both of them using cell phones, listening to music via ear buds, and even with heads down sleeping. After getting over the initial shock of what was happening, I made my way back over to them, reiterated expectations, and encouraged them to reach out for assistance if needed. By the time they finally started to participate, the period was almost over.

While greeting the guys at my door the next day of class, I chatted with each of them individually about behaviors from last class, and my intolerability of those things moving forward. Not to my surprise, 15 minutes into class, the same things transpired much like that of in the class before. However, this time, rather than pull them out, or speak privately with them, I did some research. Once I discovered they each play football, and one is  diabetic, I new exactly how to move forward with them.

When the next class day came around, both guys greeted me at the door questioning "why were you at our football practice yesterday?" "I enjoy the sport, and needed to give something to my cousin," I responded. They asked "who is your cousin?" I remarked "Coach Smith." They both laughed in disbelief! I inquired if coach should be made that they would not be attending practice because they are tired, and needed to nap during my class? They both responded "No ma'am."

I also asked the guy who is a diabetic how he was feeling, and instructed him to let me know when he's not feeling ok. He was shocked that I was aware of his condition, and thanked me for being concerned.

As a result of me expressing concern, and showing interest in them personally, both of them now come to when with questions, after, of course they have utilized the "ask three, then me" rule. They are both making good grades, participate in classroom discussions, and have genuine interest's in the pursuing careers in the medical field which was unheard of two weeks ago!

They are pictured below along with fellow classmates, participating in personality assessments.
The two of them helped me to remember that I can, and do make a difference


LovelyLav said...

This is awesome. I remember you speaking of these two during our help session the first day of class. I'm so glad to hear that things are better, not just for you but for the students. I love hearing about your progress.

Yvonne Goodson said...

Yaaaaayyyyy, you remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much! I too, am happy and excited about their progress. Two down, about 3 more to go. I'm trying real hard, keep me in your thoughts and prayers! LOL

James Holdsworth said...

I know this situation all too well, unfortunately, but it definitely helps when they play a sport and you are on good terms with the coach. Coincidentally, I have some football players with some diet-specific issues and they also appreciate the fact that I check-up on them. Stressing classroom expectations has been a big battle for me this year, but I'm getting there. Hang in there and just know you hold the upper hand!

Wade Thomison said...

That is a great story. Its all about connections with our students, and you just made it happen. Good job.

Jeff Chandler said...

I love your picture of your students and I am glad you have made progress with the two students. Keep up the good work-you will be amazed how much you have to do outside of class to make sure all students are on the right course. I look forward to my first observation on Sept. 20th.

Tomeka Starks said...

Awesome story!!