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Blog Post - Week 7
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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
For the past couple of weeks you have experienced asynchronous online learning (doing modules by yourself). Previously this semester you have experienced synchronous online learning (all together in the Collaborate room). Which do you think is more effective and why do you think that? Which do you like better, and why?

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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 1
Describe something you used in your program in the first weeks of school that you learned in the summer NTI program. How did it work? Did it get you off to a stronger start than last year?

Friday, September 19, 2008

What Has Worked For Papa Joe

The first weeks have flown by! With NTI starting back and my school administrators adding a lot of additional studies and duties ( Differential and Learning Focus Strategies, Emergency Updates, Security and Traffic Control), things have been hectic to say the least. I would not be where I need to be without the classroom management plan and the first weeks of school completely done in my notebook. I have followed these notes to the letter, and it has worked. The behavior issues have mild compared to other schools in our district, especially the first two weeks. It was almost too quiet. I thought something was wrong with my first two classes. It seemed way too smooth. The class and shop rules are posted ( the ones we made this summer) and no edits had to be made. Having everyone follow the classroom procedures and having students help me, has really helped. The 9th grade classes have just started the shop organization ( the Shop Foreman, Parts and Tool Manager, Technician roles) This has been a true blessing. I never would have thought that it would work, but it really has. The students selected for some of the leadership roles were not the best or brightess, but what a difference it has made for most of them. It may be somewhat a play role, but has been taken seriously by all. They do not want to be fired by me! Some students were inspired by the fact that I choose them.

Some things have not been perfect. I got off my lesson plan schedule and I am a little behind. Not all my students want to be here. They seemed to make it their goal at times to stop learning. Not all the behavior techniques work all of the time. The additional duties and studies have taken their toll on my time. I expressed my frustration last Saturday about how to multi task all the time and how to cope with the constant interuptions. Meetings, parents, teachers, students wanting passes, emails, the radio and intercom. I sometimes got emails during the day that I know nothing about and because I do not read them during instruction time or between classes, some things do not get done.
Overall I am happy, I am thankful for the successes that I have experienced the first six weeks of this school year. I look forward to even more ideas through these blogs.


andrea strommen said...

I feel your pain about the meetings. My mondays consist of morning meetings, class, then lunch duty, then class again, check a few emails when I have a second, then it's down to Atl for class again. I have fallen behind from where I would like to be in my class. I'm still stuck on safety for my 5th & 6th periods. My other classes are in the shop or getting started in the shop. When I find the magic fix for having to multi-task every second of the day you will be the fist to know! I'm struggling with getting my work graded, because I'm spending all my time in meetings and training/professional learning and responding to emails. I have several students out in ISS just about everyday, and haven't seen two since the third day of school. I am starting to make myself a calendar schedule so that I can time limit myself on how long I'm doing emails and grading so that I don't end up being a stressed out mess before friday. I think if I only allow myself to do school things for two hours or so a day outside of school, I wouldn't stress out so much about keeping up with the lawn and my house. Good luck, and let me know if you have any ideas!

Ken Blackwell said...

Join the class, I have been issued
five like students in the last ten days. I now understand what they mean by dumping ground. The students do not want to be in the class, are unhappy, are are spreading negativity. The administration portion of our day
keeps me as occupied as lesson plans and teaching. I like you need to find a groove. It is alot of multitasking, but I remind myself others are making it, and seem to do it effortlesly.

Dr. J said...

Please don't try for perfection. We will never get there and you'll frustrate yourself. At some point you have to say, "This is good enough." Remember not everything works every time. Stay the course and stay consistent and you'll do great. The interruptions are just part of the job, unfortunately. Over time you'll get a little numb to it and it won't be quite as bothersome. Are there any that you could pro-act about? Dr. J.