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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mamane on Couselor Interview

I have yet to conduct my interview with a counselor, and I can't wait to get it done. I understand, now, that, as teachers, it's crucial to have a good relationship with the counselors. Ultimately, they are the ones who choose your students for you -- in a way. That is, those students who did not choose your program are placed in there by counselors. It's important that they understand the dynamic of the courses you teach and where those course take the students. I have had several phone conversations with counselors regarding the students they put in my classes. This year alone, I've had several students placed into my program who have had trouble with the law -- one in particular who is COURT-ORDERED to attend school and who spent time in jail for STEALING. Great candidate for a program that deals with thousands of dollars worth of equipment...

At this point, I really need to understand the counselor's point of view. I know they have a job to do, and it would help me be more patient with the decisions
they make (one counselor in particular knows my concerns with their "dumping" students in my program). I've decided to develop a brochure on Broadcast Video Production for counselors to have on hand to give to students who can't decide which pathway elective to take. I think that would take some of the burden off of the counselors who have to find a spot to plug in students. Ultimately, this should help "align" students to the pathway best for them.


Georgette said...

You make a great point. I can't wait to understand why students are placed in certain CTSO classes when they clearly do not wish to be there. I understand if the students don't get their first choice that they have to place them somewhere, I just don't understand why students who have been in trouble or who cause trouble all the time are placed in environments with very expensive equipment.

Joe Westbrook said...

I am so in your opinion and in your corner as to everything you said in your post. It is a double edge sword because it seems to be all about the number of students served. I think that CTAE has long been the so called dumping ground for the not so "Bright" student.
Good Luck!

Upward Bound said...

I see that you have two comments already but I have to add another one. I feel where you are coming from! I teach one course inwhich the students complete two courses in one year. It is quite intense and requires daily participation on a block schedule. I had two students placed in my class one month after the class started. I felt the students were set up for failure from the beginning. One of them is attending because of a court order and just feels overwhelmed with the work load. I too would like to understand how decisions are made to place students. The counselor at my school does not have initial input into the students' schedules since they are developed by the counselors at their home schools. The counselor at RCA has done a remarkable job helping me with students dealing with personal/family difficulties and ensuring that I am following appropriate guidelines in working with these students. Perhaps she can shed some light on the placement concerns that many of us have regarding our students.

Erika said...

I have had similar situations where a student was "placed" in my class b/c they were on criminal probation and the "powers that be" thought I ran a scared straight program. I don't. I teach law enforcement techniques - the career related courses, not the how to beat the police type courses. It's always a problem and the only way to keep fighting it is to get one on one with the counselors. The admin tells me to give students a "second chance". But, I feel they don't understand how sensitive the material is in the hands of someone with a criminal past.