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This week I would like you to use your imagination. You have just won the lottery and will leave your teaching post immediately to travel around the world. As you leave your keys you meet your replacement. You are asked to give this new teacher just ONE piece of advice. What would that be, and why? Enjoy your world expedition!

Blog Post - Week 7
This past week in my own teaching I felt a little disconnected which prompts my question to you, "What was the moment (or moments) when I felt most disconnected or disengaged as a teacher - the moment(s) I said to myself, I'm just going through the motions here?"

Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

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This week we have what we call "open mic." You can write a post about anything related to your teaching that you would like responses from your classmates.

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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 1
Describe something you used in your program in the first weeks of school that you learned in the summer NTI program. How did it work? Did it get you off to a stronger start than last year?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello all,

Have you ever had a greas stain on a white table cloth that just wont go away!. I can hear you all screaming yes =: () >
Use a little degreaser on the spot - rub it in and saturate the entire spot on table cloth. Do not wet the table cloth put degreaser on dry and place it in the wash with your regular detergent and bleach if needed. It should do the trick.

When cooking pasta do not put the oil in the water while the pasta is boiling. After the pasta is boiled (aldente) strain off water, then add the olive oil to strained water - pasta will stay separated and you would not have have drained away the flavour not to mention you expensive olive oil down the drain. Some people even wash pasta after boiling with cold water or slightly warm water then put the oil. I try not to wash pasta as I find enough flavor and nutrients were lost in the first draining/straining.

On personal clothing lime a sweater - say you have a ketchup stain - as soon as it happens you put some dawn dish washing liquid directly on the affected area and rub it in with a clean white cloth until the stain disappears. Wash cloth and wipe away the suds. It is important that you do this as soon as the stain happens so that it does not set into the fabric.

You are sauteing some type of food on the stove top in a skillet and the skillet catches on fire and the flame is high - get a cookie sheet or large lid that is larger than the skillet and carefully slide lid over the flaming skillet. This action will smother the flame because it cuts off the supply of air which kills the flame. Be careful not to burn yourself. If you do not have a large lid or sheet pan you can fold a bath sheet (large towel) in half and soak it with water and throw it over the flame - this wet towel will smother the flame also.

Hope these hints are of some use to you all.
Peace out....

Chef Yallery.

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