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Monday, February 25, 2008

Someone Finally Got the Message

Today I walked into a totally different school. It looked the same, smelled the same, was in the same location, but was very different. Shortly after greeting my 2nd period class and getting settled into the lesson, the fire alarm went off. I thought it was strange, because we had already met our drill quota for the month, but oh well, let's go. So we all file out the door and meet in our assigned space. For the next hour, we are all standing outside freezing to death. We are in the back of the school and we see no smoke nor do we have an idea of what is going on. Soon after, a teacher comes to us to let us know the drug dogs are here, along with 4 counties worth of police officers. I have had, so far, 2 students get called out of class to go to the office. One was a bit surprising to me but I think it might have been a false alarm. Another students' book bag and shoes were missing from the classroom when we got back. Several students are in the office right now being interrogated. It's definately been an interesting day. I think someone may have finally woke up and realized that we have serious problems here that need to be addressed. I'm feeling more confident in my administration now, and even more so since I know that last week's incident is being handled. The student is unofficially expelled until Thursday, when it will become official. He will have formal charges pressed against him by the school. Some things, I guess, I need to just give time to and let things work out. However, last week I was not so confident.

As far as keeping in touch, I think we should all stay on here for the new folks. We all have a lot of wisdom and insight to pass along to them. I wish last year's group would have been here for us. We are the best though, so let's show them up! LOL


joec said...

The amount of hardcore dealers in some schools is amazing to me. At our rural school, we have the occassional weed problem, but some schools seem to be over-run with the "hard stuff". However, just last week one of my students got "popped" trying to snort a crushed Lorcet tablet in the parking lot. Collectively, has the world lost it's mind?

Jessie H said...

Wow! Glad to hear that you're seeing some welcome changes at your school. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the winds of change are in the air and that things will continue to improve.

Corey C said...

Very cool; good for you!! Looks like I'm joining others in being glad that things are taking a turn for the better at your school. Here's to looking forward to more positive changes for you and your school!