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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Class Activity, A tale of two classes

During the lab portion of my classes I divide the class into work groups or work teams of two or three members.

During most of the classes the groups work fairly well sharing information as they learn and assist each other. Sometimes it gets very busy with people calling out my name for assistance. That is good since they are active and learning. Although they are like all groups, even adults, they can get off track but can be encouraged to get back on track. They enjoy producing things and meeting the challenges. The students show positive attitudes with respect and responsibility to each other and the equipment.

But all is not perfect. In one of my classes there are a couple of students that do not take much of anything seriously. I have tried to apply motivation and understand their modality or preferred learning. I have come to the conclusion some students should not be in some classes either because of their individual ability or capabilities. These students do not have the touch or patients to work with some equipment. I have seen drill bits burned and dulled by using to much pressure, hydraulic lines and air lines improperly connected, plastic material wasted because of rushing through the module to fast and damage not reported. This seems to follow just a few students. Some students are just sneaky. Again I am speaking of only one or two students that just seem to not get it.

As I have tried many techniques to resolve this, I have become increasingly aware that some students do not need to be in some classes. They often end up in a class because they do not fit anywhere else and end up in a class at a cost, a cost that can sometimes be counted in dollars or even worse an effect that cannot be measured. I/We continue to look for solutions for these special students and hopefully there will be a positive pay off somewhere in their future.

RS in Alpharetta


Lori said...

I think you are doing a good job. Maybe you could take the 2 or 3 that are disruptive and get them out of the group doing something else. IF the group as a whole is doing well, then remove the ones who are disruptive. GIve them some busy work that is productive for you and non-distractive to the class. If they truly want to be involved in the activity, then they will shape up. If they are not interested in the class, then it won't hurt them to do something else.

Dr. M said...

Ron - don't forget to contact parents for assistance with these students. Also, have they had enough hands-on practice with tools, drills, etc., prior to using them on projects? Every skill needed to complete various projects requires specific demo's and supervised practice so that they won't burn up all your drill bits and such. If they haven't mastered the various skills, then that student should not attempt the project.