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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

Blog Post - Week 7
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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Unexpectedly happy

"What was the event that most took me by surprise - an event where I saw or did something that shook me up, caught me off guard, gave me a jolt, or made me unexpectedly happy?"

Being in the medical pathway, our CTSO is HOSA.  When I first started, I wasn't sure what to make of the pathway, let alone this pathway's organization.  Thankfully, I have a great co-worker who is very helpful with orienting me to the field of healthcare teaching and support of the members of HOSA.  As a fundraiser this year's HOSA officers decided to do a haunted house.  None of us really knew how to coordinate the endeavor and had to figure it out as we went along.  Some became frustrated with trying to get the faculty on board, while others just plain didn't want to be a part of something they thought would fail.  With a week remaining, it appeared that the naysayers would be proven right.  However, I told my faithful few to have heart and to put their noses to the grindstone.  The effort that they mounted was phenomenal!  We managed to put together our school's first haunted house and raised $600.00 for our efforts.  Needless to say the kids were happy and impressed.  Some have found a new interest in what we do, while others from other pathways have asked to join our organization, which undoubtedly makes me happy.


C Middlebrooks said...

Wow, a haunted house. That is a fabulous fundraiser, $600.00 is great! I am not sure that I would have had the guts to take on that endeavor. I would be interested to hear about how you actually facilitated the haunted house.

dwight colbert said...

It was crazy! Had I known ahead of time what obstacles lay ahead I might not have went through with it. Being that it was the students idea, I initially let them attempt it. However, I was quickly thrown into the fray when the Drama dept. questioned why on earth was the Med. pathway encroaching on their turf. Long strory short had to get principal on board, administration, and develop a marketing plan all of which was left to me. Materials wise lets just say I'm getting reimbursed, and hopefully I'll break even. As a fundraiser this thing has all sorts of potential, I had a camera with strobe light set up to take pictures of unsuspecting students interaction with zombies which in turn would be sold for profit, believe it or not they are still selling at $1.00 pop. It was such a hit the principal sent a congratulatory email and the Drama dept. now wants in for next year.

Dr. J said...

Sounds like you and Leona are up to great things at Grady! Congrats on a great CTSO project and fundraiser.