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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh the changes I would make... -Casey

"Of everything I did this past week in my teaching, what would I do differently if I had the chance to do it again? And, why"? 

I feel like I doubt myself so much. Growing up, things came so easily for me, so any small failure is huge in my eyes - and I fail often. It is something I am working towards, but it is a process. This week, I introduced a new topic with my 8th graders - healthcare issues video presentation. The project is one in which they look up a current healthcare issue - ebola, "Obama Care", childhood obesity, or even depression and body image disorders - and they must create a video presentation using their ipads to create the video. The checklist I created could have been improved for them so that they were more directed and knew what to expect. They seemed disorderly and unsure of themselves, and I'm sure it is because I did not clarify the project well enough for them. The bad thing is that I neglected to give my students all the information they needed, so the project has not been very organized. The good thing is that I have 3 other opportunities to correct the issue this year.  I need to work on rubrics.

 I also struggle to work on lesson plans during my planning periods because I can't focus well on them, so I take weekend time away from my family to work on them. I need to work hard to take care of the administrative tasks during my planning so I no longer take time way from my family.

Finally, (but not because there is so much!) I need to work harder to give immediate grading feedback. I sometimes struggle grading papers quickly enough, and the students don't get immediate feedback. I especially put it off if it is a writing article. I know the students are eager to know what they can improve upon and what they did not do well, so I will put that on my list of things to do.

We live and learn and hopefully improve.


Kim Nix said...

Casey, I feel like you could have read my mind. I too am like you, especially on the rubrics. Some assignments I have given I wished I would have had one created. I really need to work on getting those in order they are very helpful for the students and the teacher.
I have a hard time focusing too. I constantly have interruptions on my planning. I am tempted to find a room no one could find me so I can get things done. Like you I want to make sure I’m not taking time away from my family. If I find something that works out great I’ll let you know.
Immediate feedback hard for me also. Something that worked for me this week was pulling the papers out of the inbox at the end of class and grading between classes. I did get them graded but didn't get them back yet.

Gina Gailey said...

I totally sympathize with you. In my first year when I would assign projects, I knew what I wanted. Having to explain that in their terms was difficult. I would also come home with tons of work and take time away from my kids. I make myself leave it at school now. I get everything accomplished that I can during planning or in the hour before or after school. I feel it is much less stressful that way. I also find myself asking higher level students that have been through the process how to explain something easier. They are sometimes a good tool for you to use that can easily be overlooked. You have it together and don't doubt yourself. You are doing a great job!

Tawanna Cummings said...

Hi Casey,
I have not started in the classroom yet and I will be teaching Healthcare Science. I am glad to see some of the obstacles and challenges that are related to Healthcare science classes. My lack of experience in the classroom, writing lesson plans, and creating rubrics really have me on edge right now. Thank you for providing strategies on how you are working to correct these challenges.

Dr. J said...

Hi Casey,
Remember that you are doing a lot of things "right." No teacher ever has everything done and it took me about 3 years to get all my stuff in place. Once that happened, then I could just tweak each year. You will get there. I think you are probably more hard on yourself than you need to be. Always pursue excellence in teaching, but be reasonable with yourself. Dr. J.

Erin Dale said...

I am right there with you, Casey. Self doubt has debilitated me at times. I often wonder if I am even in the right career because I don't feel secure in my abilities. I have been told to give it at least three years to adjust from working world to teaching. I am on year three, and still feeling the strain. I do find that my good days are great days and my bad days are usually a result of a lack of preparation. Being a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of person- I have a lot of bad days. But we hang in there because we love the kids. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll find your comfort zone. :)