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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2nd week

Something shocking! I would think at this point nothing would shock me. However, Friday I had a student share with me her family issues. The student had been taken away and put in a group home, she then ran away from the group home because of the environment. She has just recently been returned to the custody of her mother and step-father. The living conditioned have not improved, they have gotten worse (if that is even possible). After a long discussion with her, I call the school social worker to report it. Later that day, the girl is called to the social workers office but is too scared to report anything. The fear of returning to the group home is too much for her.
I am unsure how to help and protect the students who know the system. I can not blame them for their mistrust. That is all they have ever known. I know the law requires me to report any incident and I do that. How do I get them the help they need and deserve?
I went home Friday night and held my daughter very tight. I told her how much I loved her and how proud I am of her. Teaching puts a new prospective on my home life.


Teresa said...

I believe that sometimes the only stability in a childs life is at school. At school they are fed, there is consistency in routine as well as discipline, and there are people who recognize them as individuals. When a student confides in you that means that they know you care. The hard part is having to report because that trust can be broken, but it has to be done. There are no easy solutions and we often take kids home with us (in our hearts and minds) but our focus must be on what can I, as a teacher, do for this child at school. We can hopefully provide a safe enviromnment, we can be role models and we can show compassion -with certain limits. I cannot imagine being a young person with such fear. Continue to hug your daughter and be the compassionate teacher that you are.

Dr. M said...

Aimee - Have you spoken with the school counselor about the situation?

Georgette said...

Hi Aimee,
This happened to me too. I guess I was really naive when it comes to the kids having real problems. I don't really know how to handle it, but the guardian to my student asked for a meeting with all of her teachers....when we met, she expressed that she wanted us to work together to help the student and that made me feel really good. The student has not confided in me, but is very responsive when I speak to her about her class work and really expresses a desire to learn and keep up with the rest of the class. I think she feels safe at school and that is such a good thing. Having them feel safe, not hungry and feeling like they belong is a great accomplishment. We just have to keep doing what we do and these kids will feel our true intentions, either now or one day in the future, to help make life better for them. Hang in there!