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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Open Mic: My greatest fear to date...

Who knew I would end up teaching and it be the greatest way I could have decided to spend my time with food? There is not much that can be understood when entering this position (CTE) to really make an informed decision. I went on love of food, desire to transfer knowledge and the fact that so much is at stake with the age group we teach, specifically in regard to career choices that I could help influence (either away or towards the food service industry). I still say, this is the life!

However, when I was told I would have to take them on field trips! Oh my goodness, I thought that maybe I had chosen the wrong thing. Am I going to have to give this up because of field trip requirements. Being responsible for students during the school day in a confined space...that I can do. I almost could not bare the thought of being responsible for children that I am not the parent or guardian of - overnight. Despite having raised 6 children of others and my 3, I'd like to think those 9 have prepared me. No, I don't think so.

Here we are, days away from Skills USA State Competition. 3 days, 2 nights and 10 kids, not to mention they will be going in so many different directions in the midst of hundreds of students. I can't help but did my band director do it? 6 bus loads of us he and 2 other instructors plus chaperones. There are so many things to be concerned over. Their overall well being and safety of course...their virginity (if they still have it). Surely all will go well.

Now I understand why the masking tape was so important to our band director. He placed it on all the hotel doors at night to ensure all of us were in all night. Under no circumstance was the door to be opened unless they were knocking to check on us. So much can happen during the night...I'm still not sure I will sleep well, but surely I will get used to it. Besides, we've chosen the best kids...right? Maybe my Mother Hen instincts are a bit too heavy.

I welcome any and all suggestions!

1 comment:

Theresa Kuhn said...

Pack the tape and the Chaperone! 
Hello Chef Tiffany! I was just sitting home waiting for my daughter to get home after 13 hours of orientation to camp and contemplating things like was she having fun, was she safe, etc. I then began to think about my recent HOSA adventure this year and thought of your blog. I felt the same as you when I was told that I needed to have a CTSO and that it had to be active – not just a social club meeting a couple of times a month. I was in a dead panic!! How was I going to do this on top of everything else expected of me?
Well, I just finished up taking a group of seven this month to their HOSA sleepover competition. I did not know about duct tape until a caring teacher with experience told me it was a necessity just before I left. So – I had to run out the night before we left to find it. I was not sleeping well probably like you, worried about taking under my wing for the first time children that were not mine and would they be good; would we get there and back without any injuries; etc. I can happily say that all went well. With all the problems of being put in a nightmare of a hotel (wall unit that fell out of the wall, holes in one room’s blankets, dirty floors, etc.) the students were well behaved. They were so excited to have been able to come away with me and treated with respect and trust – and they rose to the occasion! They unfortunately did not place in any of their competitions but they came away proud that they had tried. I listened to them tell their classmates of their adventure and I feel so much better about having to do field trips. I have to say – the duct tape on doors gave me piece of mind and maybe that kept them in or maybe the poor state of the hotel was the bigger incentive to not come out. I will never know! (smiling) All I can say is that the $6 that I spent on tape was well worth my piece of mind, and having a great chaperone to help out was the other helpful thing. Choosing the right chaperone can make the trip easier for sure. Good luck on your next trip – and congratulations on reaching the next level of competition!!