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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

are there any qualifications to be a sub?

i was out 2 days last week because my wife had surgery...what a day i walked in to on monday when i came students told me the first sub told them about her previous career, a stripper...several said they had her in the past and she told them she was also a prostitute...then the one i had on day 2...she had written my assignment on the board that i left...there was so many misspelled words i couldnt make sense of it...and all she had to do was copy it from my notepad to the white board...


Shane C. said...

Prostitute? Stripper? Lafayette??? She was probably a broke one. ahhahaaha

Dwayne Connors said...

We had a Skills USA competition on Friday last week so I had to get a sub. We had 30 minutes or so before we had to get on the bus so I thought I'd get with him for a quick second to make sure everything was straight. This guy walked in sicker than a dog. I felt bad for him because he probobly needed the money. But I was a little concerned about all the germs arround all the kids with this nasty flu thing going around. I'm with you on this one! Maybe he doesn't strip on the side or the other thing but he should have thought twice before coming in.

Mortissa said...

There are vey few subs that ever follow the plans. The only way my plans get followed is when there is a sub the students are familiar with. One that's in the school on a regular basis. In our department, we recommend certain subs and let each other know who works well, so when I am out, I can recommend the sub I want.

Jessie H said...

Wow! Apparently, my life is pretty boring. I can't compete with your subs.

Dr. J said...

Years ago, Gregg Jordan, a Public Safety Teacher in Douglas County, used to teach the NTI section on emergency lesson plans. He said the only requirement to be a sub is that you are breathing and have a pulse. Of course I would never say such a thing - but I did have to let him teach his unit his way. Dr. J.

Steven Vinsant said...

I used to be young and pretty...I wasn't always this "potato" you see on Saturdays. Anyway...In the Spring of 1988, My Captain told me to come in the next shift in civilian clothing...that I was working a "Hooker" detail... Now I learned something I didn't know...that the hookers on Ponce de Leon...didn't look like the ones on CSI! Those women were skank nasty! Anyway, I got up around 9:00 pm and put on my WHITE Levi Jeans...My $400.00 Tony Lama snake skin boots! My $200.00 Tony Lama snake skin Belt with the huge belt buckle with my name on it; My black western shirt with the red roses on the breasts (easy girls) my $100.00 gold eagle head bolo with the diamond eye and ....after I survived roll call I went to work. I got to Ponce de Leon and Glen Irish Avenue and got stopped by the red light...and there she was! I tried to ignore her, but I couldn't...something about the funk was hypnotic...well she took it as an invitation and saundered to my car...she said..."are you a cop?" I said..."No, why?". She said "well I'm trying to pay my rent!" (Being from Tennesse, I thought she was actually talking about rent!. I said..."well, how much is your rent??"...she said"$25.00!". I said... "that's mighty cheap... how much to buy the whole house?"...she said " a hundred!". I said..."a hundred for the whole house?...honey get in, we got a barn to paint!". She couldn't spell too good neither! Anyway...I said all that to say this...when I took her to the "take down" area, and no one was there...she put a move on me...and I learned something about myself I didn't know...If I loose the use of my legs....I can run on my Be-hind!

Anyway...Perry...everyone needs love..even nasty illiterate ex strippers need looked at this all wrong...Then there was the time I had to go "swishing"...but I don't like to talk about that too much...I lost my bird on that one!

Connie said...

Steve, you are so funny! I bet the poor hooker thought she had the worst luck in the world by running into you! Ha! Ha!