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Thursday, February 25, 2010

pros and cons

I truly enjoy the fact that I don't have to drive to class and it is more time efficient. The technology aspect is a non factor for me since I deal with new technology everyday. I guess my learning curve was very quick to pick up elluminate. With that being said, sometimes I feel the pace gets a bit slow for me. I'm impatient by nature, so I like quick moving information sessions. I get a bit antsy in class sometimes. I'm also a social butterfly, so I really like to see my classmates and interact. I feel like my personality is completely taken away with online classes. I find myself as a completely different student online and become more reserved. However in this case the convenience factor trumps all, because that drive to class is long.


Ginger said...


I agree with you that the convenience factor trumps everything. I live close to school but would have to travel from work which is around 45 minutes plus without traffic. I also like the use of technology even though I am not surrounded by it as much as you are. I always like to learn how to use something new because I think that eventually, we will all need to be able to consider teaching this way. I also am a social butterfly (I know big surprise) and get stir crazy during class sometimes too but always feel that I can step away to gain my sanity if needed.

I think you hit all the high and low points on the head and feel that the high will always outweigh the low.

It is funny that you mention that sometimes you feel the class is slow paced because I agree. I have to think about the over achievers that we have in our own classrooms and how sometimes they probably want more of a challenge. I think the lessons are great but sometimes feel that I am just waiting. I am also impatient by nature and am usually doing several tasks at once so that is probably why I feel that way.

Dr. M said...

Hi, Hal - very interesting post, especially how you feel different as on online student. I think you have spoken (and Ginger agrees) to the main reason why we have not gone away from our summer session, as we feel it is critical to establish professional relationships face-to-face to begin our NTI program every year. All the online classes work so much better after our 'live' summer sessions. Great insight and thanks for sharing.

GETZ said...

It is so hard to establish a sense of sarcasm online. How will you and I survive? I never thought about changing personalities online - what a great observation. I feel more impatient online than normal, sometimes just due to the delay that the technology requires for responses, posts, etc. It's funny how, as teachers, we spend all day making things work for our students. Then, on Tuesday nights, you are a student and expect things to work automatically for you without error. Elluminate Live is saving gas, mileage, time and traffic migraines - folks in Columbus used to drive up to Atlanta for weeknight classes. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend class online, but some days I'm not sure it's an opportunity I'm excited to take advantage of.

Tonya said...

Hmmm, I never really thought about how you social butterflies were being a bit caged by the Elluminate lessons. That is a very interesting point. I tend to be more of a quiet observer so this method of learning works quite well for me. I can sit in the privacy of my own room in my pj's and laugh out loud at someone and they can't even hear me!! Priceless! As far as the pace of the class, I understand what you are saying, however, I must admit that I like it moving a little slow. This way I can come in and talk to my children and husband (while doing class) and not feel like I am getting way behind by not being 100% focused at all times. I think this is a perfect example of different strokes for different folks!

Tonya said...

Let me clarify my above post. I'm not laughing at folks in a nasty way, just when they leave their mics on and such! I didn't want to give the impression that I am a "mean" girl! =)