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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Parental Involvement!!!!!

I must say since this is my first full year teaching, I did not reach out to parents as much last year. This year I find myself making a lot of calls for behavior related issues, attendance, and so forth. I am increasingly shocked by the responses (or lack thereof) that I receive. Many of the parents, if I do get them on the phone are indifferent, short, and almost ticked off that I am calling. I have heard things like, "do you and her have a personal problem", "You have called me three times, if she is failing that's on her", and I could go on.  As a parent, I call teachers back quicker than I call my own husband. I feel that not only is my sons education my duty and responsibility, but my involvement is imperative to his success.  I am fully aware that there are outside factors that may influence student behavior, participation, attendance, but I expect that the parents would take a lot more interest in their children's education, if even to give them a better opportunity then they themselves have had. Wishful thinking!!!!


Coy said...

Akisa, I can relate. A lot of the response I get is almost in a defeated tone from parents. It's almost as if they can't wait until their child turns 18 so they can be "burden-free". I think this speaks to a larger issue and not just the ability to be involved, but also whether or not people realized what they have signed up for when they decided to procreate. I applaud you for being a strong parent and nurturer for your children. I think that if a lot of parents took this approach and partnered with educators, then we would see the test scores go up, attendance stabilize and secondary education enrollments rise.

Chef Tiffany said...

Akisa and Coy, I too am dumbfounded when it comes to parental involvement. I had a parent tell me 'good luck' with their child's behavior because there is nothing they could do. I called another parent about attendance. I wanted to let them know to send the excuses to us and not the base high school. They were not even aware their child was attending the academy for culinary or where it was even located.

However, I believe there are occasions where the parents not being involved is best. I have a student whose mother is so overbearing, it has lead to medical issues. I do everything I can to mentor the student and encourage because a simple call home for anything could spark something fierce. The disorder includes violence but thus far only has been known to be verbal and not physical. I will be seeking advice from my administrator on how to proceed with this one.

Dr.L said...

I am so grateful that I teach in Rockdale County Public Schools. My experience is totally opposite. If I call a parent with a concern, they address any issue immediately. Parents call for various reasons. Parent supports is the key to students success. Parents will call if their child's grade is low, but other than that I have now issues with anything. Our staff is very supportive in making sure discipline issues are rare.