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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Teenager murders his mom and two sisters

I'm sure you all have seen the news about the 17 year old boy from Gwinnett County who murdered his mother (a sheriff's deputy) and his two younger sisters (age 11 and 4). When the news first came on TV, they did not think the boy was a suspect. I felt so sorry for him. He came home and the police were there and he learned that his family had been murdered. Then, the next day, the news says that he committed the murder. No reason has been given as to WHY?

It has made me so sad. What happened that could cause a kid to do something so horrific? I guess we don't know what all was going on in this kid's life, or what kind of home situation he might have had. I hope the news will tell us the motive.

I guess this kid was completely out of Poker Chips, huh?


Perry said...

i heard that briefly up here the day it happened...our local news said sheriff's deputy and 2 kids killed..approximately 30 min. after the crime was found the deputies 17 year old son showed up...that sounded strange to me and i told my wife then that the boy had done it...makes you wonder what goes though their minds

jjumack said...

Incidents like this make you wonder are their signs we miss seeing in our teens. Based on reports this child did not outwardly exhibit any odd or noticeable behaviors, according to his classmates. Is it possible for him to have just snapped or what could trigger him to kill all who were close to him ? God only knows. It will be interesting to hear his story if and when he talks.

Connie said...

Today is Monday and there still does not seem to be a reason why he did this. Yes, from all accounts he was a good kid. Why did he do this horrible thing?

Mortissa said...

It was a very unfortunate incident. I think about my relationship with my parents and things were not always that good, but I have never felt that way about my parents. You never know what people go through. No matter how much we study the causes of crime, you never really know what causes a person to lose control like that. Can things really be that bad?

Steven Vinsant said...

I'm afraid that you have been introduced to what I call the
" 1975 Factor". My brother and sister Public Safety teachers will agree(I hope)that in 1975, corporal punishment was banned from the public school system. In 1995, those kids were the very
#@$%@ we were forced to deal with on the street. They had no direction and no plan. They blamed everything they did on us and their main goal was...not to better themselves...but to learn how to get away with all they could in a better way. Now we're dealing with their children and with the same lack of direction, discipline and control, you not only have the formula for disaster, you have the result of a generation who, when you call them about their child, say ..."My boy would have never done that". Now that family you speak of says it to the tune of a funeral song. Sorry, but I have no jokes for this one.