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Blog Post - Week 7
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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There Is No Peace In Excessive Planning

It's no secret that this is my first year and I am struggling. To say that I am overwhelmed, would be the understatement of the century!!! I spend so much of my time away from work planning for work, that it causes me to dread work. Not a good spot to be in! I have been told by multiple people at various times in the last 6 weeks that I am over thinking the lesson planning. It's funny how you can hear the same message stated the same way for a long time and then one day, you hear it and it finally sinks in! My family life is suffering because I am spending every waking minute trying to plan and keep up with the demands of school. I was sharing my burden with another teacher in my department on Sunday and she told me that if I did not slow down and find another way, I was going to burn out before the end of the school year. She told me to draw a line in the sand, meaning that I should set a time limit for planning. What isn't done is going to have remain undone until the next time. She said, "your family was with you before this job came to be and it is your family that will be with you long after this job dissolves. Don't sacrifice your family for the sake of your job". She reminded me that I should always do my best and be sure to reflect over what I have taught the students, but I could not allow myself to be totally consumed by work, otherwise, no one benefits.

Hearing those words the other day was such a liberating feeling. I can't say that I have exactly put it into practice, yet, but knowing that I can, is a freeing feeling. The advice came from a former Teacher of theYear, which made me feel even better. Yesterday, one of my students asked if I was planning on returning next school year. When I asked her why she would ask something like that, she said  "We like you and you teach good, if you are not going to be here, we don't want to take healthcare!". Wow!!! That comment really touched me, especially since thoughts of not returning have been swirling around in my head. I discovered that I like teaching, I just hate planning! So, that means, if I want to keep teaching and being with my students, I HAVE to streamline the planning process so that we all can be happier. Life if too short to be stressed out and unhappy and there is no peace for me in excessive planning!!

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Jama said...

Hey! As a mom of three boys, I agree that family has to come first. Try to evaluate where you're spending the most time. Is it lesson planning? Grading? There are ways to reduce your own workload in any area. For example, having students peer review work before turning in a final copy will reduce the amount of corrections you have to make while grading. For lesson planning, come up with a couple of fun "back-up" plans you can pull out of your hat in case you just aren't quite prepared one day. For example, I keep a drawer full of Current Health magazines and they can all grab one and read for 10 or 15 minutes while I pull myself together for the day. As a busy mom, you just have those days. Having a back up plan takes the stress out of knowing you HAVE to get those lesson plans done. Let me know if there are any resources I can share.