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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Work smarter not harder.....

I know you have heard that before. "Work smarter not harder".  I sit here looking at a laundry basket full of index cards each student has done as an assignment and think why do I do this to my self?    I have some great meaning full projects but grading them takes way too much time.  I do understand why so many teachers " covet" the scantron machine.   It's takes no time to grade and record tests that way.  However it's pretty hard to mix it up and assess different levels of blooms taxonomy if you only do scranton type assessments.  Time management is still such a challenge for me.


Theresa Kuhn said...

I agree with you! I too have a laundry basket full of things to grade and wonder will I ever see the bottom of it again or ever use it for its original purpose. (smiling) I have forgone the scantron trap myself todate and understand the temptation. I often fall behind the time management part of grading and seem to be always dragging something home every night to grade or create. I hear from fellow teachers that I will have a system down after I have been teaching about three years. That seems so far away! So, here I sit tonight grading journals in order to have grades in by the Monday deadline. Oh, and I really do have to do laundry too. Can I borrow a basket?

Brandon said...

Time management is a tough part of the job. Now in my second year I feel that I have adapted a few techniques to improve my grading practices, but still find myself behind when it is time to submit grades. My wife, a teacher for 5 years, still complains about grading and getting it done on time, so I am not sure how much hope there is! I agree that in order to meet the demands and to push the students to think on higher levels we have to use assessment techniques that go beyond simple multiple choice, and scantrons.

Cassandra M said...

Yes, time management and grading papers have definitely been two of the biggest challenges that I've faced since I have begun my teaching journey. I feel like I am constantly in search of a definitive answer to the age-old question, "How do you get it all done?" Unfortunately, I have yet to find an answer. There always seems to be a mountain of assignments waiting to be graded, and just when it seems like I am just about to get caught up, something new comes up. I'm glad that someone feels my pain!

Sivad Couture said...

I absolutely love the "Work Smarter and Not Harder" concept. I agree with you DAB!! Grading papers was not my forte when I was a long term, until my department chair helped me with transferring everything to scantron. I was totally amazed when all of a sudden, I had an extra two hours of sleep. Time management is a GREAT GREAT concept when being a teacher. It helps the day to go by smoother and faster. I couldn't agree with you more.