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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Can I get Over???

Hey Guys. In light of the recent post question along with the happenings of my week, I am beginning to ask myself whether I am in the correct lane or not. My reason for asking this is simple. Regardless of how well (or not so well) I prepare my lessons and the joys I feel when I assist with the cultivation my student's future, I still find myself at times missing the industry and feeling under appreciated or misunderstood by the powers that be. This is my third year in the system and I am beginning to believe my cousin who left the school system to go back into the field 3 yrs ago. I can remember being excited about landing my teaching position and calling my cousin only to hear that she was going back into Law Enforcement. She told me that she loved what she did but her school had not made AYP in the last three years and she was being to feel inadequate. While she congratulated me on my new position, she left me with these three words of warning "You will see". Well I got off the of the phone thinking.."this will never happen to me". Year one..Great. I can do this. I'm lovin' it. Year two...... fantastic. I am beginning to feel my groove. A little trying but I can handle it. Year three..I am not sure yet. Things started well. I went to school the entire summer to "per-fect" my craft so I am good. But wait...We did not make AYP for the second time in a row. My kids are not good readers, the comprehension level is off, discipline is off the charts and parental participation is nil. Oh but wait, testing is next week so they're going to use my classroom to test the 1st week in October, the 2nd week in November and the last 2 weeks in September. What will I teach? Where will my class be located? What about my equipment and books? What will my children learn? Will they remember to come to the media center on the 9th-12th, the cafeteria on the 6th 7th and 8th, and the gym on the 9th? Oh well, I'll just come up with something in spite of.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my cup runneth over. I am so frustrated until I do not know what to do. The aforementioned is just the normal rigor at my school. This does not include the assessment from Haities..that occurred during homecoming week with my 4th period class. My first two periods are awesome. They seem to get the material, they understand the activities and they are just hip. My fourth on the other hand is the complete opposite. After one of my darling babies did the "Jerk" in front of the administrator ( the one conducting my assessment) while traveling to his group, he then taped a red strip of paper on his forehead and refused to do the group activity. Group three decided to read the sports section of the paper instead of finding an article related to Law and justice. And the issues went on and on and on. I attempted to implement all of my teachings from this summer. Nothing worked. Finally the administrator had to step out for 5 minutes and I did what my 10th grade civics teacher would have done. I assumed a parental role and set the record straight. Afterwards the Administrator returned and all went back to semi-normal and the activity ended on a positive note. With that, I will end with this question, If the methods used by past teachers to teach us was so bad, then why are the majority of us successful, able to read, are without criminal records, possess moderate to exemplary work ethics, genuinely care about our fellow man, woman and child and a slew of other positive character traits???? Can someone please help me? I mean I have been at my school for 3 school terms and have had 8 different lesson plan formats. Why??? It appears that whenever someone at my school is working on their doctoral degree, the pendulum swings so that they are able to conduct their study. This in turn creates inconsistency in student learning, student discipline and teacher attendance, teacher productivity and teacher turn over. The way I figure it is, if I go back to the field, at least I know what I am dealing with. I am accustomed to thwlife cycle of most offenders and for this I am asking..Can I get over?? I do beleive it is time for me change lanes.

This is a "War Cry" !!!I am at my wits end and I am seriously considering jumping ship.


Ginger said...


I know it can be so discouraging sometimes but try to think of the positives. I know when I am discouraged my mom always has me make a pros and cons list. Many things are discouraging about teaching but when you think of what kind of a difference you are making for those kids in your 1st and 2nd blocks, that has to count for a lot.

Please stick with it and give us all a chance to encourage you when we meet again next Saturday.

I hope this week goes better and try to journal about the good things to see if that is enough to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.

GOOD LUCK and you are in my thoughts!

Anitra said...

Thanks so much Ginger for the motivation. All in all, I understand my mission and purpose. On Thursday afterschool one of my former students who is a now a college student came to see me. She said "Mrs. Jackson, I have an "A" in my Political Science class because of you. Everything my professor is teaching me..I already know because I learned it from you". I almost cried because this was same day as the day from Haities. After she left, I looked to the heavens and said.."God, why are you trying to trick me? You did this on purpose didn't you?". And that is where I am now. I don't know if it was a trick or a treat.. I will continue to put forth my all and prepare myself for 4th. Thanks again and speak with you on tomorrow.

Penelope said...

Anitra, I feel your pain. Amy is singing the same song. There are times that this can be very discouraging. All I can say is hang in there and don't give up. I have a very good Asst. Prin. that encourages me and helps me alot. If you have not, seek help from your fellow teachers, your AP, or some of our classmates that teach the same classes as you. Some things and definately some people we cannot change. But what we can change is our attitudes and the way that we choose to deal with things. There are times that we are the ones that have to change rather than looking to others to change first. The only solace that I can give is please stay encouraged and hang in there. I know that you are doing your best. If you only reach one student, then your efforts will not have been in vain. From my observation of you in class, I can tell that you are an excellent teacher and that you have alot to offer any organization of which you are affiliated with. Stay encouraged!!!

Dr. M said...

Hi, AJ - you are doing a good job and the students need your structure and firmness. I understand that it is difficult to be a source of consistency in an unsettled situation, but eventually others may rally around you as well. Stay focused on your students, show them some tough love, be an advocate for them, and they will provide you with rewarding days, along with those days where they still get under your skin. As time goes by, you will have more good days than bad, but learn how to minimize the bad days. Your students and your school need you, and you are making a difference!