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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yesterday we had our first real injury in my automotive class.And wouldn't you guess it there wasn't a nurse in sight.One of the guys in class, who is not a bad kid he just thinks he's real cool, was in class friday and was complaining that someone had taken the crank out of the engine that his group had torn down,I told him that the crank was in another groups engine because I had used it for a demonstration.I turned and walked to the sink to was my hands[and sing happy birthday a couple of times] when this student came walking over to me with that deer in the headlights look, holding his hands together and blood dripping to the floor, so with all of my infinite wisdom I looked at him and said you got cut putting your crank back in didn't you.He showed me his finger, I told him to go to the sink and wash it out. I went to my office and since no nurse was there I decided to take action, I donned my rubber gloves, broke out the first aid kit and went to work. After triage, I determined that since he was the only one damaged, I would work on him first. I began to Inspect the gapping wound [not that dramatic but it sure makes the story sound better] and I saw that although the cut appeared to go all the way to the bone it was only about 3/4 of an inch long. About that time I looked at the student,who is about as tall as I am and he looked kind of pale.I asked him if he was alright and he told me he was feeling kind of WOOSY, he told me that the sight of blood didn't bother him, I said yea as long as it's not yours. So I ask the only girl in my class, since she was right there to get him a chair to sit in. We got the bleeding stopped [direct pressure]. I took him to the office. This is a very good group so I new they would be O.k. I left one of my interns in charge. He took them all out of the shop area and back to my computer lab. At the office we called his mom, made an accident report, cleaned up the wound, bandaged it and headed back to class.He thanked me for dressing the wound and said it was pretty good having an automotive teacher who used to be a Firefighter/EMT. So there you have IT, an exciting friday morning in the life and times of an Automotive teacher.Have a great weekend.


Jessie H said...

Wow! what a story. These things do happen, but it's always scary. Hopefully, the student is doing okay, and I hope he was up-to-date on his tetanus vaccine. Please let us know how he's doing this week.

Julie J. said...

Steve, I'm glad you were able to remember your training and do what was right. Even though I'm not the school nurse, I'm often times called upon when she is out. While it's frustrating, sometimes it's necessary. What really burns me is when they call asking if so and so can have tylenol. Look it up people! That's what I would have to do!