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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stepping up to the culinary plate

I will be honest, I am struggling this year. I think I have bitten off a little more than I can chew. My boss reminded me on Monday that this is only my second year and I need to rest a little bit because he is worried that I will get burned out. I just want to do so much for my kids (this is the reason I know I could never be a mom because I would want to do too much) which involves me working from early morning until late night.

With that said, I have had a busy week with homecoming. We had our usual catering for 150 people on Friday, my culinary club entered a float in the parade, and we began the culinary competition team workshops. I have been able to eat very little and my stomach has been in knots all week because of stress.

So yesterday came and everything needed to be completed by 5:00 and of course it was pulled off. I was running around trying to get everything in place and one of my students said, "We've got this Chef Pratt". They were right, they did have it. Problems still came up and they would panic but I would not answer their questions. I would just tell them to think about how they could solve it. I have a tendency to jump in full steam because I want everything to be the best (imagine that, me wanting everything to be perfect) but I realized that I needed my students to step up and they did.

Then I received a blow like no other. One of my students showed up "high" to be on the float. Wow, never thought I would have to deal with this. It is funny because I did not even see the student because I was running around getting everything together but found out because the other students came to me. It was a hard thing for them to do because this student is their best friend but they knew that I had to know and would not approve. I made the decision to pull her from the float but now we were short a Paula Deen. My stomach started hurting again and I went into stress mode but I wasn't there long because my students came up with a back up plan immediately. WOW, now that is leadership. They not only identified wrong doing but then came up with a back up plan. I am always stressing to my students that you must be prepared for anything. Even if they don't end up in culinary, every job requires quick thinking and they must be able to solve problems quickly.

I realized that my students are good at cooking, making floats, but most of all they are good at making quick decisions. I was proud because these are the same students that last year would ask me for everything and I would emphasize how important it is that they make their own decisions. I guess I realized yesterday that being a teacher is so much more than just teaching your subject, it is teaching life lessons.

Everything went great and I actually got to sit down and enjoy what great things my students can do. I guess that is what being a teacher is all about. It is stressful but then you get to sit back and say, “Wow” my students are amazing.


Courtney said...

I know how you feel but your boss gave you some good advice (its only your second year) relax it will get better. I started out in sped. and was not sure that was for me and felt like giving up. You are building relationship with students you may not see it now but it will come. I have not had to deal with a student with drug problem but i have had students talk to me about problems at home and problems with other teachers. Alot of my students are from single family homes and dont have a father figure at home. Many see me as a friend and a father so that makes me hang in their and continue to teach. Keep your head it will get better.

Dr. M said...

Hi, Ginger - quite an interesting post - good for your students in many ways. I really like the advice your boss gave you - take care of yourself! You are so good for your students - be careful not to wear yourself out as they need you healthy and present! Woo Hoo!

Randi said...

Wow Ginger! Your post always amaze me! I know exactly what you mean about being stressed and busy. This week was also Homecoming for us... just like you had food to do, we had hair to do! Everything seemed to be going wrong. The curls would frizz because of weather, curling iron stopped working, switched a breaker, etc... But my students really did step up to the plate, they came up with a different style or different design and most of all they worked together in teams to make sure all of our clients looked as beautiful as ever! Isn't teaching wonderful!?!?!?!