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Monday, March 3, 2008

House Bill SB 506

I don't claim to be a political individual for the most part. Last week, I was called into the superintendent's office and asked to sit on a board for our school regarding a House Bill that is on the table. I'm curious to know if any of you have heard of this and what your school might be doing in response to it. I'm still undecided as to how I REALLY feel about it. The super may not have the very best person in mind (however it being healthcare related she's sure to hear my opinions!!)Below is an exerpt of the bill that I received via email. Comments please!!

The next bill considered is one that requires Body Mass Index (BMI) testing of each student at the beginning and at the end of each school year. The bill, SB 506, requires that the results be reported in aggregate to the Department of Education's Coordinator of Education. Each school is also required to provide at least the minimum instruction in physical education prescribed by the State Board of Education. Data collected (in aggregate, by school) will be included on the DOE web site, and a school that does not provide the data or does not meet the physical education instruction requirement shall be designated by the state board as an "unhealthy school zone" or similar designation.

After considerable discussion -- and a failed attempted amendment -- regarding eliminating sugar in schools, the bill received a Do-Pass as amended. the amendment requires that the BMI testing be conducted be "confidential."


Dwayne Connors said...

What is thier reasoning behind this bill? It seems thier findings would be very unreliable if they're trying to get our schools, through physical education, to control obesity among teenagers or to provide some other means of health improvement. Thier efforts would be effected by a students habits outside of the classroom. They can't make schools responsible for a students better health either. If they think that most of our schools don't need improvement as far as the types of foods that are served in the lunchrooms, well they're crazy! So much of the food that is served in our school is fried. Again, what's the reasoning?

Julie J. said...

That's what I'm still trying to figure out myself Dwayne. Why are they blaming the schools?? Are we next going to be responsible for raising these kids? What happened to parents??

Perry said...

talk about parental complaints coming in!!!!! one of our teachers photographed a student misbehaving and his mother was livid...if we have to tape test the boy she is liable to come to the school with firearms in hand....whats next, PT for the first 30 minutes of class? im kinda for it i least if we PT i wouldnt have to find time to exercise on my own

Connie said...

Julie, I read about this in the paper yesterday. How in the world are the schools going to implement this? Yes, I think we need to get rid of the sugary drinks and junk food in the vending machines. But we (the schools) are not with kids 24/7. The parents need to be examples for their kids and instill healthy eating and exercise habits by doing it themselves.

President Kennedy made it mandatory that all kids have PE when I was in high school. I thought that all kids were still having PE. A few years ago, I asked my grandson about his PE classes and he told me he didn't have to take PE anymore because he took it last semester. I couldn't believe it! I said what are you talking about? President Kennedy made it MANDATORY! He told me President Kennedy was dead. I guess the mandatory PE classes died with him...

President Kennedy said a strong mind and a strong body go together. You need a strong body to develop a strong mind....

I'll be curious to see how this bill goes.

Corey C said...

Here's a thought: a TIME magazine that was from last year (but that I keep FIRMLY planted in my classroom) was one that my students find interesting. The cover asks the question if Americans worry about the wrong things. In the article, there is a 'pyramid graph of death,' literally showing the numbers of Americans that die from various things. Well, of course, at the top was the "other" column that included rare things like lightening strikes, shark attacks, snake bites, and some other bizarre ways to kick that big bucket. BUT! Do you know what was on the bottom of the pyramid, supporting the whole thing? HEART DISEASE!! Over 650,000 Americans die EVERY YEAR from heart disease and heart-related problems. Personally, I think "nipping it in the bud" is long overdue. And this is coming from a guy that has a fairly Libertarian view on 'big-brother' and big government. Just a thought!