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Blog Post - Week 7
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Fall Semester 2016 Blog Post - Week 6
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Why become a teacher? Why stay?

Well, for me, this one is easy! And my short answer is I never DID actually leave my old profession!! I mean seriously, I still do all of what I did before: work in professional studios; work in my home studio; create music; record, edit & mix audio. I mean geez, I feel blessed for the fact that MY profession was brought to the high school level. I suppose it’s the kid in me, or, the future father in me that decided that working with juniors and seniors in high school could be I went for it. The bottom line here for me--and I feel that this SHOULD be true for all teachers when it comes to teaching a highly advanced, rapidly changing technological field--is that if I don't keep on "working in the industry" then I become obsolete to this kids literally, within years. My subject matter just simply CAN'T be taught from the sidelines and without doing it. Prime example: In our recording lab & studio, we are now officially running 4 different versions of our MAIN audio software, Pro-Tools v.6.9, 7.0, 7.3 and 7.4. And believe me ya'll, there ARE some 'major' differences between the two. So for me, that REALLY, REALLY keeps me on my toes. I find myself coaching one student on the multiple mouse clicks it takes to get something done in version 7.0, and verbally answering another student's question about a different version and a different-albeit shorter-series of steps! It truthfully lets me see where I've come from and how fast things change. Again, if I wasn't at home in my home studio doing all of these things every day then it would only be a matter of years that I become old news. I MUST keep my head in the industry or I could not do what I do in the classroom. So for me? I never did leave my "other gig," I just found a new way to merge the two!!

And as far as coming back to work for a new year? I TRULY LOVE WHAT I DO. I can honestly tell people (and I do, often) that I am getting more non-monetary rewards and good vibes back from this job more than any other. Of course, I still pursue my "dream job" of working for Lucas out at Skywalker Ranch and ILM....but other than that or mixing the next Platinum whatever, I'm here to stay. Of course, as long as I feel that my knowledge and age serve these kids 100%. Once I start to become "old news," I'll get out before I'm asked to leave! My main goal while I'm a teacher is to do right by the kids and once I feel that I'm not serving them, then it's "Crockett, out."

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joec said...

Where do I sign up for your class? I am a true music lover - my taste is all over the board. However, I have no ear or talent whatsoever. I can barely play the radio. My guess is that you have kids lined up to the keno table trying to sign up! Your enthusiasm is obviously real; you can't fake it.