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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Venting time...

I need to speak with someone professional..LOL
This is rather personal but it's "REAL LIFE" and I need to get it off my chest..
I have been very upset lately( approx. 1 week and counting)...
My wife's cousin who moved here a few years ago with his four kids and wife are two GROWN MESSY(in terms in handling personal matters) make a long story short....My wife and I have one of his kids because of some neglect/abuse issues in the home...Well the child's father(my wife's cousin) works out of town and his wife has three boys at the house(all which are older) in addition to the youngest(which isn't hers biologically) and the child(the youngest -with us now) reported that he has been mistreated and "beat up" by the other boys with no intervention from the adult....needless to say DFACS was contacted....
We don't usually see them often(they stay across town) however we never noticed anything out the is what I am ticked off about....The cousin has a sister here in town(single, financially secure, lives alone) very successful real estate agent(name and face posted on billboards around Atlanta)..anyway...she refuses to take in HER NEPHEW(keep in mind she was the contact on the school records) the cousin calls the Wright's and BAM!!!...we have the child...Now the problem isn't the child..not at all it is not in my DNA or my wife's to leave a child out or watch someone be mistreated...our parents demonstrated this trait and thankfully it has passed on to me and also to my wife.....we have plenty of room at our home and it's not an inconvenience...not even a little bit..
..getting back to why I am so MAD...... my wife and I have to answer to a case worker, social worker, investigator, lawyer, all in reference to this matter..... i get MAD! because I feel we are being interrogated MORE than the person at FAULT..which are the sorry PARENTS!
i mean they have inspected& examined my house, income, job, refrigerator...yes I said refrigerator...they have drug tested me and my wife....EVERTHING!...I understand WHY it's necessary however I don't have to like it....and the more I think about her cousin and his wife the more I want to 'cause bodily harm' to them....mainly because of the treatment of a child , but some is because of the hoops we have to jump through because of the negligence on their part....
I need to speak with someone because my attitude is starting to show and it's showing at work...and I try to hide how I am feeling but it's hard....
His father is still away on business(seems to me a matter involving my child wouldn't keep me away from any place or anytime!, hum!!!)
In a matter of five days we have gone to court twice...and have another one this week.
I missed my Saturday class because of this matter...we had Social Workers, and Investigators from the Child Advocacy at our home all this week and weekend....
Thank goodness for a BLOG..... how was that for a "spring break" that!



Mortissa said...

As I told you earlier, I respect what you and your wife are doing. You all will truly be blessed. Besides talking to me, we have an Employee Assistance program offered through our benefits if you want to speak to a professional. I'll email you. Stay prayed up and everything will work of for the good.

joec said...

Rest assured, God does not put any more on your plate than you can handle. If these things are happening, it is all part of God's plan; they are happening for a reason. Continue to do what you are doing, and I may have to root for the Cowboys. In all seriousness, if you need to speak to a counselor - my wife was a social worker for almost 30 years. She knows all of the laws, etc. Keep your chin up.