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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post 3

Well I don't know if this really qualifies, but the problem that I am have is with my principal. Last year he wanted me to move my advanced class that makes the news shows to the 4th period class because he wanted them to do interviews during lunch so they wouldn't be in the hallway, now he has a problem with my students being in the lunchroom saying that "its not my students but the people that they are interviewing that are the problem." So now I have to keep explaining that to my students. He suggested that I lecture the class or take them into someone else class to shoot everything, neither of those will work because they have successfully passed the lecture part of broadcasting and you cant plan news to go in someone's class to interview. This is very unfair to my students and they become upset and the explain to the administration that this is how they get graded.  My school seems to be the only school with a broadcasting class that there is a problem going to broadcast. I have figured ways around it but its just disappointing to my students.


Amy said...

Chap, I feel your pain. I'm not sure if he'll like it or not, but perhaps you can show your principal a copy of the Broadcast Video Production standards. He may take it as a slap in the face, but sounds like he needs a wake up call. It's impossible to "teach to the standards" when the administration doesn't allow you to teach to the standards. It may be possible he thinks of the BVP classes as just making videos. But if fact, you are the school's news organization. ENG and EFP go far beyond just making videos.

I have a lesson I give my students on Professional Ethics... how to apporach a teacher to request an interview with a student, working quickly and efficiently to expedite the interview, etc. I can e-mail that to you and the quiz I give them. I drill it their heads so nothing ever comes back to me about rude or misbehaving students "out in the field."

I'd like to ask your principal to go home and watch the news, and imagine there were NO reporters. Then ask him how much news he learned.

Lori said...

I agree with Amy. Being a broadcasting teacher as well, I have a few suggestions. If you had a designated place for your students to interview people, maybe it would be less threatening to the principal. Is there a place in your classroom that students could get passes to be interviewed ? This might seem less unobtrusive to the principal. The interviewees could leave lunch to go to your class with a pre-arranged pass. Or, at least the interview would be conducted away from the lunch confusion. Maybe on Friday's, which are normally more low key school days, the principal would agree to the broadcasters getting the random interviews. I give my film crew broadcasting tags, that make them appear more official. How about conducting interviews at school functions such as plays, games and concerts? Lastly, you should get an administrative advocate on your side. I have one with the technology administrator (assistant principal) who advocates for me and with whom I feel comfortable telling my concerns. Broadcasting is definitely difficult to teach because it is unconventional. I think that if we all stick with it, after time it will become normal like many of the other technology classes.

Lori said...
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