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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Penny - Week 2


Something that really surprised me this year has been my lab clean-up process. Since I teach architecture and engineering classes, my classroom is generally very messy. Timing does not always allow for a proper clean up of the room so I decided to make Friday my clean up day. But, I make my juniors and seniors do it. So I implemented this new system two weeks ago and it was amazing. Before my class came in, I had made a list of jobs (enough for everyone) and posted it on the projector screen so everyone could see it. I explained what had to be done and they all volunteered for their positions. I turned on some music and set everyone in motion...and to my astonishment, everyone was performing their job and even helping others when they were finished. The room became an army of cleaners.

Since then, every Friday we have done the same thing. They know to come in, sign in for a job on a first come first serve basis and begin as soon as I enter the room. It is great. It is almost like they look forward to it. My surprise is that this works. Its not a miracle type operation but when you put responsibility and ownership into the hands of the students they respond. I guess if an easy management system can work to clean, it can work for just about anything!


Amy said...

I think that is such a fantastic idea. I tried doing it every day, but that failed. So far, I've totally forgotten about it and the studio and control room and the equipment room and editing bays are a fright. I have one classroom manager in each class and that will be his/her job from now on... to make sure the "Friday cleanup" gets done. Heaven knows, I certainly won't remember it. But it's amazing how much the students get excited about a little bit of ownership - even if it is just cleaning up. It's something they can take pride in.

I'm certainly going to follow your lead on this one. Thanks for the encouragement.

ConnieB said...

The key you found was the right reward for the task. Just as Dargo got his student's interest and cooperation with giving them free time to talk after all work was completed, you gave them an opportunity to listen to music while cleaning up. I may be wrong in that the music was the motivator but we know that if the reward is something we are interested in then we are more likely to strive for it. If I could care less that I am going to get a free tshirt for doing a volunteer job I won't do it but if I am going to get a dinner coupon for $25 at my favorite restaurant I will be jumping up and getting the job done lickety split. I think that you and Dargo are tunned into what the students value as a reward and it was worth their wild. That is why we need to stay plugged into our students to know what they like, value, find hip, etc. We need to know the music they listen to, the shows they watch, the fashion trends they like, and the food and drinks that are popular. I think they respect us more when we try to know them in that manner.

Dr. M said...

David - great idea, especially about task definition and letting them choose and also playing music. Two questions: 1)can you go all week without cleanup?, and 2) is that all you do on Friday's?