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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I Sometimes Sing the Blues"

I actually sometimes sing the blues. I am feeling like Anitra and Amy. I sometimes question myself and ask, "did I make the right choice concerning this job. I actually had 2 situations that caused my some anxiety this week. HOSA the student organization for Healthcare Science host an American Red Cross Blood Drive. This caused me some stress for 2 reasons, 1) the drive was held in my classroom for the 1st time, 2) the principal is a stickler about students being in the halls without passes. We made appointments for the students about 2 weeks so that only the ones with passes or appointment cards would be around my classroom door and/or in my classroom. I rehearsed over and over in my mind day and night the entire procedure from beginning to end. The day of the blood drive was more stress. As soon as I arrived to school everyone was coming towards me at the same time, students that wanted to donate but that had not made appointments, students that had appointments that had questions or that wanted to reschedule. Also, the Red Cross workers were there with questions and concerns about the room, parking, etc. This was stressful also because I had to send my students to other classes with assignments and I had to also make sure that they were not skipping class just because they were not in my room.
Something else that posed great stress for me is the fact that I have to make sure that my Nursing Essential students will be ready by the end of November to do clinicals at the nursing home and be ready to take the written and skills state exam. They are having to miss my class because of testing for Juniors and Seniors, and we missed a day of class because of the flood. This puts me behind and has caused me great stress at times. I had an episode where my blood pressure went up and my MD had to increase my blood pressure medication. I am having to make some choices, I want to live long, and I am the only living parent that my kids have. I am having to have or take a different outlook on life - there are many things that I cannot change and that I have no control over. So my blood pressure going up is not going to change those things but will eventually cause changes in my body. To myself, what is more important. Now will this change in myself happen overnight, unless a miracle happens, it is not likely. But I will pray my way through it. My only resolve or solace is to stay focused, think on the positive things and do my best and trust the Lord to work out the rest.


Patrick said...

Wow, what an environment you have had of late. I can't imagine what I would feel like if I had to adjust a serious medication to compensate for the stress of teaching. I do recall that our Healthcare teacher had a similar experience last year with the blood drive. It was so bad that she cancelled it halfway through the day. The Red Cross flipped out on her and tried to intimidate her. Administration told her she could not cancel the drive midday. She held fast, citing that she was responsible for student safety and the drive had become indeed unsafe. She did cancel the drive, regained control, and proceded to teach a real lesson for the remainder of the day. She chose to take the heat from the boss as opposed to letting the train run off the tracks where the heat would have been more intense anyway. My point is, sometimes we can't win but we can lose strategically by our own choice. We can often control the damage if we are in control of the crash.

Suzette said...

I admire you. At least you are to the point of having a blood drive. I enjoy reading your post as I do the other HSTE instructors because it gives me insight into what I should be doing. Sometimes I feel like the requirements are not communicated clearly and I end up in communication overload. Remember to take on the role of the duck in water. The duck swims on top of the water and when he gets out of the water, it drips down from his body to the ground. You are a duck and the water will roll off your back, not over your head!

Tonya said...

I read your post, and immediately felt like I know where you are coming from! My first year teaching, I was so concerned about my health that I almost threw in the towel. I couldn't eat and I couldn't sleep. I spent so much time working on my lessons that I neglected my family. I lost 18 pounds in the first 2 months of the year. I never had a problem with blood pressure, but I became severly depressed. I cried everynight! I think it was from a mixture of being overwhelmed and exhausted. When I started considering taking a medication with horrible side effects just to get through the day, I knew I was in way over my head! I knew then that I would not return to that school another year and I didn't! Thank the Lord, I got a position at a different school and it has been much better! I still try to do a great job everyday, however, not at the expense of my health or my family. I believe that we have to take care of ourselves and our families first. Please take care of yourself!! You will not be any good to anyone else if you don't take care of you! I know as a nurse that is sometime s hard to do!