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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Public Safety Assistance

I don't know quite how to feel today. Everything I have wanted to do has gone wrong. I have duty this week in the hallway next to where the buses drop off the students. It is my responsibility to make sure that the students are dressed properly, acting appropriately (no PDA), and don't go down the halls to their lockers before the bell rings. Yesterday I had a confrontation with a student who got into my face when I asked him to tuck his shirt in. Today, that very same student threatened the life of my supervisor who came out to help me because the guys don't have any respect for any of the female teachers. Of course, we couldn't find the SRO so we got the AP to come assist. The student told my supervisor that he was going to *&^&(*^ his *(&#*(& head off. The AP came down and acted like it was no big deal. He was trying to make it out that the supervisor was lying. I saw it all happen (I didn't hear what was said because the door was shut and this was outside). We finally found the SRO and the supervisor stated that he wanted the student arrested and charged. The SRO said he couldn't do that without witnesses. Since when does a threat on someone's life require a witness? I'm so bothered by this scene that it has pretty much consumed all my energy for the day. This student is chronically in trouble (I've written him up 4 times this week...and we've only been in school 2 days) and nothing is being done about him. I have never felt concerned over my safety here until today. On top of that, the rules automatically changed when the morning announcements came on. No longer do students have to follow the dress code. I can no longer ask a student (nor can any other teacher) to tuck in their shirt or pull their pants up. I want to leave this building and go home so bad today, but I can't. I'm disgusted that our administration does not have the backbone to support the teachers. The students are running the school (or the inmates running the asylum) and now the administrators are even scared of them. What is this world coming to? I love to teach but when I don't feel safe, I don't want to be here. This makes me want to be a stay at home mom even more.
To make matters worse, today is the day I did my videotape. I hope Dr. Burns will be forgiving, as it was done under a lot of stress. I would have put it off another day but I only have access to the camera today.
To our public safety folks, what is your take on what happened today? Could they have arrested this student for the threat (he is 17)? Are there programs out there to help small schools who are growing and having to face inner city problems in the country? I fear my days as a teacher are becoming shorter lived.


Perry said...

threatening to kill someone is terroristic threats in georgia and it is a felony...the statute does read that to be charged with this offense there has to be a 3rd party witness to the threat...however simple assault, a misdemeanor, does not have to have a witness...your supervisor can go to the magistrates office and fill out a warrant application on the student...if he does not want to pay for a warrant (each jurisdiction charges different amounts to file for a warrant) he could call 911 adn file a police report and hope the case gets assigned to a detective for prosecution...if it placed you "in fear or apprehension of being injured" when he got in your face you can file for a warrant also

Mortissa said...

Don't give in just yet. I can't tell you anymore than Perry did, but if you feel that strongly about the situation I would pursue it. There is no way that the administrator should have taken the situation so lightly. There have been too many instances of school violence and no threat should be taken lightly given the history of the student. I think you should let them know that you mean business and that your safety as well as the safety of the other students is most important.

Walter H said...

As a resource officer,If a teacher came to me with a complaint about a student conduct. I would listen to both sides 9 times out of ten that student would be charge with disorderly conduct. That's $152 and I would explain to the parent how this could have been avoided. Take them to jail and this will not haappen anymore. Good Luck! This may not work in your school. I have a good support staff.

Walter H said...

As a resource officer,If a teacher came to me with a complaint about a student conduct. I would listen to both sides 9 times out of ten that student would be charge with disorderly conduct. That's $152 and I would explain to the parent how this could have been avoided. Take them to jail and this will not haappen anymore. Good Luck! This may not work in your school. I have a good support staff.

Dwayne Connors said...

One thing I have decided, because of the strong support our teachers recieve from our adminisration, is that I would not settle for anything less than full respect. My 3rd block pushed me to a spot where I finally decided that we needed to stop and have a serious discussion about the situation. Your administration should not take any of that type of behavior lightly or any kind of way. I would have a meeting with the powers that be and find out what the bottom line is.

Steven Vinsant said...

Dear Julia...All my partners are right. If you truely feel your safety is at risk, then you should go to the authorities yourself and forget about any crappy chain of command. In law enforcement, we have a motto...better judged by 12 than burried by 6. I think you can articulate the elements of a terroristic threat and without a third party witness, at least a misdemeanor has been committed. The third party witness element to the terroristic threat statute came about because the court found it difficult to convict on a felony with only "he said- she said" evidence. That's why the simple assault would be the best way to go. Our job now is to start a paper trail that does three things...identify the thug...alert the proper authorities... protect you by giving you ground to stand on, not sand to sink in. The school system has a duty to protect you from violence. If they breach that duty and that breach is the causal connection to an injury...even a threat which makes you apprehensive about doing your work, you could have a negligence complaint.There are some fine SRO's out there but just as many slackers. If they aren't doing their job, then that has to be made known. In all accounts, I think one must pick and choose their battles...i.e. when to act and when not to. This however is more than just an unruly teenager, this is a criminal who threatens to become even a bigger criminal at your expense. Just as Perry says, make it official by making a report...The SRO's have to do this or they too are negligent. Make sure you get a copy of that report, make a third and fourth copy and take one to the magistrate yourself if necessary. You obviously have to get this ball rolling your self. you are scared for your safety so you should start it yourself. This guys seems to be excalating because he thinks you won't do anything. I had a kid who everybody was afraid of. I mentioned him in a light hearted way a few blogs ago. He is in jail now because he got violent to another teacher. Whether cops like it or not, they have to do their job...make yours do theirs. You are not the trouble here...that student is.

Contact your Page rep or GAE rep to make sure that you proactively involve them in this situation. At the very least you can file a grievance against the AP for not doing his job and putting you and the entire school in jeopardy.