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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Open Mic

I would have to say that teaching an independent study class has been the most challenging of my teaching experience thus far. Keeping this group of kids engaged is turning my hair gray by the minute. It isn't that there is lack of work to do, it's lack interest on the part of the students. Perhaps the projects I assign aren't interesting enough. A friend suggested that during down time, I should have the students "log editing hours." When they have completed their part of an assignment, they can use that time to practice editing. They can also do the same for "logging video hours" when they practice different camera tricks. I hope to implement this next week.

I have given them a lot of latitude. I let them choose their own video projects, but all they want to do is watch videos made by other people. I encourage them to emulate the videos they enjoy so much, but it's like pulling teeth. I am very disappointed in this class. I had a lot of high expectations because I would have a good sized class of third year students, and I've been let down. I'm convinced that these students just don't care because three years ago, they signed up for a class that had no rules or boundaries. I don't think I can rehabilitate these students. There's a handful who want to do well, but most just aren't motivated.

All of you video broadcast teachers! Give me everything you have for 3rd year students, the independent study class. I need suggestions; I need ideas; I need a miracle!


Mark said...

I feel for you and your problem. I am not a video broadcast person but I have had a class of students that I could not motivate no matter how hard I tried. The harder I tried the more they seem to disengage. Then one day I decided to give the class an out of class assignment to see if I could get them motivated. Much to my surprise, the class started coming around and learning became the main focus for the majority. This is what I did, I had the students find a police officer and ask him for some item that police have or use during their shift. At first I though the class was going to leave and never come back. I was wrong again. Every student took the assignment in stride. When the project was due, I was surprised at all the different items the students got from different police officers. This one assignment seems to make a big difference in the attitude of the overall class. It just goes to show you the smallest thing can make a big difference.

AimeeMcD said...

If I were you I think I would tighten up a bit. The students are getting the best of you. good luck!

chappstick said...

Hey its me chapp and I had this problem at first because I inherited a video class like that one when I came and the school year had already started I walked in to a battlefield. My third year gets lazy from time to time but they have those spells and it really tees me off, I have had some of my students watch your students stuff and the have remade you breeze freeze commercial, but dont get frustrated when they do this I threating them with book work and then give them a deadline for things to be turned in and grade the project for every little mistake and they will usually pull it together, the practicing idea usually doesn't get them to motivated I tried the practicing pro shots also and that didn't work but if you give the a grade everyday on what they do and they can actually see their grade dropping from daily work and not doing that pushes them sometimes. Trust me I know how you feel this made me want to ram my head into a wall because it was so much they could be doing. now once they get it together and my show is completed I give them some down time trust me hang in there it will turn around especially after the last group of students that had the former teacher leaves. (we have some video on in the search type in LHS pop tart and watch that commercial and there is a show under Lovejoy High School) let your kids check that out and let me watch some of your kids stuff. Hang in there

Dr. M said...

Hi, Amy - is it possible to sit down with these students and brainstorm project ideas that they may be interested in? I assume they are seniors, so having them do a senior project (or two or three), where they have to work together and do a presentation at the finale may serve to motivate.

They should be concerned about what they will be doing next year, so a project that gets them looking towards life after high school should peak their interest. They could interview people in their chosen field, research hot topics in that field, interview and/or research post secondary teachers or required programs of study needed for entry into that field, etc.

Gerald said...

I understand. I have two on line health classes. I do not get their grades on their assignments until it is too late to do anything about it. All these kids have laptops and have forty nine minutes every day to do their work, however, some of them work on other things and when i get their results they have zeros for being late with their assignment.