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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Open Mic - Part I - School Violence

I would like to continue the discussion on school violence and generally, the affinity for violence that many of our youth have these days. Things have changed for sure and I'd like to spring-board off of Connie's remarks because I too, share her "love thy fellow man" mentality. I feel her pain in many ways, often genuinely saddened by the "ease of violence" that our youth comes by these days. Being a musician, I am certainly one of those touchy-feely, artsy types that believe more love and less violence is truly the way. Unfortunately, I am also of the Generation X group, so mixed-in with my "hippiesque," "love your brothers and sisters" mentality is also this constant, creeping contrast of slight apathy and--at times--an almost "Darwinist" view of others. But, I can fully and honestly say that those feelings are NOT directed towards our youth. I feel that if I get to that apathetic, hopeless place in regards to the youth, then I will no longer be fit to teach. I truly feel that BECAUSE of some of these kids, all hope is not lost. I hear many teachers talk of lost hope and being scared of their students running things in the future. I myself, feel hopeful. Sure, there will always be the trouble makers and havoc causers; regarding THOSE types of kids, their ultimate position in life and society may be the same as it has been for years. But, the "smart kids" just keep getting smarter and the "good" kids just keep getting better! I honestly think SOME of that credit can be placed on these kids growing up with computers and internet access, which believe it or not, is actually a wealthy knowledge source for young kids....once you get past all the porn I guess. (THAT'S WHAT GOOD PARENTS ARE FOR!) Nevertheless, it is indeed sad that many of us that WANT to be an agent of change just end up not knowing what to do or where to start due to the landslide of issues that face today's youth. But listen, there is positivity, and there are benefits that lie in just being of this positive, loving mentality AROUND these kids. They get enough negativity already. Just bringing your positive stance, love for other humans in your heart and simple happiness into close, daily proximity with these kids could truly be helping more than it seems. And this wouldn't cause instant feedback by any means; but, maybe a lot of these kids who are involved in the violence honestly don't know or see anything different at home. Or at the minimum, maybe they get NO guidance rather than bad guidance. These negative (or non-) influences can be very powerful, life-long influences that are nearly impossible to break....except maybe for a teacher! Why? Because besides the parents or siblings at home, we probably see these kids as much or more than anyone on their lives. This gives us a chance to change them for the better, even if it’s simply by being positive and happy every day! (Wow, I REALLY sounded like a hippie on that one!) If we believe-in and model the love-your-brothers-and-sisters-mentality, then it just may rub off on a kid or two!! So, I think that if we as teachers hold these positive and non-violent views true and believe in them, then we will model and exude that vibe. And if we model and emit that hopeful and loving view of others, then we just might quietly be agents of change after all. And I think this is true even when we feel helpless against a landslide of potential violence and negative influence on these kids. We have to remain a beacon of light in the fog of our current society's negative influences for if we, as teachers, become jaded or lose hope, then what other way of thinking and acting will our kids know? Despite the proliferation of violence, disrespect and general malaise that engrosses today's youth, let us remain resilient, poised and ready to combat these forces by NOT letting them overwhelm us as teachers. Let us be strong and lasting against that jaded since of apathy or hopelessness, for it is then that we would be causing more harm than good.


Victoria said...

I totally agree with you. We must remain faithful and be that LIGHT in the darkness. We may not see the reward now, but one day the hard work we put forth today will show and help this generation.
Never Give Up!

Jessie H said...


Connie said...

Corey, I had a student ask me why I smiled all the time. And I told her I guess it was because I felt good and I was happy. Then she asked me if I REALLY loved being with them (the students) and I said yes, that the students make me feel good and make me happy. She looked at me with a dead serious look and said Ms. Dial you are the first person I have ever known who said I made them feel good and happy. This student rarely ever smiled but since that day she makes it a point to give me a big smile.

Maybe that is just a little thing but her smile each day means a lot to me. And I think she is a happier person too!

Thanks, Corey, for your blog. Made me feel better about it all. Guess being a hippie is just in my blood! (No, I never did the pot or the psychedelic (sp?) drugs. Or the orgies. But I bought into the "love everybody" hook, line, and sinker. And I still hate wearing a bra! Ha! Ha!)

TracyF said...

Corey, I also agree. We have an important task. I believe we are where we need to be. We have a large responsilbility to be a light to these students but, with this responsibility comes great rewards. I believe one day we will see the results of our endeavors. I will never give up on our youth. The adults in my life did not give up on me.

Dr. J said...

Corey, Thank you for your insightful post. I appreciate everything you wrote. But then, again, my husband has accused me of being an old Hippie from Madison. Whenever he sees an old beat up VW van go by he asks me if it's my old boyfriend in there!