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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Open Mic topic

I would have to say that overall this year is going better than last year. It is nice to know students, to know the routine, and have most lessons planned out with ready material. However, I am still getting overwhelmed with administrative work, grading homework, and coworkers. We have had a record number of teachers leave the school already. I have a fellow teacher that I feel close to tell me this week that she has also made the decision to leave and she stated clearly that the main reason is feeling lack of appreciation. She has been at my school for 5 years. She said she passed an administrator in the hall, smiled friendly and said hi and got no response back. It tipped her scale to want to leave. I come from a work setting, health care system, that has tons of paper work, high stress physically and mentally, but the work load and stress put on you as a teacher seems more overwhelming to me than dealing with a person who is critically ill or dying. It may be that I felt well trained and prepared for that through my nursing education. However, I also had tons of support and always felt I was working on a team and saw team work. I rarely see fellow teachers, we are just ships passing in the night, and when we do get together we don't spend time bonding just gripping. I am amazed at the lack of support for new teachers. I just have one year under my belt yet I am given work and told to do things like I should know and have always known what to do. I was at a meeting being given extra administrative work because I am homeroom teacher to 11th graders (mind you I don't actually have any of them in my actual classes) and when I asked questions and acted expressed being overwhelmed I had another teacher say snidely, "welcome to the world of education". I have never had an administrator ask me how I am doing. No wonder teachers don't last very long in this profession.


paulette said...

Sounds like a lot of things are going well for you regarding the students and your teaching in the classroom. Sorry to hear about the lack of support from administration and some of the staff. When staff is negative it tends to spread like a virus. I had a similar situation last year when I visited the teacher's lounge on several occasions. Several teachers were discussing others teachers and saying very negative things about them. I was very uncomfortable with what they were discussing and decided to stop going to the lounge area. Since our lunch is only 30 minutes this year the situation has not presented itself and I am very glad. May be helpful for you to find a teacher at your school who would be a good mentor to provide you with additional support. I have found that teachers who love what they do are more than happy to help someone who is new and trying.

Stacy P. said...

I agree with this comment. I have done a lot to develop the program based on the standards but it is hard to believe that anyone in the front office is watching because they only say something to you if you have a complaint against you. Many of the staff are telling me "I told you so" and I don't want to hear the negative stuff from the teachers or the administration. I need some type of positive feedback just like the students do, however that is not happening at all from administration. My coworkers have provided me with a lot of encouragement and stated they have gotten many ideas from me and my classroom (Thanks to NTI) and that is great. They are helping me to work through the issues with the front office.

bernardo said...

Hi Connie,

It’s funny you talk about all the paper work and some of the frustration some of your co- workers are experiencing. We have several new teachers at my high school who are ready to quit. They are frustrated with the system as well as all the paper work. I have spoken to several of them who are ready to leave the teaching profession and willing to leave at any cost.


Dr. M said...

Hi, Connie - yes, those are all downsides of education but surely there one or two teachers nearby who are positive-minded that you can visit and bounce ideas off of. But remember your students are the ultimate source of feedback and if you stay focused on them the other issues may seem less stressful. I would also suggest that you learn to say no to 'extra' work, and staying out of the teacher's lounge, as Paulette says, is a must. Staying in touch with your NTI pals will also help with positive feedback from peer professionals, as those relationships may last a long time.

I am having lunch this week with two teachers that I met at NTI 30 years ago and we have maintained relations all these years. Sad to say, but sometimes your best (or only) good feedback comes from outside your school. Hang in there and keep up the good work! What's that saying about doing your best even when no one is watching? But your students always are and they need you.

Ken Blackwell said...

I am truly sorry for your lack of support. I am blessed with the staff at my school. I try to stay away from the complainers and in the process have found the remainder to be helpful and supportive. This work is the most challenging I have done in years, and I agree that is largely due to this being new.

Ken Blackwell said...

I am truly sorry for your lack of support. I am blessed with the staff at my school. I try to stay away from the complainers and in the process have found the remainder to be helpful and supportive. This work is the most challenging I have done in years, and I agree that is largely due to this being new.