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Monday, February 4, 2008

Yo Yo Yo, Open mic in the hizzouse!

Im sorry if I offend anyone, its not intentional but you did say OPEN MIC! So I have this little issue in my 4th block and I've never been faced with this in my life but its really starting to bother me a bit...........

I have an openly gay male student in my class. He is talkative and extremely sassy. He is constantly talking and causing disruption. I have spoken with this kid in the hall before about his disruption and its only gotten somewhat better. On several occasions, I have heard this student talking trash about me (I.E. sexual type nature things) and I have just overlooked it and pretend that I didnt hear it. The other day, I noticed that he was carrying his folder (the kind with the clear cover) and it had a picture of me in it he had printed off a motocross website.

OK, if I could just get him to stop disrupting class I could probably, maybe, overlook the rest. Any ideas on this??? Without starting a gay discrimination war possibly???


steve said...

I think you should deal with this student as you would any other student disrupting class.In my second week of teaching as a new teacher I had a similar problem,I got a new student and the third day he was there I caught him on the computer looking at gay porn.There was no discussion I took him to the office and let them deal with the problem.I was too shocked to worry about reprocussions.He never returned to my classroom.Obviously he had already been in trouble for similar things.

Jessie H said...

I agree with Steve. However, if you think this student might accuse you of discrimination against him because he is gay, then I would recommend confronting this student about his behavior with a third and/or fourth party present-- i.e. a parent, guidance counselor, assistant principal, etc. Restrict your comments to his disruptive behavior, and avoid saying anything about his sexual orientation. Whew! this is really a tough one.

wesley said...

I also agree with Jessie. I think the main thing is to follow protacol. Call parents,talk with student with another teacher or someone from adminitsration. It is our job to control our class;but if someone disrupts it we must take care of the situation.

Perry said...

shane cant help you on this...on the blog anyway...i have never been accused of being politically correct and i dont try to be...the ADA used to always tell me my major fault was saying what i think...heck that was they way i was raised, tell the truth..good, bad, or indifferent always tell the truth...the way i see it, if you do that people always know where they stand with for this blog i think it is best for me to excercise my 5th amendment right...

JaJuan said...

Deal with him as a "female" makes it easy. Ask yourself what would you do if he was a she???? makes things less complicated. "SASSY"...that was such a funny choice of word!!!...LOL...LOL
I've had this exact same problem...and I treat everyone the same...consistency is the key

Victoria said...

"Keep your nose clean" as BOE would say and request a meeting with parents and administration about his disturbances in your classroom. Make sure you are document EVERY time he does something and serve him detention.
Yes, treat him like the others.