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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Open Mic

This school year has been really good so far. I owe everything to NTI. I was told by my Principal that she really appreciated all of my efforts in working with the students and making every effort to give the students the real life applications that are needed in teaching today. I must admit last school year was difficult but moreso because I didn't have the supplies to bring the real life applications for HSTE into the classroom. This year I have some of the supplies and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to teach the students what it is I truly love doing and that is being a Nurse.

I am grateful to have met all of my fellow classmates and Instructors and the wealth of experience each one has brought to our NTI class. I have really welcomed the opportunity to network with other Career Tech Instructors especially the HSTE group. I think it should be mandatory that all new Career Tech Instructors should go through NTI before being thrown into a classroom with a set of books and 28 kids with only 14 interested in what you have to say.

Although this school year has been great, I have some concerns. I struggle with understanding students' attitudes and their lack of desire to do nothing more than sit in classes and talk while teachers are trying so hard to deliver the instructions they have stayed up late at night preparing for them. I struggle with students wanting to be given an "A" in their classes when they have not produced any quality work to receive the grade they did get. I struggle with our administrators pushing the teachers to add more rigor to the lessons but the students are not capable of producing.

As for me I realize that I can only continue to do the very best that I can to reach those individuals that want to be successful. I realize I must continue to display a positive attitude and continue to show love for my chosen profession. By doing these things and using the NTI teaching methods and strategies I am certain that I may be able help some of the students with attitudes and motivate others to learn. And that will be rigorous!


Ken Blackwell said...

I also am grateful for the support of this class and others. I understand about the students that are unwilling to take what is being offered to them. A lifetime in some cases of experience and knowledge. I worry about many of them, and wonder how they will survive in a world economy. I have to believe that a lot of their problems began at home and followed them here. Bad habbits are hard to break. Maybe some more parents will step up to the plate and help with (Their Children). KenB

ConnieB said...

After reading most of the posts for this week, I think we all have a common theme of frustration with student apathy. I took see this everyday. I wonder why a student would take an elective course and then do nothing only to be failing the class or getting a low 70. I have always been very upfront with what is covered in this class. Mostly NOT HAND ON. I explain that is is the "realy world" to have to know your book knowledge first and formost. I think I bend over backwards most times to make the lesson fun, change it up, and offer plenty of time to do work. I have just decided that I am not goning to be phased by their poor interest and plug on like I don't even see it. I announce due dates, I keep an eagle eye out in class for slackers and call them out quickly infront of the whole group and let them know that what they are working on will affect their grade. It is all we can do. We are not responsible for their attitudes.

Dr. M said...

Hi, Brenda - you are absolutely on the right track and your challenge will be to remain positive and challenging to your students. Remember they have been conditioned to behave this way from other classes where they may really just sit amongst 30 or so other students. Trying to change that up and get them excited and involved is a big challenge, but one that you are uniquely equipped to handle given your career experience and passion for that career. Your NTI skills will only get better with use and experience and you will soon have many different techniques for keeping your students motivated.

Great comments from Ken and Connie as well.