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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week 3 - classroom or laboratory management

Time. I need more time. Then I could manage my class/lab better. I could also use another pair of eyes. More supervision. Then I could manage my class/lab better. I really need updated equipment. Yes, equipment that works. Then I could manage my class/lab better. Oh wait. I'm supposed to pick only one problem with class/lab management. I'd have to say, that if I weren't putting out fires all day long, trying to fix one equipment issue or another, and trying to monitor all my students scattered from one room to another... time management wouldn't be an issue. I have lesson plans that I follow, or try to at least. There are so many other things that demand my attention: planning period meetings, responding to e-mail from parents, teachers, admin, etc., Ok, Ok. That all is a part of being a teacher, but without administrative support and professional learning in my content area, things would be a bit smoother. I could use a refresher course in broadcast (I need an engineering course!), maybe I could be more effective. I'd like for the admin to better understand my position and the class I teach.

However, looking back at what I've done with my classes last year, and thus far this year... maybe I shouldn't be such a perfectionist. Maybe I shouldn't want my program to be nearly identical to a real television station. Maybe I should let go a little and give my students a substandard education in broadcast video production...



RS said...


Yes Amy, I know what you mean about refresher courses. Even though I understand the engineerign principles and how the equipment works we still need to know how that equipment was intended to be taught from the manufactuer of the training equipment. Its like buying a new TV and figuring how the remote works, or buying a car. On a new car you start down the road and you have to figure out which side of the steering column the blinker is on. Then you stop for gas and the tank is on side or maybe it is hidden under the tag or under a tail light, ( Oh, that was in the 1950's ;>), Any how we need to have refresher courses to stay updated and have the correct approach for teaching the material the way it was intended from the designer and producer.

I do feel you pain but that will make us stronger.

Good Luck.

RS in Alpharetta

Teresa said...

When teachers refuse to let up, constantly push themselves for improvement, and strive for perfection, then you have a good teacher! Stressed, YES, but a teacher that focuses on the students. I second the "time" issue too. When I feel like I am actually getting things under control (always temporary) I hear the announcement for a faculty meeting. Then we are usually told, "we should have gotten this to you sooner, sorry, it's due tomorrow" UGH! I also recognize the fact that administrators often don't know our needs. I had new computers last year, they removed them this summer and replaced them with something that resembles a computer but has few programs that I can use. Not even word! And, only 2 working computers. HELLO out there, how can my students research? Anyway, we do get by and provide our students with quality learning. It's the passion to share something that we love that keeps us teaching, whether we can find enough time in the day....or not!

Ken Blackwell said...

I also feel your pain, with no technology, my lab is half together, still in (The Works). I am writing and printing things for every assignment. The admin. is a major issue in itself. This is annother class that should be taught! And additional duties such as volunteer or get volunteered. The additional work load, and like you say, no idea of our subject requirements is baffeling. I like you feel I am getting it together at times only to have another fire. Time management is not my friend, but I hope to tame him/her.
Ken in Paulding

chappstick said...

It would really be great to have to broadcasting teachers in one class... I have had that thought many times. Someone to counterbalance what you know. Hey I understand were you are coming from I have been there before because equipment does "magically" break when the students touch them.

My suggestion would be to try to put more responsibility on the students because the more that you do the less they will feel they must do, such as editing the show they just assume that you are going to do it. One thing I have to constantly remind myself is that as much as I want things to be run like a really tv station those students for the most part could care less and you start to overwhelm them. I had to come to a compromise that as much as I wanted it to be perfect they can only do up to certain levels. I still push them to get better at the craft but I have to be sure I don't push them away from loving this great industry.

Georgette said...

This is exactly what I've been thinking myself. We definitely need classroom/laboratory assistance. I don't understand how we're supposed to handle all the administrative teaching duties.

Georgette said...

This is exactly what I've been thinking myself. We definitely need classroom/laboratory assistance. I don't understand how we're supposed to handle all the administrative teaching duties.

Joe Westbrook said...

Amy, I also feel your pain along with others that have responded to your post. Time management is one the hardest duties that I have now. Never mind all the distractions that are constantly heading our way, we have to follow some type of outline or calendar. That calendar has to be our lesson plans. The monitoring and interuptions of every class are issues that have to be tolerated. The number of "jobs" that we all have, has added to the demands of our limited attention. Follow the general outline, but be flexible when following the lesson plans. Your adminstration should be supportive at all times. You need to keep them in the loop so to speak. Email the lesson plans that you make for each week. If you get off track, email the reasons why. No one can be perfect all the time. As we have seen in class this past week, all of us "know our content", but we must get our students motivated to learn this content