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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Morale at all time low

I guess the thing most on my mind is morale at my school. It is continually getting worse and worse. From the economy and Furlough days to the administrative approach that seems to be how can we punish our hard working staff more. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm fine, but it seems like I can't turn a corner in my school without running into someone who is disgruntled. My fear is that with so much time left in the school that it might begin to affect my mood. Luckily my program is thriving and students are enjoying it, but I can honestly say that outside of my walls we have teachers literally standing on the edge. I try to remind them that administrative teams come and go, and to think about next year. The sad part is that we will lose good teachers at the end of the year because of the school morale. I will continue to try and motivate my colleagues, but at what point do I back off before their negativity begins to take a toll on me?


Dr. M said...

Hi, Hal - interesting post, and here's something to chew on. This time of year is usually the worst for morale as the weather has been crummy, there is still a long time to go to the end of the school year, and some teachers and students find it difficult to stay positive and focused, yet things will improve some as the weather warms, and we get closer to years' end.

You should do what you can to improve the atmosphere, but do so by focusing on your students and program, and letting that enthusiasm drive your actions. Others will get a pick-me-up from you when they run into you throughout the day. But stay focused on your business, because that is what you can, and should control. This year may be worse because of all the issues you mentioned, but you can maintain a positive outlook on your area and still impact your school by example. Stay motivated!

Ant said...

Hal you have already planted a positive seed and you need to continue being the positive example. It is not about the administration, it is about the kids. I think all school systems teachers throughout Georgia are being effected but I continue to to say to myself its about the kids, that is my motivation.

GETZ said...

I've got an idea. You can raise morale and stay focused in your program area at the same time. You have the school's only quick turnaround media outlet at your full disposal. Something entertaining on the weekly show can really get the students and faculty behind something. And, with your students producing it, you'll give them a learning experience they'll never forget. I'm not familiar with the school culture at Allatoona, so I don't know where to start spitballing this idea, but there is something that EVERYONE on campus would love to see. If you can get them on board, they'll look forward to the next episode each week. That won't take away furloughs or poor leadership, but it will provide something positive in the meantime. Sometimes I feel like we are playing the part of a pirate station, but if we can make a handful of people laugh everyday we've made our school a better place to be.