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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make It Relevant

     One of the things that I really enjoy about teaching Healthcare Science is that I get to teach what I love primarily to a group of students who chose my class. I am sure that many core teachers wish they had the option to teach students who chose to be in their classes versus being required to take their classes. However, I am very much aware of the handful of students who are placed in my classes as a second or third choice for their career pathway. One or two of them did not list Healthcare as a choice at all. I take time to ask if there is anyone in each class that did not request Healthcare Science during the first week of school. With these students I make sure that I take the time to stress that whatever the topics are that we are covering, they will be beneficial to them whether they pursue a career in healthcare or not. As a matter of fact, much of the content we cover is just good information to know to live a healthy lifestyle.
     For example, my second year students are covering a GPS on infection control and prevention right now. The principles and guidelines discussed are useful to healthcare providers and laypersons as it will help prevent and control the spread of infection. Hand hygiene is one of the most important skills a person can acquire. Most people do not wash their hands properly and do not know when it is appropriate to wash hands. The most obvious times are before meals and after toileting, however,  we specifically cover about 12 times that you should wash your hands along with the proper technique using a step by step process. Each student does a return demonstration with the instructor in which they must repeat the process if it is not correct. They learn the rationale for performing proper handwashing and the consequences of failing to do so.
     Throughout the school-year I also ask students if they have relatives or acquaintences with various issues that we discuss during the classes. This makes the information relevant for them and teaches them to respond in various situations/scenarios regarding health and wellness even if they do not want to pursue a career in healthcare. Lastly, if all else fails and they just absolutely want nothing to do with Healthcare Science (which is rare), I serve as a mediator between their parents and their guidance counselor to help get the student transferred to a CTAE course that is a better fit for them. My students are informed  from day one that I am happy that they are in my class and I want all of them to remain, however, I do not take it personally if a transfer is desired or requested. I tell them this is their life and their decision and that they should choose their CTAE courses wisely to prepare themselves for a successful career in the near future

1 comment:

Mr. H said...

This is a great blog. I know where I am at I feel the same. So many students out there I feel are just trying to DISCOVER what they are and where they fit in the whole CTAE universe. With that being said I know the best points of the program I teach are areas where some students refuse to tread.

When it comes to finance and accounting many students want to simply give up and run away. The past two weeks of teaching have been so hard because the students associate it with a Math class at this point and that is just a travesty!

However, I have reached a break through with Prezi. With the latest lessons I have come up with, the naysayer students who wanted to drop my class so close to the end of the Semester are now REEVALUATING themselves because I am asking THEM to tell me what they learned, are learning,and WANT to learn using Prezi.

It is amazing sometimes what some Web 2.0 application assignments can do to the overall morale of a class!

Mr. H