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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Open Mic - Truly Feeling Helpless

These past 6 months have truly been an adventure for me.  I feel like I am on one leg and someone is hitting that one repeatedly with a 2 x 4!  Most of you are aware that I lost a student that I was very close to on the Fourth of July due to ignorance.  Fast forward 4 months later and I have now lost 2 close family members and another former student to the same senseless violence.  Along with that, my school has had a very nasty and very public change in leadership, and things couldn't be more out of control or unstable for me right now. 

In October, my 8 year old cousin was hit by an impatient driver as he crossed the street to get on the bus.  Yes, the bus had comploetely stopped and the sign was out to the side, but the driver didnt want to sit behind the bus and ran the sign.  My cousin fought valiantly for his life, but passed four days later.  Then, I had another to cousin to pass of a violent nature as he killed for mistaken identity, he was only 16.  Then finally, a former student of mine was killed after an argument broke out at teen party in which he and his friends walked away confrontation and left.  The guys they were arguing with left and later went to his neighborhood, started a fight, then one walked up to him point-blank and shot him in the head.  He was on 14.

I am reeling from these events and am trying to make it to the break, but that's not the only arena to be concerned about.  Our school had a major removal, where our Principal was removed and sent to the board office not abruptly.  The students and faculty heard about the removal on the morning radio show on the way to school and it has caused quite an uproar.  Even if there was going to be a change, they could have waited until the break, made a clean switch, and not been as dramatic or messy.  The moral of the kids, the focus of the staff, the buzz of the  "street committee" --- it all has been overwhelming!

Now, you have faculty running to the new Principal as if they were clueless to what the former Principal inforced and that they were on their own.  It is so not fair to the KIDS, but no one seems to understand that.
ALUMNI, that do not support the eh kids financially I might add, rule as if they want to stay in the dark ages.  Just Monday, the coaches of the boys basketball team were brought in because the Athletic Director is playing politics with the new Principal.  As an inencitvie for our players, our former Principal had ordered new black uniforms.  The school colors are red and grey, but white and black are legal alternates.  Our head coach decided to go ahead and give the boys the uniforms and they played OUTSTANDING!  The Athletic Director told the new Principal he had NO CLUE the uniforms had been ordered and she asked us "WHO IN THE HELL CHANGED THE COLORS"?  She claimed that she got calls from alumni all weekend and hoped they enjoyed because they will never wear those again!  She doesnt care how good they looked.

Now the kids are just devasted and wish that the Alumni would @ least take their feelings into consideration.  This all has just been one big set of craziness and I am about shut down!


Sabrina said...

Teaching can be an overwhelming job; however you must put things into perspective. Dr. M's "pep" talk was my turning point.
I can't and won't bear the "world" on my shoulders. Put GOD first, FAMILY second, YOU third, and all others will fall where they may. BE blessed; don't give into the "hype" of education. Do what you can in the given hours and enjoy your kids. Stay on them and keep them focus. We can lose sight if we get caught up in the hype!

Tracy Misner said...

Wow! I've not ever experienced the sorts of things you have experienced. I do feel for you and for your family.

I firmly believe in Sabrina's sage advice. I take heed in her words and have often thought about some of the stress that we all face.

I think of how fortunate I am to have the family I have, the support from my family, friends, faculty and colleagues.

I could not ever imagine facing some of the situations you have faced, but your strength comes from inside to help make this world a little bit better than you found it..that and a really good hug from your kids!

Dr. M said...

Hi, Shilo - you have been asked to carry a very heavy cross this year, and you need to take this time over the Holidays to relax and savor your time with your young family. You have been placed in the position you are in because you have talents that will guide and focus those around you.

Do what you can with your students within the walls of your room, and seek to minimize the negative effects on them (and you) of all the things swirling around you'all. You, and your positive attitude, are sorely needed now, so find ways to revitalize yourself over the break and come back strong. Work with other strong, positive individuals at your school, such as Selina, to keep students focused and build back their youthful exuberance - you will find them amazingly resilient, and that in turn will strengthen your attitude and drive. Keep after it - you are greatly needed now!