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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What I learned about me over the last 11 months.

The one overwhelming fact I have learned about myself over the past 11 months is about me as a student. Coming into this Georgia State/ NTI experience, I was seriously fearful of going back to school. Terrified is probably a better word.

My last experience with college was 20 years ago. It was July of 1993 and I was about to complete my final course. I still remember answering the final question of my last college final. I placed the pencil down on the desk and said to myself, “I will never do this again”! School was always a struggle for me. I didn’t really figure out how to study until I was a junior in college. On top of that, I was lazy and immature. Mix all that together and the cocktail you get is a stout serving of “terrible student”. Fast forward to today and now I know there was no reason to be fearful.

What I know about me the student now is I can succeed in any school setting. My years since college have taught me how to pay attention, pick up on important things, become the most prepared for whatever the situation and don’t settle for average achievement. The corporate world taught me that. I also know that success as a student is also highly dependent on the teacher. Dr. Burns taught me that! I don’t know if I will ever take another college level course, work towards a masters or even a doctorate. However, I do know as I put this “pencil” down for the last time in this class I am not scared to “do this again”.


Mr. H said...

Terry, it was a pleasure being part of class with you. I can tell you that reading your post, I understand what you mean by fears. It’s so strange how life works and how things come full circle. I know when I look at my students in the eyes and tell them “I remember High School… I remember I did some of the things you all do now.” And it really lets them know that I understand their journey and I am aware of how to “slack in class.”

This college class has really made the lessons I have learned since last fall truly make sense. Seeing everyone’s responses in the blog and during the sessions on Tuesday night actually solidify all the things we have gone over. I honestly am going to continue from here. Ultimately my goal as a teacher is to not only have that “industry street cred” you mentioned yesterday, but getting that “teaching street cred” with both a Doctorate and years of experience, so one day I can write a book about teaching and learning. I want to be validated in my journey so when I am at my end I can say I did all I can do.
I am going to miss all of you.

Mr. H

cortney rae said...

First of all I can't imagine you being a terrible student. You must have matured greatly since your first college experience! I believe your passion for teaching is contagious and you will have a passel of students that excel in your classroom. I do believe that life teaches us valuable lessons that we can use in the classroom. I agree with your comment about Dr. Burns Without her leadership we would not be where we are. Behavior breeds behavior. Maybe that is the MOST important lesson I learned.

Taylor said...

I can't believe you struggled in school! I pictured you as being the kid I would want to help me on projects. Even in NTI, I was always peeking at your grade to see if I could "keep up" haha!
I think that you can definitely pull from your experiences as a student to help kids in your class that remind you of yourself at their age.
I have loved being in class with you this past year and I hope we can keep in touch and still "compare grades". Good luck to you TK!